A New Mythic Approaches - Gargantaur


Yeah and her spell will be “do whatever and summon Gargantaur if there are a Daemon”


Got Gargantaur! In 50 Gem Keys! It’s going to snow till Easter.

But I’m a sad sad panda :panda_face: because he doesn’t get a boost by allies killed by Elspeth. And he should.

I’m going to pair him with Dark Priestess and see what happens. This boy doesn’t look very useful, at the moment.


Put him in my Orc team, 3 battles later I put Cyclops straight back in again.


I got mine from 2400 glory, 300 gem and 300 guild keys. Not great but not disastrous.


I summoned three today go with my original one and gar Nok and still got totally paggered by dragons. Won three in twelve trying to get something going with it. Totally and utterly useless.


900 glory keys, 150 gem keys, 103 vip keys, didn’t get him. And I think it’s better to accept my bad luck this time and stop trying.


Is it safe to assume that devs design these troops with intended synergies? Is it possible that Gargantaur is just waiting for someone to come up with the ideal pairing?


That’s what I suspect too, but I don’t see what kind of trait could synergize with Gargantaur’s.


Do quadruple damage if you have a gargantaur on your side? Lol


Bragging Starts. Got him with the 3 VIP keys they gave us at Christmas. Bragging over.


Looks really cool!
Grosh’Nak is finally redeeming itself time from time!


No one has linked to the inspiration for the naming/flavor text for the unit? Forum regulars are slacking today :slight_smile:

Flavor text at ~33 seconds in.


No. I need the fanfic. For academic purposes.


That’s unexpected. Is the boost based on minions killed (possibly stacking very high due to summoners) or minions absent (limited to at best 6x boost factor)?



If you have 2 or 3 Gar’Nok’s on a team, will that trigger this guys 3rd trait 2 - 3 times per turn? Or still only once?

If it does trigger it multiple times per turn, he could get pretty beefy pretty quick.

If only once, then yeah, guys not good at all.


are you sure? because mine does increased.


640 gem keys 1740 glory keys, 3 vip keys and nada. Waiting for my guild if we reach 40k seals for a last try. I dont even now why i want one. Good luck guys.


No no, that’s too much.
Edit: maybe we’ll see when we’ll met his mum. At the moment he looks like his dad, in that’s he not-very-useful.


I was being facetious.
I still can’t believe this dud(e).
Was this a ploy to waste resources? Lol.
Not my idea, just what’s the going round in chat.


So was I. Is there something we don’t see?
The only thing I can think of is a combo with Dark Priestess and Dark Maiden, but it’s really cumbersome. Or Gar’Nok…