6.2 Update: The Secret Hoard


  • Adventurer’s Path is a new feature aimed at players level 1- 100, to help introduce them to the many game systems that make up Gems of War. For those players, it will appear on the World Map.
    • For players above level 100, they can access the Adventurer’s Path from the Hero Profile Menu.
  • Through the Adventurer’s Path, players will now unlock all features accessed from leveling up their Hero. Players can view when a feature will unlock from the Hero Level menu.
  • Some levels may trigger a World Quest, which will unlock the feature.
    * See more on World Quests below
    • This is similar to the old Dungeon and Soulforge quests that players previously completed to unlock those features.
    • We’ll be doing more with World Quests in future updates!
  • As players reach each level milestone they will not only unlock new features or game modes, but also earn rewards.
  • Players can also purchase the New Hero’s Pass to unlock additional rewards to help them progress.
  • Players can access the current kingdom quest line they are playing through the Adventure Button, which will also allow players to unlock new kingdoms and play their quests when they finish an existing quest line.
  • As players win battles, a counter on the Adventure button will tick up. Every 5 battles, the player will earn a Key.
  • Keys will need to be collected from the menu manually. Players can collect from 1-5 keys at once.
  • The Keys up until level 25 will be Adventurer’s Keys used for a new special Chest, the Adventurer’s Chest.
  • The Adventurer’s Chest will contain a small pool of troops designed for new players.
    • These troops will also be available in regular chests for existing players to find and add to their collections.

[EDIT] These troops are: Ascendance, Moon Mage, Goblin Bomer, Sword Maiden, Kitsune, Southrender, Game Warden and Troubadour.

  • After level 25, the Keys will be either Gold, Glory or Gem Keys. Keys can only be earned until level 100.
  • Players will also be able to purchase the Kingdom Weapon packs, and Starter Packs via the Hero Shop in the Adventurer’s Path menu.
  • Any player who has unlocked a feature before the 6.2 update will continue to have access to it even if they are lower level than the unlock Level in Adventurer’s Path.

Some mischievous mimics have sneakily sneaked their way into Explore Battles….

  • After defeating a Mythic Boss, there is a chance that the Boss Chest may actually be a Mimic, triggering a new battle.
  • Defeat the Mimic Battle, to upgrade the Boss Chest to a Mimic Boss Chest which will multiple the number of tokens received by 2.
  • When opening a Mimic Boss Chest there is a chance it may be a Hoard Mimic, a new Mythic Troop.
  • Defeat the Hoard Mimic Battle, to upgrade the Boss Chest to a Hoard Mimic Boss Chest which will multiple the number of tokens received by 5.
  • The Hoard Mimic Boss Chest also has a very rare chance to drop a copy of the Hoard Mimic Troop (which is not available from regular chests).
  • Both battles against the Mimic and Hoard Mimic in Explore will be based on the highest difficulty the player has unlocked, rather than the currently set difficulty of the Explore Run.
  • If the player loses the battle against either the Mimic or Hoard Mimic, they will receive the rewards from the last earned Boss Chest.
    • E.g. If a player loses the Mimic Battle, they will get to open a regular Boss Chest and earn the normal rewards they would for that chest.

  • World Quests are new types of quests that live outside of Kingdoms. They can be used to introduce new game modes or as part of smaller stories that we may release in future updates.
  • World Quests can be accessed and played from the Games menu.
  • Only one World Quest can be active at a time, so players will need to complete any existing World Quests before they can play any new ones they have unlocked.

We have added several new Heroic Gems in this update. Some of these we will reveal in future Campaigns, New Kingdoms, or Special Events.

During Updates in 2022 we will be giving the UI in Gems of War a Visual Update.

As part of this in the 6.2 Update, we have updated the Chest Menu.

We have 2 new Achievements for this update:

  • Mimic Menagerie: Defeat 3 Mimic Battles in Explore.
  • Lord of the Hoard: Gain a Hoard Mimic Troop Card from its Boss Chest.

