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A "buff" idea for explosions

So this isnt a direct buff to explosions, but since this can only occur (currently) due to explosions…
anyway. the idea is this. Half manas.
Ever exploded a single gem and got 1 mana from it, after exploding 3 blue, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 brown, 1 purple 1 green and a skull? yeah. it sucks.
What if we could now get “half manas”.
Now, if we explode a gem (and there’s no skulls around it) we will get 4.5 mana back, rather than a total of 0-4 mana back.
The biggest issue with the explosions now at 50% is it rounding down.

This will just reduce the loss from explosions due to rounding down.

From a discussion with a guildee: a point has been made about how effects would interact with “half manas”
So stealing full mana, would steal full mana as normal.
Mana burn would deal damage equal to the mana, rounded down (the standard)
stealing half the mana would also round down, but to half manas now.
For example: half stealing 7 mana would now give you 3.5 mana.
Stealing 7.5 mana would give you 3.75 mana, this would now get rounded down to 3.5

I think increasing 50% to 51% is the most elegant solution. You remove the single gem explosion problem with completely un-nerfing the big exploders.

I have re-thought my position in the last ten seconds. I like your idea better.

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