A New Mythic Approaches - Gargantaur


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Elspetth/TDS/Pharos Ra/Zombie takes 30 secs or a little more for 300 souls while stone farming.


Why not use Myzmer instead of Zombie? Assuming you have Myzmer’s third trait, that is. (Elspeth/TDS/Ra/Myzmer is one of my explore teams, so I was wondering if I was missing efficiency somewhere.)


Same here . Ten.


I don’t -_-. Those GW troops are expensive to trait…


Apparently I’m a stupid dumbbutt because that doesn’t work for me, either.
a) TDS does so little damage that I need three or four casts, even on normal difficulty.
b) After Zombie dies, Elspeth has no use anymore and I have to fill TDS up manually, which takes far too long. I am much faster with a 3x dragon + Ra team and even those guys take too long compared to a Sunbird/Sunbomb team. My main Pharos-Ra soul team (Pharos/Acolyte/Aziris/KoS) also takes about as long as the Elspeth team and gets far more souls.
c) Since this is a team more focused on souls than speedy explores, I don’t get why replacing Zombie (a Necromancy troop) with Myzmer is supposed to do. TDS’s damage is fixed depending on dragons and soul gathering is also fixed. Only thing that increases are the amounts of explosions and my TDS clears the whole screen anyway… So yeah, I don’t get Myzmer.
d) Elspeth does not loop reliably even for the initial fill. At all.


You’re a special case, since you want to avoid looking at your screen as much as possible. For most people TDS can semi-reliably loop on Normal explore mode, especially with the couple of extra exploded gems provided by Myzmer’s magic boost. And if you are willing to make a few matches by hand. It’s rare that Elspeth misfires completely, leaving me without any gems to fill my TDS after the AI’s turn.

Zombie’s necromancy trait wouldn’t matter at all since it’s just Elspeth fodder, right? Don’t those trigger only at the end of the match? I get the feeling this was changed, but don’t care to do any testing right now.


Thing is, I used a Asha/Dragotaur/TDS/Erinyes explore team before I got Pharos-Ra. It made 240 souls on Warlord II per battle and was faster than the named Elspeth team. So it’s not like I never used TDS and I just fought like ten battles with the team here (with Zombie, not Myzmer; I have only one trait on Myzmer). Elspeth also misfired 8 of 10 matches, as in didn’t get a single 3-match so that the AI could clear all the 4-matches then without me gaining anything from using Elspeth. Doesn’t matter damage-wise, but time-wise it does.

Zombie’s Necromancy triggers. I’m sure it does since my Pharos-Ra team ever so often ends up with a dead Pharos-Ra and I still get the 560 souls I also get with him alive. I did some soul gathering four days ago and at least then it was still this way.


And we are so far off topic…


Zombie’s necromancy matters since it stays after he’s killed.
I was surprised how fast TDS fills Pharos, and Pharos can then snipe the bigger enemies on his own. But you can kill Pharos too and his necromancy bonus will stay.

I cannot tell how this team will work for you, everyone has his/her own playing style. To me this is a fast team, it does require some clicking but usually I’m out after half a minute with a nice heap of souls while trait-farming.
You are right that RNGesus’ hate for the player’s loops is a problem.
It is far less a problem with the other stone-farming team (SunBird Rowena Firebombs) and I cannot guess why.


That is very true; I am - because of my vision disabilities - far faster if I don’t have to target anything. And I guess not having to target things also makes me zone out and just play on autopilot faster. I have to do absolutely no target-selecting with Sunbird, Fire Bombs or Rowanne.
I guess I am also very unlucky with Elspeth in general; not just with loops but also with whom she summons and, if she summons someone with red or purple and sacrifice that dude again then (or Pharos), I can basically bet my right hand that the wrong color gets placed on the board.

I guess I also prefer Pharos-Ra and three Necromancy troops in Divinion Challenge 1 because it’s always the same battle and so I just know what to do and can autopilot despite targetting there better. Also I always find enemy target-selecting more intuitive - despite having Ysabelle in my PVP team, I seem to always be confused when I have to target an ally because I normally only target enemies. My brain is weird, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue: I just don’t get why so many people like Elspeth, for me she always just sucked, no matter in what team composition I tried her.

Generally, though, I love dragon-teams and TDS. TDS basically carried mem 80% of my playtime and he’s still listed as my favourite troop in my status screen just because I used him forever. And with me being unable to see the numbers well, an AOE-team is the easiest for me. Maybe the reason for not liking the Elspeth/TDS-combo is because I’m just too used to TDS dealing 20 damage and not the pitiful amount he does without fellow dragons, making everything just seem so much slower than what I’m used to when I normally use him.


We don’t even have to look at the board :slight_smile: just to our troops.

No, I have problems too. RNGesus hates Elspeth with a rage, more in this team than in her Boombot one.
Also, before using her intensively I had no idea how many useless Knights are in this game. :frowning:
So it’s good to have TDS onboard because he’s very good at charging itself and his fellow troopers.

She got boobies, it’s not enough? Also, fast Explore teams! And now she might become Gargantaur’s girlfriend. In a cumbersome threesome with Gar’Nok, or something.


Yup, if they manage to auto-fill themselves, that’s the best.

That’s very true. I had tried a team of Crimson Bat/Elspeth/Penguin/Penguin that I had been told to try for PVP and it sucked so bad for me because Elspeth kept summoning the most useless guys. I would love me a random Khorvash, Gard or Ysabelle ever so often, but instead all I ever got during all the tries was utter garbage.

