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5.7 update

Just received it. Thank you very much!

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Always following mythstone bonus around the map and I haven’t experienced explore softlock once since the update… - big thumbs up for finally fixing this issue! Much appreciated.


@Yuri @Warlord sounds like you are both happy with the refund. :money_mouth_face: worth it?


Yes, happy now.


What traits can make potions before the game begins?

And yes in programming it is that simple. Traits or no traits.

If turn < 1
Replace potion with regular gem

I wish programming was that easy! Few issues I can think of with this:

Is this code before or after rendering? If after, this is weird for the user to see. If before, is it instead possible to just never include the potions to begin with instead of adding them to then immediately removing?

The code “replace potion with regular gem” is doing some heavy lifting. How are the potions found on the board? Does it have to be the same color and if no, what happens if the replacement results in a three or more gem match?

Ultimately, preventing potions on starting board doesn’t prevent skyfall potions giving the first turn to enemy. I would thus argue there is no reason to prevent potions on the starting board.

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always returns false, as there is no turn 0 :stuck_out_tongue:

besides, as others mentioned - even if you remove potion gems from initial board, there’s no guarantee another ones wont fall down as a follow up to explode gems traits… which still can match and give ai extra turn…

your simplistic solution in some rare cases is just invalid :man_shrugging:


I’m not going to argue an if statement to you. They are black and white. True is true, false is false. Whatever function they have that randomly select what gems are spawned can VERY easily have an if statement to reroll if it comes up as a potion.

Read above. Why would you replace it after rendering?

It’s really not…

Read above. It certainly can. I have tested it more and it is not limiting potions from spawning before the first turn but since they don’t spawn on the starting board you would have to get that 1 in 1000 game to trigger the bug again.

lol I’m not starting a programming course on these forums for you

that’s good, i dont like poor teachers… they should go and do something useful instead

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Don’t waste your time…

Has there been any update about the campaign stars?

Any idea when this is heading to Switch? (mainly, the bug fixes. I’ve had about 10 explore locks during gnome weekend :sleepy:)

I’ve still not received a single offer of Imperial Deeds so as I suspected this increase in its rate of appearance is so negligible you might as well not have bothered. We probably now have a 0.0000002% chance of these appearing instead of 0.0000001%. It would have been nice if someone could have answered my question above about what increase has been applied, but I suspect it has been deliberately ignored because it is so negligible.

I got my 3rd Imperial offer since the update today. It’s the mythic of daily deals, and I guess I’ve just been supremely lucky.

Assume it will ‘work as intended’