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Lycanthropy's design purpose

No coincidence that Puzzle Quest 3 and Lycanthropy were released within the same month.
(Still no official announcement of the early access on the forums to link to a date.)

It’s clearly a marketing technique to divert you from one IP to another IP temporarily to boost it’s initial interest numbers. (Gems of War is profitable enough, it can take the dip in numbers.)

So the best thing you can do to dissuade from this type of manipulation is to just embrace the suck. Endure the brokeness that Lycanthropy is and do your best to enjoy the rest of Gems of War. Continue to pretend that Puzzle Quest 3 doesn’t even exist. (Because even giving it a try rewards their bad behavior.)

And be a player, not a payer until their quality of testing before release is worth your patronage. Though I won’t judge or scold anyone who continues to spend money in Gems of War. Quitting the game literally makes no difference in terms of feedback to the devs. Loss in revenue is a much different story. There’s 10k reasons players could quit a game after a patch. A severe drop in spending post patch is much easier to correlate to a patch.