Increase number of weapons in Soulforge

I just checked, out of 8 Maugrim Woods of purple and higher rarity (event kingdom of this week), only 6 are available in the Soulforge (missing are Hellblade and Crimson Insignia; ignoring Wardens Gauntlets as a class weapon and Ice Arrow as colour mastery weapon here).

I think, there should be enough slots to cover all of the weapons, that the kingdom of the week has to offer. As long as you keep introducing new weapons (and I doubt, you will stop before the death of the universe), this will require an increasing amount of soulforge slots.

I am in the lucky position to have all the stuff, that matters, but I know enough new players, who are not. Would be a shame, if they miss out on “lost weapons” (a.k.a. Rope Dart) because the Forge is lacking capacity.

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Capacity isn’t an issue here. Hellblade is from the Hell Gate faction, it can be crafted whenever that faction event is active (like tomorrow, recommendation is to rather purchase shop tier 4 instead). Crimson Insignia is an old glory event weapon that has been paywalled, the official stance is that it will only ever be available again for cash, e.g. as flash offer.


Confirmed by Salty here, with a list of paywalled weapons: Clarification Regarding Craftable Weapons (including a list of those excluded from the forge)


Someone correct me if I’m wrong, these paywall weapons weapons were originally a one time release - never to be released again?
Anyway, like pets, it seems like they will give you enough in time. But as with the flow of the game, if you don’t want to wait - it’s gonna cost you :beers:

Several of them showed up more than once, others were supposed to get repeated due to popular demand. There was a new weapon available in the glory shop each week, plus an older one thrown in every once in a while. They were moved to flash offers when the new event system was introduced several years back.

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A long time ago…
Weapons were released for a few hundred glory in the weekly store. You either bought it for glory then, or it showed up in the store for $5 in a later rotation. The weapons mostly sucked, and you don’t need them unless trying for a complete set.