A) Jinx trait - b) Faunessa


Hi there. Just some quick questions about

a) Jinx trait (halves enemy gem masteries). One of my decks uses Summoner and Dark Song. I unlocked the Jinx trait for the Summoner. What would happen if I also unlock Jinx for Dark Song. Does this have any effect at all? Hard to find out by just trying, since you can’t see the enemy’s masteries.

b) Faunessa (deal dmg to an enemy equal to opponent’s attack). What happens if you use Faunessa on a fully traited centaur (with true shot). Does it deal true damage or regular damage? If it doesnt, do you think it should?

Thanks for your replies.


A) It’s multiplicative, you will therefore cut masteries by 75%
B) Traits and stats are independent. It would be regular damage.


Pretty sure Jinx works correctly (had very few mana surges against Jinx users) you even see when it activates at the beginning of a fight. Never fought several Jinx users at once but I guess 2 jinx = 25% of your usual mana surge chances.

I don’t think Faunessa’s spell doesn’t read as “the unit will attack itself”, so it will just deal its damage to itself, no traits applied. Same goes for Lamia or Cyclop…


Centaur’s true shot only works on skull damage, correct? With Faunessa’s ability no skulls are matched, so no reason it would trigger the trait.
Now if another troops was to appear who causes the next skull match the opponent makes to strike them instead… :smiling_imp: