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5.7 update

Yeah, well I spent 1600 more gems for potions. Actually 1800, bcuz I was running out of time.

Hi folks, I have an update for you all:

The Potion of Power issue is still being worked on by the Development Team tonight (it’s currently 6pm here).

Please follow this article if you would like to be notified of updates to the issue:

I will do my best to update you as information becomes available, but I’ll leave a note for the Customer Experience Team to provide updates first thing in the morning if there’s any developments I miss over night.


I will be stisfied if the 8 potions I spent are reimbursed (1600 gems). I have screen shots showing they skill adds in combat were not there.


Would have been nice to have the issue fixed that event medals sometimes not activated for world event…

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Does anyone know which Daily Deals will be generated in the middle slot for kingdoms with the task “Upgrade kingdom to level 16”?
Will it be an Imperial Deed offer?

I found verse #4 offer in daily deals…
Looks like they are more commoon than warcoin offers…


and outside of Gnome-a-Palooza? can a gnome replace a Hero or Doom or Boss troop?

A great patch IMO. I am crossing my fingers to see a few troop buffs near Xmas time. Keep it coming!


Okay, now just give me all Verse 1 and 3 please in the offers…

Can we have some more info on this please? Is the probability of these popping up as Daily Deals going to be noticeably different? I have no Imperial Deeds left and over 25,000 chaos shards yet it is still chaos shards I am being offered in the daily deals. Can we confirm what kind of increase has been applied. Thanks

Hi everyone,

The bug with the Potion of Power has been fixed.
The team stayed back until 11pm last night to get it fixed as soon as possible.
Compensation will be sent to the affected players.
There is no need to contact Support about this as we have a list of all the affected players :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience on this one!


Please don’t release any new “heroic” gems or gimmicks if you guys can’t get it right the first time. We’d rather have nothing at all than a bugged gimmick that doesn’t get fixed until the campaign is nearly over.


Wow, please thank the team for staying so long! Don’t want that to happen often, but it’s a nice gesture every now and again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The players did up to L500 only to find out that potions doesn’t work… I feel sorry for the players. :woozy_face:

i think devs already compensate them, if they are not satisfied, let them talk, otherwise let’s not dig this further.

I just hope this incident only happen this time
crosses finger

When will we be reimbursed for wasted gems?

How about the compensation for 8 weeks of AI getting first turn?

Still blown away it took you that long to simply disable potion gems from appearing until after the first turn…

As mentioned in the article, the affected players will be compensated. Our priority was first fixing the bug, now we can work on compensation next.


The fix involved more than just reducing the chance of potions appearing on the first screen. There are traits that explode gems before the first turn, or potions of explosions, which can still lead to potions falling before the first turn. I have verified this a handful of times, and it behaves correctly now, even when potions are destroyed in cascades before the first turn of the game. I imagine this was also necessary to resolve the issue with the “generate skulls” traits on the wyrmrun troops.

I’m not disagreeing that it should have never been released in the state it was for the past 8 weeks, but the fix was not as simple as you make it sound.


Much Thanks.