A New Mythic Approaches - Gargantaur


I disagree; she might not fit into every team, but in the right combination, she is absolutely amazing. I had ignored her at first because to be she hadn’t seemed that great, but maaaaan… she rocks.


You just want a magic talking pony for yourself admit it… :stuck_out_tongue:

In all honesty i feel she is lacking something… Maybe enchanting all allies.

Barrier as effect doesn’t feel very valuable, usually easy to get rid of.


I personally love Queen Aurora. My biggest troll defense is two Silvermaidens’ and two Queen Aurora’s.


Nah dude shes OP.


Actually I don’t even like horses/ponies. But even I cannot deny her awesomeness. :stuck_out_tongue:


People are asking whether they can refund him and re trait using Lava stones.

I would like to do this, and have submitted a ticket to that effect.


i traited him and didn’t see the colors . For me the Honest and happy solution for all parties is to refund via upgrade menu.


I did the same. Hopefully they will manage to refund everyone that traited him and send the stones in the in-game mail, then they can fix the bug. As I see it it might be difficulty for them to change its arcane and give us a normal refund option, as we would most probably get the wrong arcanes back if we refunded it ourselves, if a bug fix for the right arcane got applied on the troop.


Yeah you are totally right :s


This is the problem with offering Gargantaur for refund. I think the best option is to contact support.


How’s support load looking right now, though? I’m waiting on a response since days since I’m not getting rewards from the LTs of my guild at the moment and it said that it could take quite some time at the moment since you guys are swamped since the holidays. Is it getting better or is farming for new Arcanes faster than waiting for support?


What’s your ticket number, Sheba? (I’ll see if I can get it fast tracked for you.)


Gosh, thanks! It’s 52148. I have by now sent two follow-up replies to the automatic response as well since LTs kept being done (missing four in total now) and am horribly paranoid about tomorrow when all tasks reset because missing out on everything would suck.

But yeah, I understand you guys being swamped since the holidays. You must drown in work!


Ticket sent. My number is #52273. :blush:


Holy bananas, its many tickets between ours. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Kafka has sorted it out for you just now. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much to you and @Kafka! I feel special to get such fast service thanks to you now, Salty! :blush:
Kafka ended up sending me all normal guild task rewards, though - a million more keys and all the gems I don’t deserve! Eep! Sent a message again about that and if that’s really okay that way. That’s a lot more than the legendary task rewards I was missing were worth!:scream:
I’m really glad I know that the error won’t affect next week, though. That means it’s not as urgent anymore… but I still have a lot of stuff I should not own now. Whelp!

No kidding! And mine is just from four/five days (depending on timezone) ago! Shows how much is accumulating, surely because of Gargantaur, but also other stuff.

Hope everyone at the office takes care of themselves and doesn’t overwork! That is a LOT of support tickets…


Heads up, the trait fix is rolling out. It’s already on PC/Mobile and is hitting console now. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the fix and to all the eagle-eyed people who spotted the mix up. I just traited him without looking and would prefer to use lavas instead.


Got him with 1000 glory keys.
Was still working on Skadis traits,then got Euryali from LT,and now Gargantaur.
The grind for arcanes will be loooooong…