New Troops verification

Lmao every troop that gets added to the game gets an announcement on the forums prior. (Until now evidently)

Such as the patch notes…

But yeah way to throw my words against me based on visual images you had to be on the chest screen to see in the first place. Jesus Christ.

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I’ll edit the post though. Thanks @beeflog .

So far the two new epic troops and new Mythic haven’t been found in chests.

So despite the “images in the game” it seems unowned troops is still misleading. (Which was my original point in the topic prior to the focus of the rant being readjusted.)

All new troops but the new mythic are in gold, glory, gem and vip chests right now


Thanks. Was finally able to get the Epics after posting verified.

Will pause to see if anyone finds Hoard Mimic after this mythic exclusive window is up. Assuming it can even be found in chests by then.

It shouldn’t be.


I believe the Hoard Mimic drops from a rare Hoard Mimic fight, not chests. There are other troops which would also appear in “unowned” that have never appeared in chests, such as the 4 Boss troops, Dark Smith, the Tarot troops and the Vault troops. There are many problems in this game, but tonight, this is not one of them.

I read the patch notes as soon as it was posted and swear that the troop wasn’t mentioned. The notes do have an edited symbol. But either way thanks for the info.

I’m less worried about being proven right or wrong. And more worried about having the correct information given. And I have that now. So thanks!

18k guild seals and 400 gold keys later. I’m all caught up. Thanks!

Must be nice. 25k seals, 4k gem chests & 5k glory chests and no Ascendance. Got 4 more copies of the crappy mythic, but not one copy of Ascendance.
And no Hoard Mimic (or any kind of mimic) after a dozen boss chests. The new update has done nothing but waste my time & resources.


You can get the Hoard Mimic as a rare drop if you win a Hoard battle (not a guaranteed drop). It’s my understanding that they aren’t a chest drop.


Sorry if it was’nt clear, that was a dozen boss chests with no hoard mimic found. I’ll edit it so it’s clear.

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Got the Hoard Mimic battle on my third Boss Battle Chest after the update. I’ve had some decent luck with it since the update released. They’re definitely out there, just keep trying.


Of course the troops can be found in other ways that we didn’t know about due to the bug previously. :roll_eyes:

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Isn’t it a bug? I just don’t understand why there are so many new troops out of nowhere

New troops came out with the 6.2 update.


Oh, thanks. sorry, I just panicked)

Hey all,

These troops are the ones referred to as being apart of the pool of new Troops, these are available from Adventure chests,
Obviously excluding Dark Smith, Faerie Gobmother and Hoard Mimic.

I’ll add these to the 6.2 Patch notes thread to prevent any further confusion :sparkles:


Oh that would have been nice to know before I pulled 8 extra Ahries…


Don’t worry too much about it. I opened all the “adventure chest” keys I got and still didn’t pull any of the epic troops. I’ve burned 150k glory (7500 chests), 2500 glory keys, 1000 gem keys. Gotten 4 more copies of Ahries, but 0 copies of the moon mage. Working as intended, I’m sure.