A New Mythic Approaches - Gargantaur


That is very, very true as well. Weirdly, I don’t like farming in one-color-stone kingdoms anyway because it strangely feels like “missing out” on a second runic color (even though it just means getting more for one color). I have only traited four of such troops (three guardians and one GW troop) so far, but definitely don’t look forward to the rest. However, as I have no use for said rest at the moment, I have pushed them faaaar to the back of my queue in hopes of getting a lot of mono-colored stones through random PVP rewards or such.


I’m always short on Traitstone, so now I farm on request. Mono-colored Kingdoms are great for farming Runic stones but I’m always on the hunt for Arcane stones, so I go for those and gather Runics as a by-product.


Gar’Nok is a winner here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yup, that’s how I do it, too - if possible, I try to stay above 100 runics for each color, but I’m never farming specifically for runics. Farming in kingdoms dropping more than one color of runics helps to keep numbers between colors more even, though.

Also I remembered right, Wild Plains is not a gentle explore region. Drake Riders exist, but aren’t common - main problem is that a lot of teams have extremely high armor/life numbers total. Sunbird rarely clears in one swoop. I often get 1 UR/2 Epics/1 Legendary enemy combinations. Basically as crappy as Blighted Lands. At least the background doesn’t make me blind. Also two Arcanes so far (in two consecutive battles). 19 to go… and then, checking gowdb, realizing that I actually need hundreds total…


I had three and still lost to krystenax, Tds and sylvanimora


That’s because Krystenax and Dragon Soul are cheese troops. :wink: The first should be nerfed hard.

I scored over 9,100 today against all Dwarf teams using:

Orc Veteran

I would add him getting a spell damage boost from his attack. Or even change his last trait to gain 4 to all skills when taking damage to life.


What’s your explore team, again? If you used

Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb
Rowanne/Yasmine’s Chosen

You could collect some of the extra gems blown up by the bombs, not to mention generated in the cascade. And since both Rowanne and YC deal split damage, they’re good for cleanup purposes.


Huh, why do you have Rowanne/YC in there? They fill too slow for cleanup, really, especially YC. I either have an event troop in there if I get extra stuff for that (like Coral Golem a week ago), otherwise Pharos-Ra. And yeah, the rest of the team is Sunbird/Fire Bomb/Fire Bomb.
Pharos gets me at least a super-small bonus in souls every time that adds up over time (28 vs like 11 without him or so) or, in case the bombs and cascades fill him up and only one enemy remains after Sunbird failed to clear, I let him shoot for like 165 souls total then.


Small sample size, but Rowanne came close to filling off the first Fire Bomb when I tried some explores just now — she only costs 12 mana. The thought was to have two troops collecting explosion mana from the bombs, both of which could do split damage.

And do event bonuses apply to explores? I thought it was only PVP matches that got those things.


i always recommend Ogryn on non-event weeks as it allows each Fire Bomb to do 5 extra damage, as well as Sunbird to do an additional 10 damage. Makes for easier consistent runs without extra casts.


Ah, I never used Rowanne, to be honest - don’t even have her traited or anything. I use YC in GW a lot, though, and she fills pretty damn slow.
The idea of two troops doing damage is good, but I think I rather have the souls. Usually, if Sunbird fails, there’s only 1-2 enemies remaining, Sunbird fills with 1-2 gem matches again anyway. I think over time, the souls help more. I farmed 33 arcanes yesterday and today and in that time also got 45k souls just by having Pharos in there and him doing something actively maybe every 20 battles. That’s not too shabby.

And sometimes, the events are about explore. Like when we had Erinyes, she gave 20 bonus souls for using her in explore. And Coral Golem gave 400 (or 500?) gold when in explore. I got REALLY rich that week. 900+ gold in a battle taking like 20 seconds is not too shabby. I still get 500 and make a lot of gold right now, but with the Golem, it was awesome.


Nice but there’s no way I’m taking him to gw, too many hoops to jump through to make him viable. Lord ironbeard will one shot him given the chance. Yesterday I lost Tds and infernus in successive casts. Dwarves are really strong now and probably in the right place balance wise. (stonehammer needs blue swapping for purple though)
Tacet showed gorgotha sunbird apothecary and gargantaur.
That was OK but took far longer than anything I usually use in pvp.


I have Sun Bird / Rowanne / 2xFire Bomb, Trident banner.
Fire Bombs are exploders, so a good deal of what they explode are blue and green. Sun Bird fills up on Red and Purple - boosted by the Red exploded by Fire Bombs, Rowanne on Blue and Green - boosted by the Banner. My Rowanne is not traited either, but she wipes off the other team in one hit usually.

There’s even space in this team to accomodate one Troop-of-the-Week, if the need arises.


Hmm, interesting stuff. I might try Sunbird/Rowanne/Firebomb/Pharos then and see if one bomb is enough. I have all my troops leveled to max, so right now the slow saving for Dawnbringer starts - surely interrupted soon by Bright Forest troops incoming and wanting to be leveled - so I do wanna keep Pharos if possible. I know that just doing Divinion Fields challenge one with his own team nets me 560 souls a pop, but basically no gold at all, so I kinda like doing slow soul gathering + gold + arcanes in one go right now.

Gonna give Rowanne a shot, though - if the traits aren’t needed, that’s a quick thing since she’s at her max level. I do believe she’s still epic, though… gotta check.

EDIT: Tried a few battles (and even got one Arcane while doing so :grinning: ) and while it definitely does work, it’s too luck-reliant with just one firebomb. Sometimes both fill up, sometimes just one of them and sometimes - too often for my taste - neither. And if one of them doesn’t clear, I have to fill manually anyway since neither is an exploder, so it doesn’t really matter if I fill Rowanne or Sunbird for a second time for the finishing blow.
Rowanne seems to one-shot far more reliably than Sunbird, but since she depends on armor, I can’t use her as main damagedealer and switch Sunbird out for a second firebomb and putting Pharos in front of her to soak damage up is not doable since he would steal all blue Mana.
So I guess it’s either switching out Pharos for a second Fire Bomb for more speed or keeping my current setup for more souls.


This, basically.


Sun Bird goes first because its damage depend on life, Rowanne goes second because damage depends on armour. If the other team manages a skull hit, it would impact on Sun Bird defense.
You might try TDS, Rowanne, ready exploder of your choice, necromancer of your choice, Normal or hard setting, for improved soulage. I’m still traiting Ra, then in it goes :slight_smile:

Edit: or Valkyrie in first position. If Rowanne doesn’t fill up, but usually with Triton banner she does, Valkyrie will help. Problem will rise if you have Legendary or Mythic enemies, then you need to refill your hitters quickly and Valkyrie doesn’t qualify.


At what difficulty did you guys farm? Warlord 2 seems to be the best for me using Sunbird/2xFire Bomb/Pharos Ra


Normal-Hard. I like my battles fast.
Traited my Pharos. He and Soul have a nice synergy! At Normal level I get 300 souls in half a minute, so I’m good.


I ponder the underlying reasons of the trend of releasing one highly questionable Mythic after another. What is the purpose here?

We don’t always know the devs longer-term plans and that’s for mostly good reason, so I’m left baffled. I have virtually no interest in any of them as they seem to require a deep sacrifice in efficiency just to get them to even work.

It could be reasonably argued that many Common Troops are more potent in practical application than many Mythics, which only compounds my confusion.


The disparity of some card rarities is big, we have Ultra-Rares better than Mythics… It’s understandable, to a certain degree, the perfect-imbalance needed in such game, but still we have too many troops and the gap in usability just becomes wider and wider.