A Choice of Portals

Looking at the current Faction Loot Fiasco, it seems to have all the makings of a never ending story. I’d like to propose dumping the current portal handling and introducing two portals instead:

  • One that summons only faction troops, based on an entirely new drop table
  • One that summons only treasure troops, based on an entirely new drop table

Both portals should allow pulling in batches of 1, 10 and 50.


  • Players only looking for troops will be happier
  • Players only looking for treasures will be happier
  • IP2 gets to sort out drop tables without hitting another half a dozen walls face-first

I’d love for such a solution to be implemented, but I expect if the guild guardian option (which is essentially the same thing, but would seem to require less UI/coding changes) was rejected, this one will be too :frowning_face:

There’s a very significant difference here. The Guild Guardians approach would have roughly tripled the odds of pulling high rarity treasures (based on the 70%/30% setting) after meeting the cut-off criteria, the Choice of Portals approach keeps the odds (and the received average value) constant.


I like the idea, but can I suggest that that the third value be 11 <= X <= 50

This means that if you have 43 opens left, you can do them all in one go, rather than having to do four 10s, then three 1s to use them all up.

I support this idea. I have every Delve troop in the game leveled to Mythic Quality and I still have 22,235 Chaos Shards. It feels really wasteful to use them opening portals where half the troops I get are just useless because I can’t upgrade them anymore and all I want is treasure troops. Unless there is something else that Chaos Shards will be used for, right now I get far more than I need when I do the monthly Delve to 2500 in the Event.

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