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5 people seeking a guild

Hello, me and four friends are looking for an active guild that finishes tasks and seals and participates in guild wars. My xbox gamer tag is Korean Jesus IX please send me a message if you would like to discuss us joining your guild.

Thank you.

Sent you a private message

What are your levels?

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94, 118, 115, 191 and 135 i believe

My guild, has room for 3 more, and we’d welcome any active players, regardless of level. We are currently ranked 177 and active in Guild Wars. No set requirements. Contribute what you can, but those who are inactive or don’t contribute are removed (hence our 3 open spots). We could make room for all 5 of you though, if you’re interested. (I can remove a couple others who haven’t been contributing much lately.)

Let me know your invite code if you’d like to come check us out! Feel free to PM me.

Forever Noob would be happy to take you all in to our guild.

We have a recruitment post here on the forums. We are rebuilding, and would love to have you join us.

Did y’all ever find a guild

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La Armada looking persons nos 172 in fue rank if hoy want please sent ljesbre its acount xbox live

Wow we need 5. Do all of you have kingdoms to level 10?

Hey, ive just set up a new guild with 3 friends and we are completing tasks together pretty quickly. We need other players to join and help rank up. Would appreciate the help.