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(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Basically Setauri with very slightly different traits. Its even using the Setauri attack picture.

If this isn’t placeholder info, they’ve given up on the game.

They often build a new troop by copying an existing troop definition, then adjusting the details over the next weeks. Keep in mind this isn’t officially released data, just some work in progress pulled from the game files by the community. Once finished, it’s unlikely to have the same spell as Forest Troll, or even one somewhat similar.


Its definitely not gonna be the same as existing. For that, they use the same stuff and call it by a different name like we wouldn’t notice its literally Behemoth’s trait *rolls eyes*.


Spoilers updated… and Rock Squid is still Forest Troll with picture and Hound of Yao Guai is still Setauri with picture.

Would it hurt to have made minimal changes like Create 3 Green Gems then **Double the number of Green Gems on the Board? Maybe not reuse pictures too?

Dripping Caverns faction troops have their spells. Its a thing, I guess.

Theme is mana generation with only 1 troop doing any sort of damage (true damage). The legendaries 3rd trait applies enrage to a random ally when an Ally casts a spell, which is actually kind of nice. Doesn’t really match the true damage, but oh well.

Rock Squid doesn’t fill the Legendary which might be good and bad. The AI can’t go off with it, but it also does nothing for your team. You still might have to run it just to be a front line troop.

Ochre Jelly making 8 skulls is not going to be reliable.

Cloakmantle is likely going to destroy blue gems in the boss room. Is that good? shrug

Other new troops:

Trait #3: Rain of Spines
Bleed a random Enemy when matching Green Gems.

Regent Khalif
Trait #3: Dao’s Puppet
25% chance to summon the Dao when I die.

Ulf Harrigan

Trait #1: Knight Bond
Allied Knights gain 2 Life.

Trait #2: Armore
Reduce damage from Skulls by 25%.

Trait #3: True Banding
Gain 1 to all my Skills for each Ally with a Banding Trait.

So it gains … 3 to all skills one time. yawn. Maybe if it was per turn, that’d be something.


Blue, Green, Purple
Trait #1: Fey Bond
Allied Fey gain 2 Life.

Trait #2: Nature Link
Gain bonus Green Mana from Green Gem matches.

Trait #3: Enchanted Vines
Entangle and Faerie Fire a random Enemy when matching Green Gems.

No spell so far. 3rd trait is okay I guess. Might be too late for Yasmine’s Chosen to be in love with this thing. Gobtruffle? haven’t used it since the nerf. Maybe Beetrix?


Essencia great disturbance in the Force.

Spirit Augury
Summon 1-3 Dragon Spirits. If there was already a Dragon Spirit in my team, give on a random Skill to all Allies.

Mana Color: Blue, Yellow
Mana Cost: 15

Trait #1: Dragon Bond
Allied Dragons gain 2 Life.

Trait #2: Song of Light
Summon a Lightstorm at the start of Battle.

Trait #3: Dragon Seer
All Dragon Allies start with 50% Mana.

First thoughts: Its long overdue, but dragons are finally getting a 50% start. Second thoughts: Its not getting Captain Macaw’d. Hurray?

A troop has Lycanthropy. It has a 10% chance to transform into a random Beast each turn until the effect wears off.

Yeah, there’s no excitement behind any of the new troops being released. If anyone else spots something interesting, go ahead and post it.

Hell Gate/Maugrim Woods is the next faction, on April 30th.

7 [ACHIEVEMENT_TECHNICAL_1_DESCRIPTION] Reach Kingdom Power level 15 in 5 Kingdoms
8 [ACHIEVEMENT_TECHNICAL_1_TITLE] I Believe in a Higher Power
9 [ACHIEVEMENT_TECHNICAL_2_DESCRIPTION] Get a total of 300 Social Items (Emoji Packs, Portraits, or Titles)
11 [ACHIEVEMENT_TECHNICAL_TROPHIES_DESCRIPTION] Additional trophies for the Technical Update

Some people are going to love having to get level 15 kingdoms. This more or less implies that there’s going to be more Achievements tied to level 15 kingdoms in the future. Have fun

In unrelated news, I heard EA canceled Anthem Next yesterday. Live Service games are great, amirite?


I mean, I’ll take fast-start dragons. Sign me up.

Lycanthrophy just looks like a backdoor nerf to Essence of Evil. And otherwise looks annoying if it can function on the first turn it was inflicted.

Unless its a buff. Then its a huge (and unnecessary) nerf to Reflections of Good.


Just wanted to point out that it says power level which is different than kingdom level, and much easier to achieve :wink: The only real hard part is 1 pet to mythic, which is why I started catching up on Factions/Delves. Many of my kingdoms are now pet locked @ power 16.


New mythic, The Archdeva, has a one cast only ability: Choose an Ally. Give them [(Magic x 2) + 1] Attack, Life and Armor, and fill their Mana.

The game says I have 37 Magic (8 base, 23 Kingdom, 4 Guild Bonus, 1 Renown). Then there is 12 Magic from 3x Medal of Nysha, and other Magic sources like from Campaign, unique troop bonuses, etc.

All told, it will be somewhere between 110 and 120 Attack/Life/Armor that you give to a troop, if you have max magic in the game, and it fills their mana. It’s a Divine/Human, and it costs 20 mana. So you can start it with 8 mana using Divine Ishbaal (40% for Divine troops), or at 10 mana with Holy St. Astra (50% for Human troops).

