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5.4 Update (Patch Notes)


We have made a major technical upgrade to Gems of War so we will be able to look at supporting next gen consoles and other new hardware in future updates.

  • We have added a new type of flash offer to the game – Tiered Flash Offers

  • Tiered Flash Offers will offer 3 different types of offers at different price points, based on a shared theme. Examples of themes are the Gnome Vault, Underworld or Deeds.

  • These offers can be purchased in any order, and each have their own limit to how many times they can be purchased.

We have added in several new spell effects into the game, some of these include – new Gem Shapes on the Board, & New Color Target Types.

These will be found in spells in future troop releases.

We have a new status effect – Lycanthropy. While a troop is affected by Lycanthropy there is a chance that it will trigger and transform them into a random beast.

This status effect will feature in a future campaign, where it will play a big part in its story. For the moment, you will only be able to see it via the “Random Status Effect” that some spells and traits inflict upon enemies.

We have updated several Immunity traits to include immunity to Lycanthropy:

  • Immune

  • Fortitude

  • Undying

  • Impervious

  • Invulnerable

  • I Believe in a Higher Power – Reach Kingdom Power level 15 in 5 Kingdoms

  • Social Climber – Get a total of 300 Social Items (Emoji Packs, Portraits, or Titles)

  • The player’s Invite Code will now display on the Show Password menu.
  • Campaign Elite+ Menus will now display the total number of bonus Stars a player will earn from purchasing it (over the duration of the Campaign).

  • We have fixed an issue where the game would crash if attempting to use the back button on Android devices.

    • We had to disable the back button on Android when this issue first appeared. We have re-enabled it in the 5.4 Update.
  • We have fixed an issue where a battle would not end if the Mecha Gnome ran away when he was the last Troop.

  • We have fixed an issue where the Manage Team button would not work when playing a Delve for the first time.

  • We have fixed an issue where Banding traits were not applying correctly for each ally with an unlocked Banding trait.

This update will be available on Steam, iOS, Android, Xbox, and PlayStation. The Switch update is coming soon.


I Believe in a Higher Power is showing 0/5 for me even though I have 20 kingdoms at or above power 15. But the other new achievement popped up immediately for me.

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They added it to steam but it won’t show stats until the game is updated

But the Social Climber achievement popped up/was completed when I loaded the game. How could it be updated for only one achievement and not both?

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It’s also broken on consoles. Maybe leveling a kingdom will make it pop, but mine are maxed so I can’t check. You’d think they could make it retroactive.


Testing Lycanthropy with Essence of Evil.

That’s gonna be a pain.


I would rather cast lycanthropy on myself than on the enemy. Hard to call it a debuff…

Any ideas what this means?

No, but I would guess something like “Destroy gems in a square/triangle” for shapes.

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I think this is for the upcoming faction troops, which can target “most used Ally Mana Color” or “most used Enemy Mana Color”.

No clue on the gem shapes. Could be something crazy like “destroy left half of the board” :joy:

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Explode a chosen gem, and the gems to the left and right of that gem. (5x3)
Explode gems in a diamond pattern around a chosen gem (1-3-5-3-1)
Destroy a gem and both gems to the left and both gems to the right of it. (Villager++, 1x5)

Color targets
Destroy up to {magic/2} green and yellow gems. (dual colour)
Explode 3 brown gems. If there are more than 13 blue gems, explode 3 more red gems. (3 colour dynamics)

Disclaimer: theory-crafting not based on any spoiler/preview/code inspection!


I hope this new gem shape thing means we get Triangle Man.

Spell: Destroy gems in a triangle shape.
Trait 1: Deal double skull damage against Particle Man and Person Man


Well the game is now badly broken on ps4 from this update. 3 total game crashes playing pvp in 15 minutes. Trophy for leveling kingdoms to 15 is not achieved even though I have 14 kingdoms leveled to 15, including 2 today after the update. Please fix the game and PAY a QA staff PLEASE!!!

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Same here. I’m betting that we’re going to have to increase the power level on one of the kingdoms to trigger the achievement counter. Easy for me, because I’m still doing Classes, harder for those that are completely done. They’d have to wait till next week.

I was really hoping for more given the size of the download :pensive:

I need to stop hoping.


The power level trophy isn’t retroactive, unlocked when I upgraded a kingdom to lvl15.

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I figured it wouldn’t be when they didn’t preview stream it.

More monetization and more scaffolding.


We will have reached a truly sad point in state of affairs if the devs don’t even know that the stars column saw below is “Kingdom Power Level” and the column left to it is just “Kingdom Level”.

So I’m hoping that these reports of it not working is due to people upgrading Kingdom Levels and not Kingdom Power Levels.

Power levels usually aren’t as easy to upgrade. I for one won’t be able to until Friday at the earliest.


There is still a bug that I have had 0 war coin offers since it was introduced. I have even been playing area each day to get the 3 extra chances. This is ridiculous. I have completed all kingdoms. Not giving us those war coins is terrible.


I’m not even seeing the new achievements on xbox.

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