70% mana from explosions?

How does the 70% mana generated from explosions work?


Explode blue, surrounded by blue, blue, red, yellow, yellow, brown, brown, brown. How much of each? Is it total times 0.7? Is there rounding?

So, in my example:

blue 3 x 0.7 = 2.1… 2 mana? (does it matter blue was original explosion?)

red 1 x 0.7 = 0.7… 1 mana?

yellow 2 x 0.7 = 1.4… 1 mana?

brown 3 x 0.7 = 2.1… 2 mana?



Yes, exactly like you did it

1=0.7 -> 1
2=1.4 -> 1
3=2.1 -> 2
4=2.8 -> 3
5=3.5 -> 4
6=4.2 -> 4


Soon to be 50% a lot easier to add up lol

(Oops, deleted the first one). Do you have a source on that? I think that would be great, but it feels like the devs have been intentionally pushing the power of Exposion-based mana gen.

Just what the devs said on stream. they are looking into dropping it to 60% or 50%

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I believe it. This is how dealing with Queen Mab worked. They adjusted practically every game mechanic and troop involved except Queen Mab.

So it’s only natural that to deal with a narrow set of problems like “Explode 18 gems”, then all the troops that explode say, 2 or 3 gems should get worse.

Oh come on my dragon soul team is the only viable one I have and now it’s going to be slower…

On the flip side, Infernus is explode 5 gems… which is already potentially 45 gems… which would be more than half the board.

This got me thinking that perhaps the % modifier shouldn’t be altered, but the number of gems exploded. Maybe make it just a plus sign of 5 gems instead of a square of 9. That way, there’d be more of a difference between “explode 5” and “explode 10” when right now, there really isn’t.

(To add, though, they’d probably then need to buff a whole lot of “explode a gem” troops to make them not useless)

Old post, but still relevant. Tl;dr: 5 gem and 10 gem explode are quite substantially different on average. You need to be in the low teens before the differences per exploded gem diminish substantially.


Thank you! I was trying to talk myself into doing this, glad to save me the work!

Looks like 14 to 18 is about as much as I’d care for my troops to have then. Thanks for that data!

@Neight thank you for the reply