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I'm trying to make a team with Gargantaur

I got him a while ago but didn’t really do anything with him because of the reputation he has for being a bad card. Now I’m not under any illusions that the veterans in this game are wrong and there is a way for him to be awesome. All I’m trying to do is just put him in a team where he can be a contribution rather than the card that carries it. Whenever I get a Mystic I have this habit of trying to make a team consisting of their race first. The first team I came up with is:

Orc Veteran
Fel 'Dras
Gar 'Nok

I figure in this team Gargantaur is the tank and the skull damage absorber, Orc Veteran can deal damage and produce red gems, Fel 'Dras can deal decent damage, and Gar 'Nok can help produce brown and red gems and give Gargantaur magic and attack buffs and if the gems happen to give four in a row it’ll give him extra life to spare. Gargantuan really starts to get dangerous as enemies go after him with any attack whatsoever and he gets even more dangerous as enemies start dropping. What do you guys think? Thanks for any input. I haven’t tried him out with non orc cards yet but if you guys have suggestions I’d love to hear it, too. Thanks again.

Think outside the box and put him on a team that doesn’t have a full complement of Orcs.

That being said I would still opt not to use him at all, but if you’re going to insist…

First thing that springs to mind is gonna be Sunbird. Keep Gar’Nok because he’s bonkers. Possibly Fire Bomb but you’re going to have some color issues unless you fill the team out right.

Princess Elspeth

First kill Gargantaur with Elspeth, then fire firebomb and if Sunbird is full use it. If you didn’t win, try again.


… That doesn’t make sense to me.

Awesome :joy::joy:

Yeah ok. I did expect to get trolled but I’m cool with it. And I want to thank the people that tried to help me out by giving team suggestions. The truth is I am probably getting a tad bored with the game so I figured I’d try some cards that I never use. Gargantuar is considered a bad card and that is why I never bothered with it but at the same time I don’t want the card to just sit in my collection and do nothing. I figured I’d put him on a team and see how it it works out.

Right now with the team I put together in the OP it looks like he actually has some use. Orc Veteran and Gar ‘Nok both help him out in getting gems while Gar ‘Nok also gives him buffs to the point where he can be very affective in terms of just eliminating the enemy. Fel ‘Dras is the only one on the team that is kind of just there. She does decent damage but that’s about it. Is the team efficient? Probably not but it’s a change of pace for me and that’s kind of what I need now to hold my interest in the game.


you should try 3x rhynax gargantuar

I use the same composition except Gar’Nok in 2nd place. That way you can loop him, easier.

At one point, I had a Gargantaur, Forest Guardian, Lady Anariel, The Wild Queen team.

The whole goal was Lady A keeping Gargantaur alive. FG and Wild Queen allowed for attack shrinking and skull action once setup.

Not sure if its aged well in this environment, but its satisfying to see Gargantaur have 161 attack and 93 spell damage before boosts mid battle…

I’m sorry, my jokes are bad. I have used Gargantaur in GW team some times, but that’s it. Some troops and troop combinations just are stronger than others, that’s the way of the game. Of course it’s a shame that some troops are not used at all. This game is still a lot about speed, so the need for troops like Gargantaur is mainly for Kingdom bonuses and a nicer looking stat in missing troops column. I appreciate people who try to make teams from troops with little use, but I don’t really understand where or why they use those teams. But on the other hand, whatever makes you happy…

During the Orc invasion week I used Orc Veteran/Hero (um, Dawnbringer I think?)Gar’Nok/Gargantaur. But it was only really “good” versus the tower with the Shrapnel trait - when I missed a cast with Gar’Nok, Gargantaur would get powered up greatly without taking lethal damage while others took the brunt of the hits and got replaced with other Orcs. Ended up with stuff like this sometimes:


That simply won’t happen in PvP, not even versus Kraken teams. Sunbird-Firebomb is probably your best bet to make him threatening quickly enough where he isn’t a complete burden in that environment. He can be used as a slot filler for a slot you don’t care about losing if you have a strong enough summoner that can contribute another role to the team, but his spell is wildly underpowered until he has taken damage about 4 times or two things have died, and needs twice that much boosting before the spell is “good” (read, deals the necessary lethal damage while dropping the turn to be semi-viable). Something like:


Note: I didn’t take the last upgrade of Jar of Eyes so it would have versatility. Having an Icestorm may not be great for this team, so upgrade to that point at your own risk.

Also note if you have Watch Mother traited and summon her, you’ll end up with a Leafstorm when she pops in regardless and you have to cast Sunbird/have a troop die to get your Firestorm back. Order is at your discretion depending on your hero class and overall skill bonuses, I have my Titan in the front and Gargantaur in the back so my Sunbird stays protected, since it is the real source of damage on the team, with Gargantaur hopefully able to at least finish off one troop, but Gargantaur in the front as fodder to force trades might work better since he is more likely to actually be lethal on first cast (if you save his first cast for after you throw out your Sunbird and Fire Bomb).

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