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5.4 Update (Patch Notes)

Anyone remember the days when an update would happen and there’d be 50 posts within the hour discussing various portions of the patch notes?


Multiple reports on Xbox including personal results of pvp match crashing, suspect it relates to new Lycanthropy status effect, but not sure.

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I gave myself Lycanthropy and it crashed the game. I’ll try replicating it. It could have been Luther’s explanation of the spell that caused the crash.

I got the Kingdom Power Level trophy/achievement to pop by spending chaos shards. It worked on both Steam version and PS5.

(I already had 5+ kingdoms at power level 15+ in both versions of the game)


It is completely disrespectful to the players who have been here since launch (6+ years and counting) and have absolutely NO WAY to obtain war coins, not even by spending real money (which I wouldn’t do for this anyway). But since the publisher now owns the studio, what reason do they have to care… at least not until the whole thing goes belly up.

Kudos for the fix things.

The rest does not excite me. It also does not annoy me. So kudos again for the fix things.

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You can add epic Keys to that list. I’d pay real money to find my 1st one.

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That’s cause all new updates are just updates to the cash shop…


They exist for new players to get for free, and for old players to get lucky and buy with Gems from daily offers or arena offers… Or spend real money on them.


10/10 best update.

In all seriousness, the patch seems small but I bet the team put in a LOT of work behind the scenes and resolved a lot of technical debt.

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Only 35 War coins have been available for free since the last update, enough to get… zero of the Warbands. They said they would be in Adventure Board tasks but the only time they have been available without Gems has been the 5.3 Login Calendar.


Idk if your statement was to correct me or what. But the key word from my quote was “new”.
New players get War Coins when they complete quest lines. Those who already have quests completed do not get War Coins.

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Yes that is the problem. They should gift players will all kingdoms complete like 100 war coins. Its only fair or there needs to be away to earn the currency in game.


They want you to buy them or use Gems.

It’s not a matter of fairness. They exist to make money. It’s a revenue source. Not a fairness source.


How can you use gems when you never get an offer? BUG. Heck, I have gotten a power orb already. 0 War coins. An achievement should not be behind a pay wall. I am going to report this to Microsoft. Also, new players get them for free. They should grandfather us.


Enough about war coins. They are not a big deal. They are random or you can buy them if you refuse to wait any longer. New players probably could use any help they can get. Maxed players can use the slot I guess. Other than that not a big deal really.

Has anyone tested the Lycanthropy effect yet? I’ve had it happen once while in a pvp battle and the effect turned the creature into a lvl 1 hawk. Of course, a creature that weak was easy to kill so I never got a chance to see how long the effect lasted.

I’ll add this here for reference of the game’s direction and add a new bullet to the list.


  • Next-gen support (nice)
  • Tiered real money flash offers
  • New spell shapes and color combos
  • Lycanthropy debuff added

Generally still following the “monetization over all else” strategy which stemmed from around the time of 4.7. I guess it’s nice to see a new debuff and some fun little spell options, but, as has become the norm, this new content would hardly be enough to warrant an update in many games in this genre.

Disappointed as usual, but hey, at least I don’t get excited for new updates anymore and my hopes don’t end up in the gutter. And hey, it’s better than 4.9.


Tested, level was unchanged after transformation.

Also: Uther seems to think 10% = 15%

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That’s so strange… Lycanthropy could sometimes be a debuff (especially in PvP to mess up synergy) and sometimes be a buff against high-leveled opponents.

Does EoE inflict it?

EDIT: Tried EoE on a lvl 7 troop on AB. Lycanthropy applied and activated, putting a level 7 beast in its place. Because after the transform, the troop is cleansed, this is a nerf to EoE.