No Mimic Battle, Is that normal?

… Hey random that wants to put down others opinions.

You can finish this new content in a day…

Lotteries don’t care about time.

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False. You can invest time to get more tickets.

%90 Steam, %10 Android :grinning:

for the stat people

i preped 35 boss chests (defeating mythic boss and leaving chest) i got 7 mimic chests 0 horde mimic
on chests 14, 22, 24, 31, 32, 34


Aww was hoping I could find you on ps

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I’m at 145 boss chests,
12 Mimic Chests (%8)
0 Hoard Mimic
If I get a Hoard mimic on the next mimic chest it will make %0,6 chance for Hoard Mimic.
For mytic drop you need to add

on top of that “1000 to 6” chance.


I have been getting better mimics appearances today. Almost everry 5 boss chests I see a mimic. But still 0 on hoard mimic

My stats so far:

231 boss chests
20 Mimic chests
5 Hoard Mimic chests
No Mythic drop so far.

I feel like I’m searching for a needle in a field full of haystacks.

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With those datas you are in the 0,5 % - 1 % of players in GoW. That spends so much time on the game.

I am shaking my head a little here @Nimhain why time after time there is no balancing? And why is newer features is never balanced towards the average players - but the elite players instead? Time after time your tests runs towards that very 1 % of players. And you decide to stick with it…

If this is a needle in a field of full of haystacks for Campo, imagine what it is for the average to casual player.

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I have yet to encounter a single Mimic battle playing on Steam as of yesterday and today. The only mimic battles I’ve had is 1 last night on Android, and 3 the night before after release, also on Android.

I’ve done 60-65 boss chests, and had 1 mimic fight (non-boss). IP2 sure love their high-standard-deviation RNG!

after 105 explore battles(so arround 17-18 boss battles):
3 mimic battles and 2 of them turned into Hoard Mimic battle

so for me it’s like 1/6 times

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Wow new content & percentage is set soooo low as players dont get to enjoy it… imagine that!! Anyone else sick of the BS from this publisher?


I feel you are really lucky as I have not seen one hoard mimic yet

Okay…achievements based on pure random aren’t ideal but it’s not worth stressing over. If it happens it happens; nothing you can do will boost your chances of a successful outcome. Inevitably some hardcore players will leave the game before they do so, whereas others simply will try and ‘grind’ this even though logic tells them they can’t. The FOMO nervous twitching is already in hyper drive and thats why posts like this are created and strategies developed to minimise the trade off between level 1 farming and a random mythic. The devs must absolutely love this. Press a button and watch the meltdown that ensues.

Do you get any magical reward for that achievement or why is there so much obsession about it for some?

Did I miss the awesome game changing loot you get for your achievements?

I’ve had quite a few 2x chests, not a single 5x - while my guildmate had that awesome draw getting 5x Nysha and the mythic.

It is what it is.

At least it’s not as hard to get a 2x as it is to find one of those cursed gnomes…


Here is what it looks like if you find a mimic (time stamp should be 29:53)

and right after that fight, you’ll see what happens when you find a hoard mimic!

I had prepped all of my kingdoms for 6.2 by doing all battles up through the Mini Boss, which is why I had so many mythstones :wink:


Thanks :heart: your vids

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Good thinking! Sometimes I wish I had a brain too, I was so bored last weekend just wondering what to do in the game…

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Devs just threat this game more casualy- it’s a game, not a life. Achivements based on luck are just the type of achivement you would see in most of games where RNG is a factor (like getting achivement for royal flush in online poker game…)