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5.4 Update (Patch Notes)

Odd. The one in mine definitely changed to a lvl 1 creature. It was in PVP though so it may actually depend on the player’s card pool. For everything else, I guess it uses the same level? That’s disappointing if true.

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Yes, tested it through EoE, and whereas usually all 4 troops become manageable once EoE has them, it has now become a race to kill them before Lycantrophy refreshes them into a fully healed Beast.

As predicted, it would seem.
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Edited my post right as you replied. Rip EoE.

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Not enough about war coins. They are not random. They have not ever appeared. Fix it now. They should not be tied to an achievement.


BUG: “Maugrim Woods” appears during loading, over the new image of a crystalline arch.

I can’t wait for a delve with Lycanthropy (like Eldrazhor already has thanks to DE Rogue). After hacking all day at the Labyrinth, all I want now is more if this, but with my troops randomly transformed into Festival Cows and Valravens.


If nothing else, Lycanthropy should summon a troop at 1/2 the original level, in the same way other offensive “transform” spells work, like dragon’s eye, night hag, TPK, and “hexed” affixed weapons.


You know how a bunch of people hated upgrade 10 of EoE and it was always rolled into the “affixes that make weapons actively worse when you unlock them” controversy everytime anyone brings up the (still) functionally broken Doomed Club and Blade? Well, now everybody gets that but worse! No reason to complain about upgrade 10 of EoE anymore! /s

Question since this happened every other time a status was added - does Lycanthrophy apply completely last, as in, after curse, making no resistance trait other than invulnerable resist it when coming from EoE, or was the ordering correctly (as per precedent every other time this happened) updated to at least shift curse until last. Going to assume either way that it triggers after stun, meaning impervious and Fortitude (and invulnerable) are the only targets that will not get lycanthrophy and that Fortitude targets are the only targets are now ironically the most disableable targets via EoE (unless you need to refresh it).

What I find irritating about this that new features are supposed to add options, not take them away. There is very little practical way to apply Lycanthropy offensively, and it just existing greatly impacts the viability one of a handful of powerful “punch up” tools.

What I consider to be a bug in this interaction flat out is that Lycantorphy is a debuff, so clearly meant to function mostly as a downside, but it appears to currently be creating troops of the same level as the source that transforms them with all their triats. Basically, currently Lycantorphy appears to be acting as an intentional self transform (ie., werewolf or the maugrim woods faction), meaning you get to transform to the level and traits of the troop as it is in your collection (for PvE, the level and traits the troop had currently). As the intent of Lycantrophy appears to me more along the line of a forced enemy transform it makes much more sense to at least use the same mechanic of halving their level and removing all traits like every other forced enemy transform.

Balance (and fun) wise, I think lycanthrophy would be best served by having a one-turn grace period, like death mark. On the side of the status in a vacuum, it gives chance to react to being hit by it before losing a troop. On the side of Essence of Evil, it means you are at least safe from that slot randomly losing all status effects on the turn you cast it.


I’ll give the patch this: the game loaded in less than half the previous time, on my PC!

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Spending shards in any Delve will unlock the new achievement.

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as i know our beloved devs and was surprised that immune also gives now immunity to lycanthrophy, i can only hope, that they didn’t forget bless.
just saying…

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EoE on Zuul results in only Curse being applied indeed.
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I believe 10% is the mistake, and 15% is correct. During the beta lycanthropy triggered sooner, more frequently, than suggested by a 10% chance.


Lycanthropy feels like the worst debuff ever introduced. Against high level AI it’s literally detrimental to give an enemy Lycanthropy.

Also, yet another patch that has dumb microtransaction additions. Woo.


So I can’t see all 3 Flash Offers at once? I’d have to buy to see the next one?
In that case I at least appreciate that there’s a theme now to help me decide.

Just curious how popular the pet flash offer was. I got it on my main and my alt.

Is this new for you? I’ve been seeing these for a long time. It’s always been multiple in stock. I don’t think this is a tiered flash offer.


Hmmm, the next “bigger” Update with very small content, which took 3 months (work) since 5.3. Hope we get a little bit more in the future (after PQ3, Corona or whatever).
But at least nothing is getting worse (like 5.3 and 5.2…) :man_shrugging:

No. I was just curious how many people got the pet theme as their first tiered flash offer after the update.

I also noticed that my music app no longer stops playing when I open the game.

Thanks so much devs. :slight_smile: