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Guild wars froze 4-6-2021

Steam, PC and Windows 10:


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was fighting with my green team and i was winning, then the whole fight screen just froze and some of the screen flickered, I had to shut the whole game down and restart, but now it shows i lost that fight and had to replay it to win

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
this has only happened one other time over 1-2 years ago, and it just happened after my turn
Steps to make it happen again
I fought them again and no issue, I won like I was going to the first time


Same happened with me.

That is exactly what I was reporting several days back and it happened today again for my while doing my daily delve leveling… for the same reason I didn’t start my GW today because I was afraid this might happens.

Where is the fix Developers? I hope you guys working on it. It is unfair that you lose your progress due to bug issues in the game. @Saltypatra

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Sorry mate.

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LOL This happened when I won my last Guild Wars battle today. I was about to take a frozen/locked-up loss and then, it unlocked. LOL

Same happened to me, right in the middle of GW, causing me to lose a fight. It seems Essence of Evil is the issue.

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Same thing happened to me today during gw and a few others in my guild. I was using EoE during the match it froze on so i believe that it is causing the problem. Other guildmates were also using EoE. Game froze for a few seconds then just closed up and went straight to homescreen with no warning. Im on xbox.

Simple fix. Cancel and rewrite Campaign 5, and remove Lycanthropy from the game as it’ll no longer be needed.

I’m having the same issue along with a few of my guild mates. Playing GW, started my first battle, game crashes, and I get back in to see that first battle is recorded as a loss. Aggravating!! Also, I was NOT using Essence of evil.