A New Mythic Approaches - Gargantaur


No one is impervious to hugs. No one!:triumph:


Nobody is right. Everyone is wrong. Gargantaur is overpowered.
Pharos-Ra is boosted by souls, which is capped (280 cap with 4 Pharos).
Which means that he is trash.
Gargantaur is uncapped, you can kill your allies as much as you want. His damage is NaN


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β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–€β–€β–‘ β–€β–€β–€ β–€β–‘β–€ β–€β–€β–€β–‘β–‘β–‘β–€β–‘β–€β–‘ β–€ β–‘β–€β–‘ β–€β–‘β–€β–‘β–‘β–€ β–‘β–€β–‘β–‘β–ˆ


Is it conclusive that the spell scales with troops killed, and not slots empty in both teams? Someone was writing that Elspeth doesn’t assist Gargantaur in any way.


He might be squishy, but he sure is slow!


Hmm still says that he requires Arcane Beast when his colors are Red/Brown/Purple. Any response from the devs whether his traitstones or mana colors are incorrect? Holding off on upgrading until I know…


Last time, when this happened with Flame Troll, those who had traited with the wrong stones could contact support to get things changed if they wanted.
Assuming it’s like this again, feel free to either trait now or wait, depending on what Arcanes you would rather use. :wink: The new Mana colors are correct, as Salty has said in this thread here that the colors got changed (since her Stream, when he still used green), meaning that we can assume the colors are intended to be Red/Brown/Purple.


I crafted Ketras and Drakulis last week my Arcane beast stash its no more. Im not complaining cause i dont have red and green arcane its just seems unfair to be asking the wrong colors and contacting support for something they should have already fixed by now is just silly.


The devs right now are absolutely swamped with stuff. Apparently a lot has piled up over New Year’s. I had to contact support about not getting my LT rewards anymore and they have an automated message going on that they’re so swamped that they’ll need a week or so to reply (which makes me weep when I think about possibly missing all task rewards next week…).
I suppose with how much they have going on and it being the weekend now, there’s no fix to expect at least until Monday. (Also I’m traiting Ketras right now as well and I hate every second of it. He’s the worst Mythic I had to trait so far. Two horrible stone colors…)


Best thing IMHO is to wait and trait our Big Squishy once the problem with Traitstone is settled. It’s not that we cannot live without him.


It was I.
Elspeth’s kills trigger Gargantaur.

I cannot understand how I did see the opposite.:woman_facepalming:

I apologize to you and to The Big Squishy.

EDIT: I’m trying to see if Sunbird triggers him too, but it’s rather hard to find it out without getting killed to death.


If you can arrange for me to obtain one, I would be glad to help with testing.


I’m similar. Crafted Draakulis, pulled ketras, pulled this turd. All beasts gone. In fact I was one short. I’ve submitted a ticket. No point using the beasts if he’s supposed to be using lava, of which I have over a hundred. Hopefully support will fix it.


Why in Garuda’s description (β€œSummon a Firestorm. Deal [Magic + 4] damage to all enemies. Gain 1 Magic, boosted by Red Gems. [3:1]”) the number is kept updated so you know exactly how hard it will hit next time, and in Gargantaur case ("Deal [Magic + 13] damage to an enemy, boosted by all allies and enemies killed. [15x]") it does not so you have to keep track?


the number of the card is a formula of (magic+n). therefore, for garuda, the number changes because there are change to magic value.

for gargantaur, the death boost does not increase magic, only increase damage. so it does not change the number.

but it would be super helpful to have someway to tell right away how many damage we are doing without the need to do math for boosted troops especially something like ketras, gargan or jotnar.


Maybe if they just add the total boost within the tooltip.
Boost ratio x15 = [30]

There was a time, many eons ago, at the dawn of this game, a time where the all mighty gods of creation (the devs) would walk among and talk to us mortals ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) when the Gem’s Count didn’t existed, so i assume it would be something unrealistic to ask for.


Have the devs said anything about fixing Gargle’s traitstones?


No. Although I don’t expect a reply to my ticket yet.