  • We have added support for players to be able to adjust the game speed from the puzzle game (so they don’t have to go in the settings menu to change it). In the top left corner there is a drop down list which contains Chat and Game Speed Settings.
    • Tapping on Chat will take players to the chat menu so they can continue discussions with other players during battles.
    • Tapping the button again will close it.
    • Players are still able to adjust Game Speed from the Settings menu.
  • We have changed some of the rewards for completing a set of Kingdom Quests. Kingdom Quest Tiers that would unlock a feature or game mode will now give Gems instead.
  • As Warbands now unlock at level 28, we have removed War Coins from rewards in the final quests for the following Kingdoms: Adana, Zhul’Kari, Karakoth and Divinion Fields.
  • As part of the Adventure’s Path changes, we have retired the old player progression tasks in the Adventurer’s Board. Players who were in the middle of completing a task will receive mail with the reward for that task, and will be updated to a daily kill task instead.

  • We have fixed an assortment of smaller issues.


Clicking “collect next” button gives error


Confirmed error on my end. I submitted to the devs as well.


Any update to the daily offer system? Maugrim Woods can now reach power level 26, activating the task that requires the kingdom to be upgraded to level 18, which is basically impossible to complete. Similar open tasks in the past have caused the daily offer system to break down, generating useless event key offers most of the time.


Usually you can answer questions like this by asking and answering the proxy question: “can the player spend money on this feature?” – but in this case, even though players would LOVE to spend gems on deeds or attainable weapons, the answer is no :frowning: the daily offer system and arena offer system by extension is such a good idea, with so much potential, and so little thought actually put into it.


The funny thing is, players actually spending money to reach the new progression goals fast once again get punished for doing so. This game is really hammering in the lesson to take your money elsewhere.


User interface update!? Please bring back the old troop visuals on its card like the dragons surrounding the card if was mythic and icons of stats all i want from this :drooling_face::eyes:
Otherwise really excited for this update with everything that entails! :o

For anybody wondering, Game Warden, Troubadour, Kitsune and Southrender can all be found in gold chests. Haven’t tested any higher rarity chests.


So now we have 2 kingdoms (Maugrim Woods and Zaejin) that require upgrading the kingdom to lv 18 in order to be at “max power” and not receive those useless daily offers. Both these kingdoms need green books making it literally impossible to get them both to 18. So now everybody in the game even end-end gamers will be getting those useless offers. Well done devs.


Updated my game in Steam… Luther had two quests for me, had to fight Undead enemy team and then Daemon enemy team. Other than that… absolutely nothing looks different. I don’t see any World Quests or Adventurer’s Path. Oh wait, I found it…

Do you see it? We may need some help for this one. I’m enlisting some aid.












Found it.


New UI looks neat! Looking forward to the rest!


Don’t try to collect the rewards though it’ll crash your game. :roll_eyes:


New Hero Pass is $5. You’ll get the following from the PAID PASS. (This list does not include any of the free stuff.)

1x Tuliao
20x Adventure Keys
1200 Gems
350 Glory
1700 Souls
20 White Pet Food
20k Gold
3 Ultra-Rare Ingots
50 War Coins
5 Epic Ingots
2 Gem Keys
750 Jewel Shards
5 Treasure Maps
750 Writs
100 Chaos Shards
2 Imperial Deeds
1x Sir Quentin Hadley


Is this update in google play yet?

you’ll get that stuff… maybe. If the game doesn’t crash when you try to collect it :wink:

Just updated on android. I had to search for the game to see the actual update. Did 2 battles with Luther to collect some rewards. Then did a E12 run and got a mimic chest. Appreciate the double token rewards. Have yet to find a hoard mimic.

Thanks so much for attaching that to the select button on controllers so we have to jump through extra hoops while trying to check chat during the match or at the end of a match. I’m pretty sure nobody needed this or asked for it, and i’m pretty sure it doesn’t help anybody having a speed menu pop up instead of the chat. Who comes up with this crap?


Is this icon under my medals permanent? :sob:

I closed the game and it’s still there…


Did you collect and not yet spend adventure keys? I think that might be there to remind you about them. Helpful :sweat_smile:

I used them… They don’t even appear anymore

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