A New Mythic Approaches - Gargantaur


I’m calling him ‘Gargle’, from troop picture. Also needs to learn how to spit XD


Spitting at the enemies would be more effective than this pos.
I’m nicknaming him dogshite.
He’s so crap it’s unbelievable.


A 1-shot troop that can’t 1-shot. 37 base damage is pathetic. Most troops now have 100+ armor and life. Troops like this are only ever useful at the start of a battle to take out the danger enemy but this stupid troop is only good for the end of the battle to take out the last enemy.


Bleh. More like Garbagantuar.


I made a team with him! Then things happened.


63 Vip keys and half of my other keys, and even 8k seals that i haven’t used in a long time: Didn’t got him and won’t bother trying anymore.

Got just one Ser Cygnea and no Sol’Zara yet, so i’m convinced this is not my month for good drops in GoW.


I’m really not happy with him. He has no staying power.

Dark Fury should really be giving him the ability to stay alive in combat. I swear he’d be better if you even converted all the attack and magic gain right into life gain. Or even give him a life, magic, and attack gain on troop death, to make him some interesting summon and kill combos.

Oh well, disappointing. Perhaps someone has a team that will make him feel minimally useful, but I’m just not seeing anything.


1k Gold (waking up RNGesus)
3.5k Glory (show I’m committed)
200 Gem ( rewarded for my effort)

Got him!



Where in the world do you guys have all the gem keys from? I used all of mine for Skadi and got just 58 new ones since then (which I definitely won’t waste on this guy). 200 gem keys with such a short time between mythics… you guys are all wizards or something.


You can’t spell Gargantaur without ragtag or grunt.


Top guilds do a few LT, they help. I still have 200 left but this guy isn’t worth going for at all imo.


My guild does LTs, too… and if at all, I get like 1 gem key from one. When it comes to key rewards, they’re pretty much worthless. :confused:


I might start keeping records as we’ve done OK with gem key pulls


Lemme see if I can find what the last tasks gave me… I got a lot of mail, though, from the daily login repeat bug when reset didn’t happen. Here’s the ones I can still see in my mail:

  • 4 Glory Keys, 100 Glory, The Silent One
  • 6 Stones, 4 Glory Keys, 1 Gem Key
  • 4 Glory Keys, 1 Gem Key, 750 Glory
  • 50 Glory Keys, 1 Gem Key, 100 Glory
  • 1 Stone, 1 Gem Key, 4 Event Keys

One Gem Key cuuuuuurse…:sweat:


I have been very lucky with Mythic drops @Sheba, so I am sitting on a store of them from pre nerf. Down to 1500 now though… after deciding to spend 200 more and pulling a second Gargantuar!

Tried for Sol Zara… geez… :man_facepalming:


I’m very jealous then. :stuck_out_tongue: I wasted absolutely every single bit I had on Skadi, for absolutely nothing. I believe in the end, it was 2k Glory Keys plus 4000 Glory to open more, almost 400 gem keys, around 68 VIP chests and 8k Guild Seals (but the chests were only at 20k and I still have guardians drop). I was absolutely (heart)broke(n) at the end of the Skadi hunt and had to start at literally zero again - I had even wasted all gold keys to get a few more gems for juuuuust one more VIP chest…


Yeah, you got unlucky…

Your tier 3 (tier 1?) rewards were:
The Silent One
6 Arcane Stones
750 Glory
50 Glory Keys
4 Event Keys

and… the other common LT reward is 8 Gem Keys.


Hoping to see Dar’Lekka as a troop in the near future!


We’ve had 50 gem keys this week in the last 30 mails but there’s some before that that I can’t check due to levelling up and defence rewards etc.


I have been there before, trust me!