A New Mythic Approaches - Gargantaur


Kraken and the others activate once per board state. As soon as the next step in the cascade happens, their trait can trigger again. So Gar’Nok will happily work as many times as you can consecutively fire him off.

Edit: should work, not will work. We already have evidence that how people expected Gargantaur to work is not how he apparently does. So there is a definite mismatch between expectations and reality.


Worst Mythic of all, only good for improving GroshNak kingdoms power until he is buffed. (and all its translation mistakes in the french version got corrected…with Skadi, thats 2 in a row now with huge translation problems).


@Truxton you forgot to mention sol’zara


SolZara also have translation prob? I still dont have this troop Ricky! :cry:
Ah yeah I see its still written in English but is it at least the good description of the spell and the 3rd trait? Because Skadi and Garg are completely wrong.



So is he supposed to have Beast or Lava traitstones? I opened him last night and he had Beast (X1).


Supposed to be lavas


I would like to hear more about this Dark Priestess/Dark Maiden/Gargantuar combo. Is it, like, a slumber party? Or maybe they get stuck in an elevator? A car wash? Cumbersome’s OK, the genre’s “fantasy”.


@Jainus may want to cover his kids’ eyes before you get an answer to your question. Not gonna kinkshame, but this thread is apparently headed to weird places.




Took me 20 Guild chests to get him (If you’re talking about the new troop)
I had to craft Kretras.


It kind of started in weird places haha


A cumbersome threesome. Who should be recruited for the fourth place?


Great Maw. No questions.


I got him but way too many keys and gems spent for what really is a lack lustre Mythic Troop (I can’t even think of a single team I want to try him in just another crap MT for the “collection”). In retrospect I should have saved my keys for the new kingdom…


So i got 2 of him why is he asking me for beast arcanes when he is brown, red, purple? Any info for a fix @Ozball @Saltypatra


I got him. Not sure why.


Sacrifice. And put gargantaur in last. :rofl:


I wouldn’t recommend going too far to get him I wasted 7k gems on this turd and I really regret it.


You guys are all so mean to poor Gargantaur! Not everyone is born to be a fighter, no matter their size or how strong their mom is! Maybe he’s actually a big softie who just wants to give gentle hugs which turn out a bit too strong for most other inhabitants of Krystara, but too weak to actually count as a mythic attack.

Just give him a hug even if he’s bigger than you and don’t bully him! Big creatures need hugs, too!:relaxed:


I would, but he’s Impervious to hugs. Whoops, sorry!