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5.3 Update out in the Amazon App Store

Well, it looks suspiciously like this is going to be yet another update that focuses on the cash shop. Word has it that shrines cost $10 to collect, which would just be another flash offer, except that you have to play some battles first to receive it. And going by datamined strings, Warbands is about buying booster gashas, you pay for some random upgrades. Sure, it might not turn out as bad. There’s been zero previews from the devs though, which the past months have taught us to expect something that’s not going to be received well.

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Oh no, I hope this isnt a paid for thing. Please no. I do spend money but things like this should not be behind a pay wall.

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I can confirm that the shrine is as expected but the value of the shrine is different depending on the account level you have. For example on our baby alt account it offered 20,000 gold and a minor orb of chaos for $1.99. The more upgraded alt was offered 100,000 and 2 major orbs for $9.99. This may be random and could also be different each day.

There was also an arena update that should make some players happy. You can now select the troops in reverse order, so the Epic troop is selected first. The other nice update is that you can reroll at the end of the selections if you aren’t happy with the team setup. I haven’t noticed anything else updated yet and as for the Warband I’m not sure what that will be.

My two cents which will probably be lost in the forum couch is that this update has a nice arena update, but probably won’t move the needle for most players with anything else. It’s not a total cash grab but does bring gems more in line with other games of the gacha genre. Things like the campaign, ads, daily offers, and this new shrine update are all copy and paste features from other games. Gems is just a little late to the party.

The biggest outstanding questions I have going forward.

  1. Warbands and how do they work? Could be another offer situation like the shrine but with troops, which is where it seems to be leaning.

  2. Direction going forward after this update

2020 has been the year of catch up for gems in my opinion. Playing some other games of this genre already It was surprising gems got away with being as F2P as they were for soo long. A few theories on this are that the dev team has changed and thus the direction of the game has changed. The publisher is trying to milk gems for everything it’s worth. According to the financial statement from Digital Bros, Gems is doing very well and making them money so my guess is they will want to keep going down that path until the money stops coming in. Of course the pandemic could be to blame for some of the updates not being as massively game changing, but since there is no gems roadmap from the development team, we will never know for sure if this was updates as planned, or things got pushed.

As a F2P this update doesn’t affect me one bit. Sure there are more offers but they aren’t in your face and unlike most other games they don’t do a half dozen pop up offers every time i log in. Pvp/explore are still unlimited play and unless that changes, I can’t see a F2P not being ok with these cash grab updates. They still have not paywalled anything even though some of the campaign troops/weapons are now time walled a bit. A great example of this is I already crafted enraged kurandara but still don’t have regular kurandara lol. Thankfully none of those mythics are meta changing so It’s only my FOMO that get’s a hit and not my actual account health.

TL;DR Update doesn’t seem horrible. Little cash grabby, but brings it more in line with other games. Not intrusive but won’t make the players who have been looking for a big content update happy. Arena got some nice updates. Still not sure where Warband comes into play.


i only read this part and I agree :smiley:

we’ll see how Warband fare…

i like the arena change

$10 for 2 Major Growth orbs and some gold would make even EA games look at y’all like you’re cray cray.

As governments try to ban these loot box type practices… Why is Gems of War trying to adopt them more and more? It’s idiotic.

$10 for 2 Guaranteed Major Ascension Orbs (not a great deal imo) (but at least not a loot box screw the player over tremendously bad deal) however would be a different story.


If this were a one-off thing, I’d be totally fine with it. Games like this absolutely need to make money, and GoW is still comparatively f2p-friendly. But let’s take a look at the updates we’ve been getting for a long time now.


  • Modified the awful Arena to an Arena that is, at best, slightly more playable, and at worse, less playable

  • New Arena event which most people can’t stand and is a huge time sink

  • Flash offers for doing this time-sink, tiny reward gamemode


  • New kingdom upgrades which are ridiculously expensive, allowing them to incentivize paying for new Book currency


  • Campaigns comprised of time/resource sink and little/no reward for f2p players

  • Temporarily paywalled Mythics, pets, weapons, etc

  • Notably, this obvious time/resource/money sink was the only notable feature for the “major” 5.0 update


  • Daily deals

  • Shop adjustments

  • Again, these are the only notable features of this update


  • World Events, which everyone LOVES! Right…?

