6.2 Update: The Secret Hoard

I can’t believe you tied an achievement to such an extremely rare event. This is poor form imo. Like texas hold em’ having an achievement for a royal flush.


Its another 1 of those achievements that many games have that arent worth stressing over. Its better just to forget about it and be pleasantly surprised about when it happens. I adopted this approach with the elite medal 100 troops and despite being over 70% (various base rarities) and only doing level 10 plus, i still havent got 3 nysha medals. RNG will drive you nuts if you dwell on it because it doesnt follow probability like you want it to.


I mean to be fair it is called an achievement meaning you achieved something to get it. I don’t think it is so much to expect that we eventually end up with a Hoard Mimic to get it. It makes more sense than most of the achievements we get where it is stuff you don’t even have to aim for and are super commonplace.


Ah yes, the smaller issues…


This is laughably bad design. Of course, it’s absolutely intentional just to screw over people farming during vault weekends/GAP, right? Which doesn’t excuse it even remotely, this choice makes absolutely no sense from a gameplay standpoint.


You aren’t doing anything wrong.

From opening 35 boss chests, if you get between 1 and 3 Mimic battles, then you are getting about the average amount.


The simplest solution is to change the kingdom upgrade deal from event keys (???) to deeds. I’m not holding my breath, though. Unfortunately, once you start getting worthless kingdom upgrade deals, that makes the arena worthless as well. So there’s bonus worthlessness with this update. It’s always nice when devs recognize the problems with their game and strive to correct them.


For anyone curious, Mimic Hoard with 25% skull reduction and 70% skull reduction only amounts to 77.5% skull reduction. While still quite good on an Impervious troop ( Stonehammer is only 80% skull reduction), I can’t help feel a little disappointed we’re wasting 2 traits on skull reduction on a troop.

Rather, I’d like to openly ask the devs to consider moving Golden Armor to Trait Slot 1 and give Mimic Hoard a proper unique 3rd trait. Its odd not to have a Legendary/Mythic Troop 3rd Trait on a proper Mythic (i.e. not Sacred Treasure).


Totally agree on changing the 25% to something more creative but surely as it stands, the skull resistance should stack? If enemy with 100 attack matches 3 standard skulls then mimic should resist 25% and 70% at the same time, ie take only 5 damage? If doom skulls were involved then resistance will remain 95% but extra damage from doom or uber skulls will count. Can @Jeto please clarify this?

A player who played Gems of War for like a month has the exact same chances of unlocking said achievement as a player at it for years.

I personally don’t consider “pure luck” an achievement of any kind. So making it an achievement is plain stupidity.

Millions of people have successful lives full of achievements without the requirement of ever winning a lottery.

There is such a thing as “too much” RNG.
And I’m afraid @Sirrian you crossed that line years ago with how players attained Zuul’goth. However,
players could override the RNG by dumping thousands of gems to get power orbs.

Although I’m not a fan of how rare Cursed Runes are. Again, at least there’s a way to speed up the ability to craft Dark Smith Drenza faster than just grinding it out.

But with Hoard Mimic there’s zero fast pass to attain it nor even grind ability. Since a player can easily spend thousands of explore hours and just be unlucky.

That’s a 100% failed design. I only want the carrot if I can actually guarantee getting the carrot. Not a chance at the carrot. :person_shrugging:



When trying to buy hero pass by pressing square, I get this window but all I can do is back out by pressing circle.

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Already been requested years ago when the issue first showed up. Official response was “no can do, we’d offer you deeds for gems way too often, that would impact our bundle sales”.

Make a separate button for game speed for those few newbies that might want to change it (I still want 6x 8x speeds there… damn ADHD brain is impatient).

Leave the chat button alone :frowning:


Also… if it hadn’t been for the fact that I saw a screenshot here with arrows pointing at the icon here, I wouldn’t ever have noticed it, nor found it, or known about it.
A random button appearing hidden away in a corner where I never look, is some incredibly questionable UI “design”/“decision”. And yes, I put those in quotes because… they are on the far other wrong side of rational & intelligent thought.

Also, having almost half the page that opens up dedicated to stuff that I can’t even view or do anything with is just… butwhy.gif.


Same thing here


Half the space is wasted on elements I can’t even interact with.

Having this huge button eating up visual space on the world map doesn’t help either.
Never mind the fact that … it doesn’t even hint at actually being a clickable button.
Why is this not just added under the Games button?
You can grow that space endlessly.
Or just add a new button to the bottom bar.

Fit the button under the pre-existing (semi-cluttered) design, don’t make a weird graphical anomaly randomly on the screen… which btw gets in the way when you’re actually trying to interact with the world map. /SIGH.

Unrelated, but I still want to moan about this: Why isn’t there a “Collect all” button. Why can’t I still actually skip the animations, especially when you have this huge SKIP button that doesn’t do anything. Why are you wasting my time on pointless animation EVERY SINGLE TIME :frowning:
I seriously don’t need to see it. I don’t want to see it.


Some old stuff: [BUG] Haunted Guardian Spell - Wrong Wording (under Android) - #30 by Nullings . This bug persists for more than a year.

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Apparently, if you don’t collect your adventurer’s chest from your hero profile, then the big button won’t appear in the middle of your screen. So I’m avoiding mine right now.


I haven’t encountered one yet, so forgive me if I’m wrong, but since they said losing the battle still gives you the basic explore chest, I think you could just run from the mimic battle during GAP/E1 farming.

No no… I totally understand what you are saying and agree. I was speaking of the ftp model in general.

Like lets say you and I pay (number out of imagination) $10/month in micro while playing this game. We would maybe think, “that should be enough to have a well functioning game.” But that $10 is diluted by all of the $0. For everyone paying $10 there are probably at least 100 that pay nothing. So that $10 is really just 10 cents supporting game development.

Of course it’s more complicated because there are people shelling out way more per month, I’m sure. Anyway, I just hate the ftp model because it sets up a sort of war of expectations that nobody wins. :expressionless:

Yes, same thing I’m doing.

As usual, I came on the forum to read the patch notes and noticed immediately this patch was done in typical IP2 fashion - rushed out the door (probably because of the Amazon issue) with everything bugged up.

I figure I can collect the rewards when I feel like it and I’ll probably pull the new troops when I try to get the next mythic next month so no sweat. Hopefully by then the devs will figure out their issues.

Tried pressing on the question mark on that interface? It clearly illustrates what many of us already know about this company’s Dedication and QA skills:

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