5.1 Update

Will anything be done to make getting common gnomes more common? It is near impossible to max them without orbs, and getting any new one becomes increasingly harder since they all share the same drop table.

There was mention in the past in a dev Q&A streamt that a difficulty update would add more copies of them into the game, as in betting multiple per key for higher difficulty, but this patch doesn’t adress it in any way.


2 new trophies:

  • Sparkle Gnomies” : Win a Epic Vault Battle
  • General Knowledge”: Unlock 500 troops

Really excited about the gnome tracker — guaranteed keys in addition to the luck-based drops! Exciting :partying_face:

Is anyone saving their Vault Keysfor Heart of Rage , or are people just spending to get the daemon gnome (and do we maybe assume Heart of Rage is only in Epic Vault Keys anyway…?)

Worried about the deed-costs of the new levels, but chuffed to see mythstone bonuses (feel like there should be more, actually — not sure more faction stat bonuses at that point are really a lure, since the people who can afford them are probably able to complete many of their factions in other ways, but :man_shrugging:) in there. LOVE the QOL fixes, especially making UI elements more streamlined.

First impressions: me like-y :kissing_heart:

Just hoping it stays that way when I actually see the update in-practice when I next log in :joy:


Gnomes were always a major blue sink, and should remain a vanity troop for those with too much loot, as it serves no real purpose at mythic anyways.


Wanted to jump in with a quick answer to whether you need to wait for Daemon Gnomes to enter the rotation…

You don’t! <3

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We’re testing a fix for this right now, thanks.


Thanks for that! There is a screenshot above confirming it, too :wink::heart:

Question with a potential spoiler (I’m also going to blur this above, as I got the spoiler thread purple mixed up with the official news purple):

Will Heart of Rage also be available? Or will it be joining the drop table soon?

It should be after the campaign ends, hopefully…


No troop or weapon changes? Again?

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I’m very happy with the vault improvements. I haven’t had a vault key drop from a gnome in months before I quit and in the last 3 weeks since I came back so that tracker is great for me and it will make me play a lot more during vault weekends.

I couldn’t care less about the new kingdom levels. All my kingdoms are at level 10 and I don’t even have enough of any deeds to upgrade any kingdoms.


Can we earn Epic Vault Keys in (normal) vault battles?




I’m going to keep my vault keys for Heart of Rage and whatever that may end up crafting, but I like to QoL! This also gives a bit more of a point to the Free Pass, which I like.

Certainly a step in the right direction!


I don’t see Books of Deeds in either pass at the moment; are they not in the rewards yet?

Maybe it’s just my game, but I can’t find the spoils of war glory packs.

I just was able to get on as I didn’t have internet and didn’t buy any for this week. I checked the usual spots and it isn’t there.

Was it removed or is it a minor shop bug?


50!? Why? It’s not even that good, Zuul’s is better and costs far less…

its best not to take gnome troops too seriously


It’s in the Resources tab in the Shop.

It also disappears if you’ve already bought all 10 of your weekly allotment. Ah sorry, missed that bit.

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