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Call for Beta Testers

As mentioned a while ago, we are re working our beta program. You can read the initial announcement here.

However, we have made one major change. The beta program will now be conducted on Discord! I think this is for the best, and gives everyone me the opportunity to tailor the Discord for the sole purpose of the beta program. So, without further ado, here are our questions! Please PM your answers here, and make sure each one is no more than a few sentences long. I will be sorting through a lot of applications, so please make it as quick and easy on me as possible. If you write essays I won’t be able to read them, unfortunately. :frowning:

I will collate these over the next 2 or so weeks and let everyone know when the application process is closed. I will reply to the player’s who have been accepted after this period, and time permitting will try to reply to those who haven’t been selected.

Please be aware that at this time the beta is only open to Steam players.

Beta Questions

  • How long have you been playing the game?
  • What are your favourite game modes?
  • Do you speak any additional languages?
  • What device/s do you play on?
  • What do you think makes you a good fit for the beta?
  • Do you have anything else you want us to know?

Wait. Does this mean you aren’t just looking for PC players anymore? You want Mobile as well now?

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Don’t read it this too much, we are just curious more than anything.


Well I shared the link to my server and stated that it was only for PC players. So just wanted to make sure I wasn’t misleading folks.

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  • I play the game from 2016-10-17
  • There used to be an Arena until the hero’s experience was removed. Now Explorer and PvP (not casual)
    1. Russian.
    1. Pc and Android
    1. I like to search for bugs and errors of the game.
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May want to send your answers in a PM. I am not sure they will get accepted here. Good luck!!!


Seriously what will difference will this make , it wont improve whats currently broken in the game



  1. since 3 and a half years ( changed accounts 3 times tho -)
  2. PvP and Invasion ( Pvp is the reason i even recreated account to get the most competetive state outta the account
    3.German and English
  3. Pc
    5.Bugs that still excist , and new stuff mechanicly wise [ or old mechanics with known bug aka barabrian trait - the new Delve troop did the same mistake XD ]
  4. a lot , but allready dmed you that after my last pvp in 2019 … soooooo basically Right now im more worried how to fix the game to a heatly state or if we can ever go back to such a Thing :slight_smile:

Florian :wink:

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Please send all applications via PM. :slight_smile:


Please make sure to read how to submit. :slight_smile:


For non-native speakers (or those just not familiar with the abbreviation) - PM means Private Message (aka DM/Direct Message). Easiest way to do this is click Salty’s icon on the first post of this thread and click “Message” from there. While not explicitly stated in the original post, it would probably make Salty’s life easier if you included “Call for Beta Testers” or something similar in the title of the PM, copy the beta questions and put your responses below each.


Good to know more of you @docdeath:wink:


don’t tell them everything :rofl:


2 things

  1. Devs: “we need beta testers! Please apply via PM.”
    7 people: reply to the post publicly instead of PM. “I’ll be a great tester because I follow instructions perfectly and show attention to detail!”
    Me: face palm

  2. Yes, this game needs testers. Badly. But the other half to a successful beta program is a dev team who actually listens to the testers. I know it may be difficult but listen to what your testers have to say. It may be the only way to save your game.


Come on, Sassy…Literally it was 2 people and the others were quick enough to point that out politely.

I agree with the second point though. That’s where Hope plays a part.

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I didnt intend to be impolite. I just thought it was funny and the funny was amplified by my exaggeration.

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No problem, Sassy. I did not think it was offensive as well. Just wanted to point that small detail out. Out of my habit, I guess, as a teacher. High Five. :raised_hands:

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Personally, I don’t feel that making fun of ESL individuals for misunderstanding a post written in English is humorous in anyway. But to each it’s own I guess.

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We’ve already bêta devs and bêta translator, why not add a 3rd layer of mediocrity with bêta testers?

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Instruction reading is really the first question, isn’t it?