5462 Requests Error

The game gave me a standard ‘retry connection’ error screen, I had to close it. It then refused to load past the Green Seer splash screen, twice. Third try gave me the error in the screenshot below. Fourth try worked fine and I am apparently back to normal.

You know your problem, your request limit is too low… surprising as that may sound…

[ios 9.1] I’ll see your 5462 and raise you 63 …


Same. I got a similar error on a Windows 10 PC (Steam).

Except that my number of requests was lower than yours so I am going to fold.

You see, I met this old gambler on a warm summer’s eve, on a train bound for nowhere … and he gave me some advice.


Best stay off the whiskey…

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Hey guys, this occurred because there were more players playing than our servers could handle. We’ve increased the server limits so this shouldn’t happen again.

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Happened to me just right now…

At least it has an upside knowing that the game is popular.