So… what are you going to cast it on? Possibly Gaard’s Avatar. It uses Red, Yellow, and Purple, whereas Gaard’s Avatar uses Red, Yellow, and Brown. Because Gaard’s Avatar isn’t Human, it would start at 0 mana, but that wouldn’t matter because Archdeva would fill it with her cast.

However, the main problem is that he would be color-blocking Red and Yellow, and Mercy transforms purple to yellow, not what you want.

Empowered options are: Grave Seer (green to purple), Lamashtu (yellow to purple), and Herald of Damnation (blue to purple).

THAT SAID… I don’t think it would be a terribly bad idea to actually put Archdeva right in front of Gaard. That will allow you to fill her considerably faster, because then you can transform anything you want to either red, purple, or yellow (and actually, it would probably be better because you don’t want a purple converter after you cast her, since you won’t need purple anymore).

The only downside is that you’ll have to wait for her to die to get any benefit out of the massive attack you’re giving Gaard. However, the reason you would cast it on Gaard is for all the Armor (120 armor would be 60 additional damage to all enemies).

Not that it’s necessary, but I’m curious about using Archdeva in a delve.

Ketras 10 char


Shhhh… The troop still hasn’t been released. Plenty of prenerf time.

This thread is basically the cliff notes to the designers so they don’t have to actually have knowledge of the game.

(As always, I’ll delete if you will. :grinning:)


Either it was changed or I just read Archdeva wrong before. Seems a tad more useful in this form… not gonna say what I remembered in case the fun police get any questionable ideas

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Re: Dripping Caverns

Lack of precision control is a bummer that makes me not look forward to this one. Though there’s true damage and proper skull reduction, and no godawful gimmick (glares at Labyrinth) so it could be worse I spose.

Rock Squid

for pure faction?

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If this is what is upsetting you, then well… I’ve got some bad news for you. You might want to take a seat and get either a hard drink or your antacid of choice on-hand.

As you are citing Taran’s, the website has populated with the next campaign’s kingdoms and impact on power levels. There’s a number of kingdoms that will pass Power 20 this coming campaign. However, there is this sobering piece of information about the focus kingdom of the campaign. As snipped,



A brief rundown of the major hurdles to reach Power 24:

  • 2 Kingdom Mythics (Voice of Orpheus, Flame of Anu, and the new Campaign mythic Dao)
  • 3 Maxed Kingdom Pets (Manticub, Cactnid Kid [faction], Uncalico Jack [cosmetic], Lamplet [upcoming campaign cosmetic], +2 potential undated cosmetics assigned to Leonis)
  • 5 troops ascended to Elite level bronze
  • Leonis raised to Level 16.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first kingdom that reaches a Power level where Books of Deeds become a wall to obtain Power Stars. It’s almost a safe bet that the campaign pass this time around will feature blue Books of Deeds (Leonis’s kingdom stat color) to bypass this hurdle. Otherwise, the cost is 100 Blue Deeds to ascend from Level 15 to Level 16 for free campaign pass players. Even if those players somehow eventually gain a copy of The Emperor card and craft Dao in the Soulforge, that 100 deed giant wall is still going to be there waiting for those players.

But wait, there’s one more thing …

For the players that clear these hurdles and reach Power 24, there’s that pesky maintenance task to keep the Daily Deal board clear of potential not-a-bug daily offers. So, that brings Power 25 requirements into play.


Now, are we having fun, yet?


Thanks for bringing this up — I’m still 400 medals or so away from having 10 silver troops in all kingdoms (I know Idle’s basically done with his troops, so this isn’t a barrier for him), but now I’ll be sure to fast-track Leonis Empire.

Now here’s to hoping I get enough Imperial Deeds between now and then to actually make Level 16 possible :grimacing:

(Also maybe I’ll need to look and see if that’s actually worth doing — there might not be enough benefit, if there’s not a stat point attached :joy:)

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Did the kingdom stars requirement change or are you combining levels?

As an end gamer I don’t see what’s so daunting about any of that. If the troops (and unreleased pet) were available I could have the Kingdom at 24 stars right now. And the 24 stars is designed for…end gamers exclusively.

So would this be the first case of devs not keeping their promise that cosmetic pets wouldn’t be needed for kingdom power?

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Between now and then, they must have another Leonis Empire (not cosmetic) pet due for release.

I think it was (briefly) a problem before, but then that was fixed by making faction pets belong to their kingdoms.

So, yes? Sort of? If nothing else changes between now and then.

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Do I have a problem with it? Not at all.

In fact, I feel its a safe bet that I have more progress in the game than you.

Do I know the type of people are still playing catch up and would have a hard time with filling out their entire mythic collection? (KPL 10). Oh, but everyone has mythics that aren’t new players!

Do they then have a level 20 pet to KPL 13? And then do they have time to raise a bad class to level 40? KPL 15

Then do this 5 times?
10 times for another achievement?
15 times for another achievement?
20 times? 20+ mythics?

Ya know, I don’t think those players have KPL 24 is on their radar.

Earlier pets were way easier to max out when it was new and people were excited and the pet pool was smaller. Nowadays, good luck. It sucks finding a specific one.

Meanwhile I’m sitting pretty for KPL 24 when it comes around.

But hey, if they make a KPL 20/25 achievement for 5+ Kingdoms, I’ll be saying the same things I am now.