64% mana surge is possible!

Mastery 389 - 439 is 63%. 50 levels to get 1%.


Currently the highest possible surge chance atm, at least for the PC/Mobile end (both sides use same formula for it), is 66.766% chance for a mana surge.

This can be done by:

  • Having every kingdom of a color to level 10
  • Be in a guild with level 200 guild guardians
  • Level every single mastery into a specific color up to level 1,000 whenever it is an option

The max possible mastery currently possible for me doing all of this is 664. The other 50 would be gained from:

  • 5 from level 200 guild guardians
  • 20 from using a purple bonus hero class
  • 25 from using a team of 4 purple troops

When used in the mastery formula of:

LIMIT = 0.73 | DECAY = 62

The result comes out to 66.766% chance for mana surge chance.

Given teams normally aren’t made with pure of a specific color, the realistic highest mana surge chance in Gems of War is 66.6% repeating, or simply 2/3 chance.

I agree im 64% and still growing very slowly :slight_smile:

Ps @UKresistance look like (mana surge) in french is (vague de mana) :slight_smile:

at 389 you are still 62% mastery. 63% is unlocked at 391. 62% unlocked at 350 and 64% unlocked at 441. So from 62 to 63 you need to gain 41 mastery and from 63 to 64 you need to gain 50 mastery.