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40,000 Trophies

How bout doing speed testing and checking those numbers for yourself. Just because you can’t do that amount, doesn’t mean others can’t. Not to mention these are on two different platforms if I’m not mistaken. Let’s not forget these runners are just now getting to use the double trophy method where I know multiple older runners before 2020 that did this similar record run in the 20k range. It’s very possible legitimately, it just takes time, effort, and of course speed.

I’ve streamed with jefferson and he is one of the more intelligent players I’ve ever played with. I make fun of the trophy hunters, but I rarely discredit them outright just because I wouldn’t be able to do it for as long as they have.


Being accused of hacking when your not is awesome :slight_smile:


You know I was in a guild with Buttstallion for months before I moved to SoA. a lot of the time I’m grinding I’m actually talking to him in discord as well… I play 100% mobile and voicechat with people on discord while i grind.


i personally do ~450T/hour. ive watched people do as high as 500T/hour but in an unsustainable way.

let me be very clear. 450+T/hour using the methods im personally aware of is not taking a drink, not eating, getting up to pee, or typing anything on discord. its full focus time. i could maybe do 3-4 hours of this in a day but certainly not the next day. ide say 400T/hour is fairly sustainable while watching nextflix or something. but… we are talking about more than 14 hours per day of that level of intensity. maybe someone is crazy enough to do that for 1 week, but multiple weeks of 20K+ trophies in a row… com’on. thats #1 not something to brag about, and #2 highly suspicious.


Don’t worry man, there are always going to be players who just assume others are hacking. I think it’s great what you accomplished and you should be proud, especially for being on a console(I assume that you were on a console right?).

Xbox 1 Yes

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Yeah, I wouldnt trust Xbox if I were you, a ton of trainers possible through windows.

Innocent until proven guilty. I’ve know multiple record holders who’ve gone to crazy lengths to play for the record so I would never dismiss it outright. Of course there are cheaters in the game, but I stand by jefferson. I can’t speak for MaddFrost, but he seems very legit as well and I wouldn’t just accuse a player of cheating without actual evidence.

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I am just telling you that everything indicates that something has been going on due the large numbers. IMO 40k trophies a week is plain BS impossible to do. Heck even at 20k trophies you do be nearly be dead by not getting enough of sleep or other stimulus. Then imagine 40k trophies. Wake up ButtStallion.

Can confirm 400 an hour is possible. We have trophy races in The Unforgiven occasionally, and multiple people can do around 500 an hour.

But it is pretty boring to do the 400/hour for 100 hours out of the week shown above, in my opinion, which is why I don’t do it, myself :joy:

But 100 hours of Phoenicia across 7 days? Easily doable if one does nothing but play while awake (14-15 hours), and sleeps for 5-6-ish hours only. Leaves about an hour a day for making ramen and :poop:ing out said.

Would I take a week of vacation to make Gems my OT job? No.

But whatever swirls one’s soft serve :rofl:

(I do agree that, if this happens week after week, I wonder how that’s sustainable; I’d be way too bored or have no money before too long, personally)


I just love how you say it’s impossible when I’ve literally seen at least 3 other players do the exact same amount.(20k with the 1 trophy runs). One was a very well know record holder, Flo. Not to mention he even documented the whole thing.


I missed out on this part.


How do you get 500 in an hour? I need the secret :wink:

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Imagine being so terrible at a match 3 game you have to accuse people of cheating :rofl:


Our players have similar figures.
400-500t / hour is doable but can’t be sustained forever.
Playing 18 hours one day to break a record is doable. Doing it every day is not.
Getting 40K one week is doable with some preparation and a very good organisation and schedule. But that is not something that can be done week after week.


Imagine being that terrible at a match 3 game that you have to cheat to be #1 at something


this guy eh?


Smash whats your record lol

Git Gud Bruh.

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It’s a little less than that, I think. The record might be like 476 — I’d have to look it up to be sure. I just said “around” because I wasn’t sure, but knew it was over 450.

My personal best is well under, I can assure you — I don’t think I’ve ever broken 400, though I did run a race back when Scorpius still worked in Urskaya :joy:

And like I said, it’s during one-hour races — people do nothing else but focus and Phoenicia to get those kind of numbers. I have no idea if anyone would do it for 14 hours straight, let alone 7 days of that, in my guild :man_shrugging:

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