5.5 Beta Testers Wanted (Completely Fresh Beta!)

Our beta application process is open again! As before, there will be some questions to answer which are listed below. This beta will be for our 5.5 Update.

Please PM your answers to the questions below to @Nimhain. Yes, you read that right, Nimhain will be selecting our beta testers for this round, lucky you! As such, please make sure that you treat them with respect, stay on topic, and make sure each answer is no more than a few sentences long. As we typically receive a lot of applications, so please make it as quick and easy as possible. If you write essays we won’t be able to read them, unfortunately.

Same as last time, our application process will go for roughly a week, and our team will let you know when it is closed. (A week from now is the Australian Wednesday, but American Tuesday.) After this period of time the applications will be reviewed, and if you are chosen you will receive a reply. If you don’t hear anything from us you haven’t been selected for this round of the beta.

This will be a complete overhaul, so we will be selecting 10-20 testers. Previous beta testers are welcome to apply again, and we are looking forward to refreshing the beta program for 5.5.

Please be aware that at this time the beta is only open to Steam players.

Beta Questions

  • How long have you been playing the game?

  • What are your favourite game modes?

  • Do you speak any additional languages?

  • What device/s do you play on?

  • What do you think makes you a good fit for the beta?

  • Do you have anything else you want us to know?


Be sure to PM that @Wilda9282 , to be considered. I doubt Nim will be reading the thread (and following directions can’t hurt your chances at getting selected).


May be even a bar of entry.

I have kids. I give them advice and they ignore me. I hear beta testing for gow is the same thing.

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So people should stop having kids or we should stop having beta testers?

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Hmmm … or maybe stop giving advice??? :rofl:

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I have applied for this beta and submitted the form as instructed to the selector. While they may ignore my advice if I’m chosen, I would like to give them the chance to take it.

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No offense intended, but this sort of attitude will discourage people from wanting to enter the beta testing program and make the developers even more likely to ignore the feedback. If you want that feedback to be heard, which I’m certain you do, that sort of attitude doesn’t really help your case.

If you join the Beta and you give advice they do not take doesn’t mean they ignore your advice. It may mean they went with another testers advice. Just playing Devils advocate here. Some were upset things were not tested but when they offer it folks bad mouth the offer. Let’s not pre judge the offer please.


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Warum werden Endgamer in den Updates nicht ebenso berücksichtigt wie Neuzugänge ?

Thanks everyone who applied to participate in the 5.5 beta.

Nimhain will be responding to applicants within the next 48 hours to let you know if you were successful or not.

If you weren’t successful this time please do apply again next time!