Mimic Battle always level 150?

My opening argument is the following: there are hundreds of things that can be improved in the game. For example, ability to open more keys at once, for example spinning gems and additional loading times, for example in game documentation and clarity on various things. Any of the above would be, IMHO, better improvement then removing / reducing mimic level for lower explores.

Dev resource is limited and if we keep complaining about everything, this will only make them harder to prioritize.

Also I said this is by design because it was literally highlighted as part of the initial patch notes so this was not even an oversight or something that the community found out.

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For sure it wouldn’t make my top 10 change list. Given that devs totally ignore this channel I don’t think there is harm in pointing out the oddity thoigh


This one is real simple: If you are forced to fight a lvl 12 battle, then you should get lvl 12 rewards.


You can definitely prevent it from happening. I personally don’t mind that much, but it’s an odd choice at best, and a deliberate way to slow players down at worst.

And that’s not even knowing if it will be bugged of not. :sweat_smile:

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I think this is associated with the decision that hoard mimic has a chance to drop a mythic card and they did not want to make this available for lower levels or low level farming. Otherwise you could do your regular GaP weekend and pretty much guaranteed to get a hoard mimic in the meanwhile.

Doesn’t seem that way. If anything, it favors new players level 1-100 and harms the level 100-1000 players that just want to open up Explore 12 without having to live at Explore 12 for the rest of their lives.

Now they’re half obligated not to go up in Explore until they get this mythic (unless they don’t know this is a thing).

Always level 150 seems kinda poorly thought out when rewards are scaled to the last earned Boss Chest. :person_shrugging: Why would interrupting the flow of gameplay be a good thing?

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Guaranteed it was easier to code it this way and why they did it like this.

So… to clarify, I shouldn’t bother to make suggestions, especially when they are pretty universally agreed with? :joy: Not sure I get your point there?
Is your point that this fix would basically be free, so it should be compared to the huge cost of server balancing to reduce load times? :joy:
Do I lose anything with the current design? Yes, the things that I mentioned… In my post… that you’re replying to…
Also, as I mentioned, retreating didn’t cause it to go away. So, that point is also incorrect (unless my experience was a fluke).

You don’t even disagree with me, and yet you’re trying to argue. This was a strange interaction.

Honestly, I’d be fine with that too.

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What do you mean? Do you mean that the mimic fight stays even if you retreat it? If that is the case, I think that IS a bug (at least per release notes again).

If you retreat in the team selection screen before the fight starts the mimic battle stays like a boss or chest would (I have tested this) It only disappears if you retreat after entering the battle fully in which case you get the rewards from the boss chest as normal (I have not lost or retreated a mimic battle to test but it was said this is how it works)


@Cronus @havok6669

Retreating doesn’t get rid of the fight


Thanks very good to know so only losing gets rid of the fight then if that is working correctly.

I should have tested that while I was at it :man_facepalming:

Will take awhile to throw the fight but it would be good to know if that mechanic is working as they described.

sounds like a job for Firebomb :joy:

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This is quite interesting thanks for sharing. I wonder if this is by design though.

@Kafka @OminousGMan and @Jeto can you confirm or at least ask developers? I am asking about this since everywhere else retreat is treated as “losing”, however with mimic and hoard mimic it looks like it has changed. If you retreat a mythic boss fight, you lose your myth stones and you don’t get a retry. If you retreat pvp, that battle is lost. Same in GW. if you retreat a delve room, the delve ends as if you have been defeated. Why us retreating mimic or hoard mimic fight is treated differently?



I have brought this to the attention of the Dev Team and retreating from a Mimic and Hoard Mimic battle should count as a loss to match how retreating functions in all the other game modes

Thank you for letting us know, I’ve logged this bug so the Dev Team can start working on a fix.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Thanks for super-fast acknowledgement. Is there a place where we can follow-up the state? I want to say that this is a server-side bug (that it is not sending the right signal for retreat), but I am not techy enough to tell for sure. If this is a client-side bug, I guess it will take much longer to resolve.


I would still very much prefer to see the battle scaled, but this is a step in the right direction. Thanks for your quick action.

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