No Mimic Battle, Is that normal?

After several hours doing explore difficulty 12, I just get the normal chest after the mythic battles. Is that normal? how rare is these Mimic battles?

I’m going to take a wild guess based of small data and say about 10%. So yeah, you might get 2 in a row or you might do 50 explore runs and not see one. Personally I’ve seen 5 of the x2 mimic chests so far.

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I did 5 to 6 hrs explore D12 so far and not even a single one! That’s is why I am concerned if I am doing something wrong.

No word yet on what is a reasonable expectation for the Hoard Mimic fight, or Mythic drop
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61 boss chests, 3 of “x2 mimic” battles.
%5 for “x2” , %0 for “x5 /mythic” so far.


Got the achievement earlier, took ten Explore 12 mythic boss battles for me to get the 3 mimic fights. I am sorry to see my luck was not the usual for everyone.

No Hoard Mimic for the second achievement yet and did not even find a mimic battle despite doing another 15-20 Explore 12 mythic bosses so hope your luck improves the way mine began :slight_smile:

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another 2 more hours and still nothing… something is wrong in my account I guess… No way 8 hrs. and not even a single Mimic battle. I reset several times and still nothing.
I will uninstall and reinstall… hopefully that will fix this issue.

I’m in the same boat. Now 40 boss chests in and no mimic of any kind. 40 explore runs (not counting the runs to build mythstones up with no boss chest) and nothing.
Drop. Rates. Should. Be. Reasonable.
Not lottery level difficult.
Nothing kills excitement for something new than being so difficult to obtain, you don’t feel happy when you get it, only mad that it took so long.
A mistake that the devs NEVER seem to understand, since they keep repeating it over & over.


75 Boss chests
Total “x2 Mimics”: 4 (%5.3)


Thanks for the ongoing updates: is this on Android?
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my data: ~80 explore battles,
had 1 mimic battle, and once it resolved: Hoard Mimic battle popped
so one x5 for me (in 80+ battles)

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Still nothing after I reinstalled the game.
I am doing my D12 explore on IPhone and Steam.

I will try tomorrow, I am tired of trying today

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Just making sure, what does your version number say?

Version 6.2 and I got all new troops but no mimic battle at all after 10 hrs.

On Android 6.2 last night I was getting a LOT of mimic battles, even a mimic king/hoard whatever battle. Today on Steam, hours of playing, nothing. Not a one.

105 boss chests
7 mimic(x2) fights %6.66
No mythic :frowning:

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60 boss chests.
1 x2 Mimic: .016%
0 Hoard Mimics: 0%
All lvl 12 explore.
Filing a bug report if this continues. Appearance rate should not ONE FREAKING PERCENT!


I finally got 1 after 40 boss chests. Too tired to continue.

Is there maybe again a secret counter, which lowers the chance to get a mimic chest, after some of them before?

Just like it was in the journey event (epic battlecrasher), inclusive a hard cap each day plus a bug at the beginning :face_with_monocle:

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I didn’t keep track of actual numbers unfortunately but I did approximately 3300 trophies on day 1. Which should equal around 160 chests. These gave me 4x hoard mimic from which I got the new mythic once.

The amount of 2x mimics must have been between 10 and 20

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