  • Less of the old, boring events which no one likes, such as Tower of Doom… sarcasm intensifies


  • Epic Tasks

4.6 - the last update I was really excited for

  • New Explore system

  • Medal system

  • Elite levels

Point of this list being that few, if any, of the last several updates have had much meat to them. It’s been very much focused on making players pay with their time, resources, and cash.

Hearing that 5.3 is no different is a letdown. An expected letdown, but a letdown nonetheless.


Looks pretty disappointing overall if there’s nothing here for F2P.

The less that’s available for F2P, the less everyone gets…

And if I understand correctly — what’s with this model of “We’ll allow you the privilege of spending real money, but only if you earn the right first”? Uh, yeah — no thanks at all. Hard pass.


IMO it’s an improvement over the model of “We’ll let you to spend money right away, but then you’ll have to work hard to get the things you already paid for” that is campaign.


and I might add to that, that you might to cash in extra gems/$ as a new player, if you lack troops to finish some campaign tasks (like lvl 110 delves). So, that’s a double privilege, right there…

That isn’t a loot box. Loot boxes are when you pay real money for a chance at something. If you know what you’re getting, 2 major growth orbs and gold in your example, it’s not a loot box.

Equivalent for GoW would be paying money for keys.

This is what confuses me about the arena and offers at the end. You play a game mode and only then get a chance of buying something? (Ok, technically, you’re spending gems and not real dollars, but gems are the real world currency.) And the offer may not even be a good one. This is what rubs me wrong about the arena really. It should instead give you a reward for completing it, not a chance to spend money.

You’re right. But 2 Major Chaos Orbs is a loot box.

You don’t know what you’re getting. Imo that’s the worst case scenario. It’s ending up with 2 Major Growth Orbs.

You’re combining my points… When they are two separate points.


I made the mistake of starting the game on my amazon tablet today because I didn’t realize there was any reason not to. I haven’t tried the arena yet, but the new “temple” is totally broken for me. All the text is broken, including the tutorial text, and the external link it directs me to doesn’t even exist. Yay. And now I can’t use the Steam version, which is where I normally play.


That sucks man.

Well hopefully Amazon’s mistake will just mean that the devs allow all the clients that have already approved the 5.3 Patch… Like Google and Steam…most likely Microsoft and maybe Sony… To start rolling out early as well… And then iOS users will just have to have to wait until iOS literally says okay.

It would be nice to have the QoL arena changes before an Arena weekend rather than right after. And I severely doubt they are waiting on pushing out the patch just for Saltys preview stream for 5 minutes Worth of content changes.

I can’t help but wonder… Given how many mistakes Infinity Plus 2 and 505 Games makes with Gems of War… How upset they are at Amazon right now for pushing the patch out earlier than planned.
But given how many typos are made on the forums a lone. I’m 90% sure Amazon was told the wrong date. 🤷
Sorry if that seems unfair… But that’s what track record earns you.

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Hello everyone! At this point we are still planning on releasing the other updates next week. We aren’t the ones that control the precise moment an update deploys, so we are looking into this issue now. We are also doing what we can to minimise any issues with Amazon being on the 5.3 Update early.

As mentioned above, be careful when using your account across an Amazon device and Steam, Android, or iOS. You will be locked out of your account that is unable to be on 5.3 after updating on an Amazong device and using your account on Amazon Fire. This isn’t something we believe we can fix prior to the 5.3 Update releasing next week on our other platforms, but if this changes we will let you know.


Can you please not release these updates on GWs weeks? Or am I asking for too much?


Since it’s already released for Amazon, delaying it for other devices will just punish players who accidentally already got the patch and can’t switch to another device.

I know some people loves their GWs, but as GW brackets are still broken for most guilds, meh. GW is a wasted week. Sorry GW lovers don’t kill me I love you I’m going to hide now bye.


Where possible we do our best to ensure updates aren’t released during GW weeks, but we don’t always have a choice.

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Thanks for the reply. Nothing much to say, if you can’t choose the update release dates.

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That was a general question actually, considering past incidents. It’s probably too late for this one.

Anyway, it’s ok to not like GWs, you don’t have to hide… unless you’re my opponent next week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Must be extra fun for those who paid for the ‘campaign’ pass, and now find themselves stuck in limbo, possibly unable to get their full rewards if they had postponed some tasks for whatever reason.

:relaxed: :vulcan_salute: