A New Mythic Approaches - Gargantaur


No idea but I think they wanted to use different arcane to his colours.


yeah, I still see it asking for Arcane Beast on Xbox One… (R/G + R/P)

Im sitting on too many Arcane Lava from Claw Dancer, so I really would prefer to use that if they’re going to change the color…

1869 Glory Keys, nada.
3420 guild seals, and 29 guild keys, nada.

50 Gem keys: 2 Gargantaurs.
the one mythic I really don’t see me needing 2 of…

Eh… good enough I guess.


Shows lava and darks on taransworld.
On ps4 at least it’s beast and darks.


If they’re changing it then I’m really annoyed because I’m sitting on over a hundred lavas and no beasts, in fact I’m having to farm the last one and it’s taking ages.


It’s clearly a bug so you should keep your precious beast Arcane.
Devs surely forget to update some files…


I think this is the exact same thing as Flame Troll…

So I’m guessing the answer is submit a claim to 505 Support if you’d rather use Arcane Lava instead of Arcane Beast…


I’ll be submitting a ticket to use my lavas instead. :wink:


Should be noted that Gargantuar was changed from (Red/Purple/)Green to (Red/Purple/)Brown.
So of course the Arcane Beast traitstones will be confusing everyone.


Does this mean Ketras is still available in Event Chests for the remainder of the week? Assuming so as Gargantaur is available in chests other than Gold and Event?


New Mythic Troop

Exclusive to Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP chests for one week only.

Event chests get untouched. Enjoy your Ketras





Ticket submitted.


After blowing 400 gem keys and 500 glory keys it took another 150 vip keys to get it. With the massive gem nerf it’s going to take me 6 months to get them back if I ever do. The drop rate for vip keys need to be increased or the price needs to be reduced.


I got him but was very expensive. 3.5x the average you would expect.

1400 gem keys
1100 guild keys (keys not seals)
103 VIP finally got him.


Just a legendary flavour text for a mythic troop? It’s also pretty rare we don’t get an epic pun. Come on!


Well, he’s more like a legendary!


Expected more from a Mythic troop. :frowning:


on the french version on xbox, Gargantaur have wrong translation!
Here what the text say (I write it directly translated in english):

3rd trait: “All allies gain 2 attack when I receive damage”. (I tested and nobody receive any attack or other bonus when Gargantaur receive damage).

Special power to cast: “Deal 37 damage to an enemy, boosted by the attack of all allies and enemies”. (I tested and Gargantaur only deal the base 37 damage to the selected enemy).

I already alerted Ozball about wrong translation for last mythic Skadi. Its really annoying.



I think he’s the worst yet. He’s absolutely terrible.
I wouldn’t bother chasing this one. I set myself a 250 gem chest and 50 vip limit. And tbh, that’s kind of a waste. At least I got Sol zara from the vip chests.


Thanks devs for the 3 VIP keys :slight_smile: .