If I want boobies, I make a team with Yasmine’s Chosen and Green Seer. And if I want more human boobies, there’s a lot better options, too. In my personal opinion, Elspeth is among the least attractive females in the game. It’s the color of her hair, it just throws me off so much. And for a princess constantly demanding fancy stuff, her dress could also be of a less strange greyish color…

I hope someone writes an Elspeth x Gargantaur x Gar’Nok fanfic now. I think these three are perfect for each other. Heck, Elspeth might even appreciate Gar’Nok’s weird showings of love… or not.


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I got some really nice cheese last week… some truckles of Scottish gourmet stuff… amazing, though I am less sure about the one flavoured with lime and chilli…


It just shows how crap this new mythic is. We’re not even discussing him in his own topic. Lol


Beat me to it.


Actually we are back to talk about our boy Garga.
Elspeth and Gar-Nok are the only ones that can do something for this sad Mythic, apart Sunbird that’s perhaps a better choice because Elspeth keeps summoning garbage and spamming random colors to the enemy’s advantage.
But I wouldn’t read that fanfiction.
Unless we add Dark Priestess, to boost stats and give barrier? This team would be quite squishy without a tank.


What it boils down to is that even if you have a way to build up his potential, the game does not present the situations where he would be able to use that potential. Then, to add to that, it is also difficult to build up his potential, or even have him surpass many other much lower mana costing “heavy hitter” type troops - such setup requires such an overwhelmingly dominant position that you would have won with most any other team by the time he reaches lethal damage. No relevant content the game has you killing a bunch of small things with low armor/life, then one big thing with hundreds of life/armor, because skill bonuses keep most everything with similar defensive stats. Nothing has you ending the turn while swapping the minuscule damage hits it requires to get him up to lethal damage without requiring way more effort than it is worth than to set up by itself your end because the game is at a point where damage is way more likely to reach lethal levels on a given turn. There is also no functional difference between getting him to deal around 110-130 damage and several hundred unless you allow the enemy to buff up/life drain to ridiculous amounts, which of course is only likely to happen if you use slow, ineffectual teams in the first place.

He could be seen as a soft counter to things like Death, and this, too, is less than effective most of the time. Similarly, thinking that you’ll get powered up by Kraken trait hits and then counter back with a big lethal hit will probably get your whole team killed because endgame stat boosts give him so much armor that they require the enemy team to get 15 match 4/5s before his armor is even gone and he starts to take damage, or require him to be hit by skulls/spells which has him dying very fast.

As far as relative “usefulness” of troops - every troop should bring something to the table, and no new release should ever be considered “the worst” of anything. Something has to be the worst, of course, but it shouldn’t be a new release when you are dealing with a troop pool that still has many troops untouched from release. I feel most troops released hit this mark. Gargantaur, with all content currently available in the game, is currently on the edge of that. I guess we should be thankful he wasn’t released in the original incarnation he appeared in the data files -much lower defensive stats in favor of more attack, orc bond instead of Impervious, his trait buffed attack/magic by 4 rather than 8, his spell damage was 5 lower base and he had 4 lower base magic, and his boost ratio was x10 instead of x15. I wouldn’t hesitate to call that iteration “useless” and the “worst mythic”. This iteration is a contender for “worst” still, but at least an argument could be made otherwise now.

Can you make him work? Sure, you can make about any single troop work with the right team. You just might have to reach so hard that you’ll dislocate your shoulder in the process. Gargantaur can be used to your determent in way more ways than he can be used for your benefit, and the main problem is that people are trying to build around his gimmick instead of just basically ignoring it and using it as an incidental (at least until some content comes along where you are constantly getting kills or taking tiny amounts of damage to rack of up his damage quickly, but also need a hit in the hundreds).

I’ve tried every setup recommended here and then some, and while it is a nice way to kill some time, none of them are really all that effective overall along with being overall very slow but also very vulnerable. And I’ve tried quite a bit:

Ultimately, I landed on just using him for clean-up for what amounts to AoE true damage:

It ignores nearly all of what makes him “unique” in any way and Azuragord makes pretty much anything look good, and Scorpius is technically a better fit 99% of the time (along with a bunch of others depending on the situation) but at least he can pick off stragglers, traitsummons, and revives when you start getting kills from the explodecascade carnage combined with random true damage pokes from Azura’s spell and Eury to kill off a couple.

He’s bad because the game itself does offer situations where he would not be bad, and it is not worth it to force his gimmick for the sake of just winning any battle in the form that any given battle currently exists in the game unless you are in it for the fleeting novelty. If you are on the fence, skip him, and craft him only for completion much later down the line, or after (if) content has been added where he can actually use his potential.


Great analysis.

I got the luckiest I’ve been with mythics and pulled in in only 200 glory keys. However, I won’t trait him and I won’t use him, as he is one of the most useless mythics I’ve come across.

I really do hope they either offer mechanics that help him out or buff the troop itself.

A troop that has a trait that does something to the effect of “deal 1 true damage to all of your own troops on 4 or 5 gem matches” or something of that sort could make a really cool pairing with this guy.

As it is, Gar’Nok is the only person that has anything remotely close to that and it requires 15 mana to power him, a turn to cast it, and only happens once. Boo.