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A list of weapon material in soulforge

is there a list i can find for gems of war weapons material in soulforge

If you click your character at the top left of your screen, you can access a menu that will display your entire inventory.

There you can see all your ingots and jewels (and anything else needed to craft weapons — I don’t remember what they typically require).

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sorry not that list i am looking for a list on google for up coming weapons going to be in soulforge material sorry for the misunderstanding


Here are the kingdoms that are coming up as far as we can see. Every game update or so, this list will be extended.

The weapons that can be crafted in a given week are tied to the weekly kingdom (this week is the week of Urskaya — you can tell by seeing what Event Keys open on any given week). So, if for some reason you wanted to craft the Flintlock of Blackhawk, you can see you’d be able to next week; if you have a specific weapon in mind that you want to make, check its kingdom, and then cross-reference with the list of weekly kingdoms to see if you’ll be able to craft the weapon soon.


thankyou so much that helps alot

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Do you use discord? If you do:

There’s an event-guides channel there that includes graphics like this one:

They only publish these for weapons that might be worth crafting.

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