No, stone-wise. Don’t you have places where exploring just sucks? Some of these places for me are:

  • Zaejin, needed for Ketras. Zaejin is just dumb. When not using the Sunbird/Firebomb combo and needing some longer to win, you can expect Goblin double-turns, Black Beasts devouring stuff and Goblin King being a pain, prolonging battles. My TDS team hated this place. Now that I have Pharos and do soul-grinding elsewhere, using Sunbird/FB for explore, there still remains the fact that Goblin King appears way too often with way too much life to get killed by Sunbird’s attack even after the bombs exploded.
  • Mist of Scales. Not just are Arcane Bloods needed for everyone and their mom, no, the place is also depressing as heck, enemies fill super-fast (even outfilling Sunbird sometimes) and the fact that Lamias start with full Mana and WILL cast to make everything take longer is annoying as heck. Maybe my least favourite place because it’s just depressing to be here.
  • Blighted Lands/Ghulvania: Blighted Lands is also one of the worst offenders. Eyecancer background (thanks, transparent board), some Lamias ever so often, very often combinations of many legendary and mythic troops which make one-shotting impossible and a million enemies summoning upon death. I hate summoning upon death in explore. Ghulvania is, like Mist of Scales, pretty depressing, but no problem with Sunbird (making it the far better of the two locations), but when I was still out and about with TDS, all the transformers made this place just as much of a pain as Blighted Lands are.
  • Grosh-Nak. Gar’nok and TDS are not friends. Also Drake Riders. I haaaaaate summoning upon death in explore. I just wanna be done fast!

On the other hand, there’s some really, really nice locations with often very weak enemy teams: Broken Spire, Khetar, Leonis, Suncrest and some others are never a problem.

That horror list may be too short - I have so far somehow managed to avoid some locations completely, either by sheer luck with random PVP drops and glory bundles or because I might trait the wrong troops or something. I feel like Pan’s Vale might have a lot of potential to be on that list - pre-filled Sirens and several silencers. Urskaya should get a mention for having that one obnoxious team (hi, Baba Yaga), but is otherwise simple enough. Dragon’s Claw is a pain but can be avoided by going to Adana, which is perfectly fine, but for whatever reason those Arcanes drop with like half the normal droprate for me. Special shoutout to bad RNG luck in Adana.

Erm, as this started with Ketras: I farmed 21 Traitstones in Zaejin yesterday and was ready to hang myself afterwards. It was a pain. Wild Plains should be better, but if I remember correctly, it also has Drake Riders (ugh summoners) and Cockatrices. I’m sure I’ll have β€œfun” today.


Ugh summoners indeed, and Drake Riders are some of the worst.
Zaejin is challenging, true. Also strangely stingy. Same for Glacial Peak.

…I’m not going to get 21 Traitstones in a day ever, if I can help it. I go with the Elspeth/TDS combo for added soul bonus, in general.


Yeah, Zaejin is usually stingy, but I had some decent luck yesterday, it seemed. I traited Goblin King like a week ago and it was hell, absolutely nothing dropped back then. Normally I never got 21 stones in a day, either, but since I separated soul farming and arcane grinding, it’s been awesome and I get thrice as much of all stuff. Pharos-Ra is awesome.
Glad I could avoid Glacial Peak so far… not even sure how I managed it, but I don’t think I ever explored there.

Drake Riders and their 100% summon suck. All revivers suck as well (because AI luck and all that). There’s just some crap in some kingdoms. I feel like Karakoth might also be summoner-prone (haven’t been there yet, either).

But yeah, I have Ketras and Stonehammer left to trait. Stonehammer being the much easier one - Broken Spire! - though I have not been to Drifting Sands until now, either. I could go into the weekly events and buy the stones right now, but don’t wanna waste the glory. I decided to start with Ketras; I have been putting it off since weeks. Worst thing is that I never use him or Stonehammer, either, so I feel like I’m doing it all for nothing, too.
Traiting mythics is a pain in general. Too many stones needed! Once I’m done with these two, I will farm for Voice of Orpheus (in the faint hope that I’ll get him next month) and then all I will do is trait commons for a week for some faster feelings of success or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


Traiting Commons is like eating candies :slight_smile:
I use Ketras for my red day and it’s good if not life-changing.

To me the worst is traiting Guardians and GW reward troops.