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Welcome to the beginning of the end folks. Now there’s no way to keep up with the whales no matter how much time you put in each day. These aren’t timesavers, they’re blatant pay to win offers. May as well just sell stat points for $50 each.

I doubt this game will last more than another year or two. More and more quit every week.


I have never seen an offer like this, even with an error. It is just strange.

But let’s keep up the hope.

I question some days why I still play, and I have thousands and thousands of hours in this game. The astonishing greed of the developers is disheartening, but not surprising.




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I’ll take that bet only because we got people here crying about this game for years now and they’re still here.

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To answer the subject title…
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this is absolutely disgraceful !! I am feeling ashamed right now to be associated with this game.

GoW had always stood out at one point as not putting unfair progression content behind $$$. (paying for items that would give you an advantage over other that they cant get for free).

when IDs appeared in random offers. This crossed a huge line. now certain lucky players could be stronger than anyone else in the game. i dont fully consider the $10 campaign mythic to be in this boat since this is “earlier released” for money. but IDs isnt “earlier”, the player gets a permanent boost over others, as in the “later” situation they also get that ID.

now putting IDs straight into $$ directly. wow. This game can now officially be called P2W now. the player with $$ can have a direct advantage over free to play players.


Really? You feel ashamed? Do you feel ashamed enough to delete the game?

And now boys and girls. It’s time for @Denthegod solutions for life’s ailments.

Don’t like the weather? Don’t go outside.
Don’t like your food? Stop eating.
Not enjoying an episode of your favorite TV show? Blow up your TV.
Stub your toe on your coffee table? Chop off your foot.
Have an issue with Gems of War monetization? Uninstall the game.

And that was @Denthegod 's weekly solutions for life’s ailments.


Hey, I’m just trying to help the poor guy out. I mean, he feels ASHAMED, bro. ASHAMED!


It’s mymoneystayinginmywallet is what it is :innocent:


I’m ashamed of the government sometimes. I don’t move out of the country. I’m ashamed of my kids’ behavior sometimes. I don’t put them up for adoption.


Yeah but this is just a video game. You can just delete it with a push of a button. It’s like that commercial says: set and forget it.

If a game is causing you genuine and repeated stress/shame/anger/etc, I agree it’s best to uninstall. It’s just a game. It’s meant to be for fun. If it’s not fun, stop playing. So many actual addicts keep playing games, smoking, doing drugs, etc, despite negative consequences, despite not having fun or enjoying it anymore, and that’s a problem.

However, disagreeing with certain parts of the game or being upset about certain things, as long as it doesn’t cause major/repetitive stress, isn’t necessarily a reason to leave the game entirely. I mean, I don’t think most people will entirely agree with everything ANY company does. As long as it’s not a major stressor or moral predicament, I think it’s okay to disagree with certain aspects and keep playing and enjoying the game.


I understand if someone is irked with an aspect of the game. I myself have been irked with this game plenty of times. The other guy, however, said he’s actually ashamed of the game. All I’m saying is if something about the game gets to you so much where you’re actually feeling ashamed maybe, just maybe you might want to stop playing. If you’re gonna feel ashamed about it then don’t do it. It’s weird. I don’t even know why I even needed to explain that.

The point is that nobody wants to hear your “advice” to just delete the game instead of being able to express displeasure with a particular aspect.


Being ashamed is a whole lot more than merely expressing displeasure.

So, putting two and two together from the Deed multi-tier flash offer, we should be expecting direct cash sales for mass amounts of high-value treasures during New Faction Weekends (possibly even on weekly Faction Tuesdays, given that there were already direct cash sales for Mythic treasures) and direct cash sales for Epic Vault Keys on Vault weekends.

Fun times ahead. /s

Dozens of items in the regular shop was not enough for them
Adding daily deals was not enough for them
Adding ad revenue was not enough for them
Adding shrines was not enough for them
Adding warcoins was not enough for them
Adding campaign subs was still not enough for them

Now they basically selling stat points. Any argument that existed before that gow wasn’t p2w is now over. Now they’re just like every other greedy ftp game on the market. Guaranteed they have more shrines and warcoin style cashgrabs planned for the near future as well as adding more crap to the elite+ pass.

This is how every ftp game dies, they keep squeezing and squeeze harder and harder towards the end till there’s nothing left. I hope it was worth it Steve.