A New Mythic Approaches - Gargantaur


That’s a great point. Variance is essential between Troops!

When I started playing there was around 100 Troops or so… now we’re up to over 400 to support a bolted-on game mode that still doesn’t work correctly. A year after implementation it still has more bugs than a termite mound and doesn’t really make players happy. I’m so lost as to what they are trying to accomplish on the larger scale.


I share the sentiment, i can’t reasonably understand some releases with some logical perspective except by some basic math behind the numbers of stats on a card based on the rarity and that’s it.
I mean, we won’t see a basic Rare troop having more Attack, Magic, Life and Armor than a basic Epic, but that’s it.

After the numbers are checked they go for spell and traits and that’s where some stuff gets… weird…
I believe they have a fairly good sense of how much value some traits and effects have on their own, but then, when something entirely new is planned i’m not so sure about their evaluation methods…

Take Wisp’s case for example, he is quite recent if we ignore “last year” jokes, and i can see they went with an approach deeply rooted in the lore of such mischievous creature. Ok that’s great in overall, and i’m really fascinated everytime they find a way to “translate” a piece of lore so well using just the core game mechanics. Really, it’s amazing! But… on this case i think they underestimated, heavily, the value of Charming.

Charming is powerful in any level range, mostly because it preys on the player’s own progress and stats buffs to attack that were supposed to be an advantage. So it basically doesn’t matter if your Wisp is weak, it just cares if the enemy is strong, something that everyone pursues… The effect literally punishes you for doing the best you can.

TLDR: They need to make better evaluations before each release, specially when creating new troops and spells or traits, as even spells with basic/core effects/mechanics can be overpowered to certain rarities if they don’t have a good evaluation system.


If every Mythic that’s released is a game-changing new kind of card, it would make the game unplayable in few months.
Some Mythics are very powerful and have a good synergy with many cards. So they fast become annoying meta and people clamors for having them nerfed to the ground.
Others are basically a resource-sink that might only shine in a few situations and carefully vetted environment.
Other are just meh.
Some discretion should apply. If you want to catch them all, then it’s fine, but you should be aware that you are throwing away resources. If you can afford to do so, great!
If you get more satisfaction in putting down the mighty from their seat and exalting the humble and not-so-meek, that’s fine too. Nothing more satisfying than felling a multi-Mythic team with lowl(ier) troops, IMHO.


He is too weak. At end game it takes something like 10 cycles of gar nok before he can one shot.

As per law his spell should do double damage against beast, elves and dragons (maybe goblins as well) after all he has practised against them a lot.

Make that change and suddenly he is at least situationally good against certain defense teams


I think the underlying problem is: New Mythics that can’t even compete with the already estabilished good (some might say OP) ones fails to provide a renewing experience for all players in general.

We don’t need a new Mythic doing exactly what Famine does, but if the said new Mythic is much below Famine, and others, then why even bother creating it?

Gargantaur doesn’t fills any role that hasn’t been already covered, he doesn’t counter any game mechanic (old or new), he doesn’t even adds better sinergy to his kingdom.

His Dark Fury trait could be something like “Deal 1 true Damage to all troops when matching Purple Gems and gain 5 Attack and Magic.” and then he would start to be interesting in some combinations and still be in accordance with his lore of “killing and maiming all things!”.


The developers are following their monthly release schedule no matter what, even if the concept/design/balance isn’t fully fleshed out. I’d fine if they work on the Mytics a bit more and push the schedule to every 6 weeks going forward.



Troop transformation does NOT trigger Gargantaur unfortunately :frowning: I tested with villager / werewolf and umbrewolf / Nosferatu.

Sunbird using resurrection does trigger Gargantaur :slight_smile:


There are so many Mythics - and troops - that we don’t look at them carefully.

Think of Plague. He was considered the weakest Apocalypse troop since forever when suddenly someone started using him in new and effective teams. So now he’s suddenly too powerful.
No, I cannot see how to get a good mileage from our Garga boy. But then I don’t see how to use several other Mythics.
On the other hand, Mythics are heavily attack-oriented, overpriced, overcostly, heavy-maintenance troops, as a group. They cannot all be Doomsday machines or they would make the game unplayable.
On the other other hand, imagine announcing a six-months no-new-Mythic release truce. They would hear us howling from Mars.


I look at the Mythics they put out quite carefully. Up to this point, they’ve all had a purpose, so there was no point in saying anything. Sure, a few of the mythics could use a hand to be more useful (Stonehammer, Death, Queen Aurora, War, Xathenos), but they’ve all had a use.

Even Euryali vs Draakulis, both troops do similar functions, but have a final destination that is quite dfferent. Euryali summons a troop and does the most true damage aoe out of any troop so far. Draakulis gains a butt load of life.

Here in lies the problem: Gargantaur’s final destination is very high damage. Pharos-Ra does that. War can do that. Ketras the Bull can do that. Each of those 3 have an alternative effect that makes them stand out.

Gargantaur doesn’t.

At least Plague, even if considered weak, did something different from other troops in its rarity bracket.

Its not like the devs can’t change anything via minor adjustments. They’ve managed to make Jotnar Stormshield usable again without making it the best mythic ever in the process.


Heads up, team! We will be pushign a fix for Gargantaur’s traitstones in the next 24 hours. :slight_smile:


If by chance you are considering Plague+Azura+Another-exploder+Blue-Stormy-Girl (Skadi) as something too powerful i would argue that Plague is not, by far, the problem. More like a symptom of a sudden burst in mana generation+cascades of extra turns we had recently.

I can’t say this is proof enough of a long term plan when, in fact, if Plague suddenly became a serious problem, and i mean really serious, with the newly released troops we could consider it the opposite of a plan: A mistake.


Can we please have some details of what exactly that means - specifically for people who have already traited it?


@Saltypatra maybe add a refund for Gargy? on his stones.


Wordlbreaker and Gargantuar sound to me like a troop who was divided into two new ones. Gargy is a one trick pony is ,Cyclops is a better troop.


What about a fix that makes he feel more like a Mythic troop? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If you have already traited Gargantaur you won’t need to again, he will still be traited.


Feels bad mangTroop_K17_11


Including Queen Aurora in that group? No disrespect, but I think you may need to take a closer look at her.


Nah, I did a 50:50 team with TDS focusing equally on souls and arcanes at the same time and it was way worse than mostly separating the two things. I made around 250 or so souls, but needed way too long for that (2 mins?). Now I need three minutes max (mostly less) for 560 souls with a dedicated Ra-team in challenges or 20 seconds with Sunbird-team focusing on explore. A mixture is not very good - I like Ra in my explore team for the minimal soul gain because battles don’t need more than two clicks and are super-fast. The use sinks if they take much longer. I went back to Sunbird/FB/FB/Pharos-Ra now, it’s better for my needs. If I want a quick soul influx, I take my dedicated soul team to Divinion Plains for an hour and have 70-80k more afterwards.

Nah. With that team, I farm on normal so that enemies (hopefully) die in one fell swoop, so 20 seconds per battle for traitstone grinding. If I wanna farm souls for real, I use Pharos/Acolyte/Aziris/KoS on Warlord II in Divinion Plains first challenge for 560 souls per battle.


She really isn’t that great.