Question about Jinx Trait

Is the implementation still consistent with the description of the Trait? I know at one point it was not… maybe around 1.0.6 (not really relevant though)

Reducing Mana Mastery by half is not the same as reducing the Mana Surge chance by half. Therefore Jinx could be useless at high level, just need to know if this is one of those things that still doesn’t quite work as-expected or as-stated.

I’ll tell you straight-up the reason I want to know: I’m testing a team headed up by Peasant to combat the Psion / Ragnagord / Famine / Death stack. If the Jinx trait efffectively doesn’t work at high level I have a lot of other subs for that Troop slot, but man, oh man if Jinx had a hidden boost that is not apparent this could be just the thing to put my deck over the top for countering. Think about it… only 3 potential Mana to steal (in a deck that otherwise doesn’t use Blue) and bringing Surge down to hopefully keep a cap on Ragnagord from filling long enough to grab board-control.

edit: @Tacet you probably know can you jump in here with some insight?

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It no longer stacks either. So double abynissia or even aby and nobend bros only gives you one jinx. It was to stop double famine. Now they swapped famine’s jinx for cursed this really needs reverting back imo.


Very useful info, thanks. You answered a couple questions I didn’t even know I had hahaha

What about the main Jinx effect though. At one time it did more than it “should” have meaning either the mechanic was broken or the description of said. What have you heard about this aspect?

I don’t know, I don’t use many troops with jinx tbh. Sorry I can’t really help here.
Come to think of it, I’m not sure if cursed stacks either. Hopefully tacet will reply, he’ll know.

The magnificence of this.


Joker’s Wild baby babby, with the Gob Rocket alternate at the bottom.

Still the king of all decks for my preferred play style with so many bizarre potential front-mans-es including Mercy, Kraken, Dwarven Miner, Psion, Webspinner, the original War Sphinx, etc

Goblins are underrated. But Peasants!

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Try it out and LMK your feedback

??? / Infernal King / Alchemist / Goblin Rocket

+2 Red, +1 Yellow, -1 Brown Banner

??? must be a troop that does not use Red or Yellow. Seriously don’t put in a front Troop that uses Brown unless you really know what you’re up to. If you want to show off, yeah you can use Brown. Fire Link Traits mandatory.

The point is a single Red match of 3 with a Surge and you will never pass the turn again. They all die. Unless you make a tactical mistake or board conditions are just absurdly sloped against you. But no team is immune to that!

Gobby sits at the bottom and should be used as often as possible, provided he can be filled up right away.

…Trying it. It looks risky but when it works…
EDIT: it looks like a variation upon the usual Alchemist-Hellcat-Goblin Rocket-Nobend Brothers, but much more fast and explodey. I’m using Kraken up top, it’s a pity to waste all those 4 and 5-matches.

Yes the point is fast-fill on a single 3-Red. The top troop can be subbed depending on needs. I think the #1 defense against that defense team is fast fill and never-ending control. Just my opinion.

This is true against so many meta defenses. I’m testing it against the troll-kraken-queen defense and it still works, because the looping starts so fast. The danger sits in IK’s skullsplosion, if it fails the team is in dire straits.

What about Kryst at top? Seems it would be a good fit

I tried it first. Poor Krys :frowning:

Sounded good anyway lol

I haven’t bothered messing with Jinx as of lately, but I know in its current state it is basically pointless to use.

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So working as-stated, its just that the practical effect on the enemy’s Surge % is so fractional as to be meaningless. Thanks :slight_smile:

Kryst would be pretty generic.

Some other options:

  • Acolyte because of the Stone Link which makes up for the -1 of the Banner. Makes gathering for Alchemist (who is the #1 priority) just tiny bit easier, also extra Browns assist IK
  • War Goat is Impervious and punches Gorgotha or Psion to the back
  • Mercy can fill a huge amount of Mana and gain immediate board control with the right starting conditions, and has full Cleanse
  • Assassin or Archer Hero with a suitable non-blocking color for lots of free insta-kills since the whole deck is so reliant on lots of Skull hits (great against Troops that have Traits which protect against Skull damage; also can still insta-kill when Engangled on 4-Matches)
  • Webspinner to Web top troop if needed (useful against Constructs or troops that buff whole team)
  • War Sphinx for infinity-control and Impervious.
  • If you are facing a team loaded with the same type of Troop you can put in something with a Slayer Trait. For example against a Goblin Team you could put in Brian the Lucky with Goblin Slayer Trait
  • Wraith - Freeze, Deathmark on Skull hit
  • Plague at the top doesn’t interfere in any way with the looping of the other Troops - do not actively gather for him just let him tank and catch sky drops, etc
  • Spirit Fox for fast Mana Drain (careful of giving huge multi-turn gifts to the AI when used imprudently)
  • Captain Skullbeard just for fun… this deck creates a ton of Maps and the Captain boosts off Maps
  • I hate Queen Mab so I’m not going to mention her her… oops
  • Treant - good blend of Destroy, tank and Attack

That’s just a few off the top of my head

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It’s the Swiss Knife of teams!
BTW, I’m a fan of Wraith on the top, but it dies fast on me.

May I suggest some strategies to help you last longer?

  • Practice getting Alchemist up and running 1st and keeping him charged (remember IK feeds both Alchemist and Goblin Rocket)
  • When transforming to Yellow, generally use this priority of colors: Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Brown
  • Generally speaking, worry less about dealing with Skulls on the board and more about keeping the Alchemist > IK > Alchemist/Gob loop going becase the Skull-Matches will naturally cascade to the bottom and happen “for free”
  • Keep Goblin Rocket charged and use it to group Gems for the Infernal King or Alchemist Cast so when you do cast you get a 4- or 5-Match and Extra Turns

The downside of this deck is that it requires you to make the “right” choices when doing the different Transforms and that is something that takes practice. The upside is if you get a Mana Surge on 3 Reds right away, nearly 100% the fight is over if you transform cautiously and don’t break the Extra Turn loop.

My problem is, if IK casts and does not manage to loop, he leaves a board full of skulls for the other team to use against me :frowning:
I’m goig to try the various toppings and see what’s the best against various teams.