4.7 Update (Patch Notes)


  • We have introduced 6 new Guild tasks, Epic Guild tasks. These Epic Guild tasks are separate from the existing Guild tasks, and will not be replacing them.

  • Epic tasks will cost more than the base Guild Tasks, and give rewards in line with Legendary Tasks (i.e. for every 1,000,000 Gold spent on Epic Tasks, you should receive the equivalent rewards to a single Legendary Task). They will also include resources specifically of use to mid-and-end-game players, including access to the much-sought-after Deeds (via Writs – see below for an explanation). The rewards, and costs of Epic Tasks have had their numbers tweaked during development after consultation with, and feedback from, the community (thanks, everyone!).

  • When an Epic Task tree is completed it will give a Skill point bonus identical to a base Guild Task of the same color.

    • Blue Epic Task – 4 Armor
    • Green Epic Task – 4 Life
    • Red Epic Task – 3 Attack
    • Yellow Epic Task – 4 Life
    • Purple Epic Task – 2 Magic
    • Brown Epic Task – 4 Armor
  • The Guild Task list is now slidable so players can navigate between all the 12 different Tasks. The game will default the list to the first non-completed task in the list (similar to Challenges), to make it easier for Guilds to see which Tasks have not yet been completed.

  • Epic Tasks have a flair so they are easy to identify from base Guild Tasks.

  • Guilds will be able to set the priority across all 12 Tasks in the Guild Admin menu.

  • Guilds will need to complete all 12 Guild Task Trees to reach Legendary Tasks.

  • During the week that the 4.7 update is released, the Epic Tasks will be marked as completed for all Guilds, so any Guild that has already achieved Legendary Tasks for the week will not lose this progress.

  • Writs are a new resource that players can collect which can be used to craft Deeds.

  • Players can earn Writs from completing the Green Epic Guild Task or completing the Writ Adventure Task (which will appear randomly in the Adventure Board – it is an Ultra-Rare task).

  • Players will find 7 new recipes in the Soulforge for using their Writs to craft any of the six different colored Deeds or an Imperial Deed. These recipes will also require Souls, and Jewels (the Jewel required changes depending which type of Deed the player is crafting).

  • We have increased the player Guild Seal cap from 1,500 to 2,000.

  • When a player uses an Orb of Clans or Major Orb of Clans, it will now raise the player’s Guild Seal cap based on the amount the Orb of Clan gives (similar to how purchasing Guild Shop bundles would raise a player’s Guild Seal cap).

  • We have also changed the Seal Reward for “Perfect Arena Run” to “Complete a Delve” (this applies to a Delve of any level).

    • We have made some changes to Delves to help players who are on high Delve levels go back to do a lower-level Delve (see General below).
    • Arena is getting a rework in a future update, so we have removed the Arena Run task in preparation for this.

We have made changes to the Guild Shop bundles to make them better for Guild of all sizes. The new Guild bundles will become available after weekly reset next week (to allow everyone time to update to the 4.7 Update).

  • The Guild Shop bundle prices and one-per-week limit have not changed, they will continue to be the same as they previously were.

  • We have removed the Guild Chest Keys given to all Guild Members but increased the amount of Gem Guild Gifts given to replace these Keys.

  • The Guild Hero Bundle now contains:

    • 10,000 Gold
    • 1 Orb of Clans
    • 4 Guild Gifts
  • The Guild Champion Bundle now contains:

    • 200 Gems
    • 25,000 Gold
    • 2 Orb of Clans
    • 7 Guild Gifts
  • The Guild Elite Bundle now contains:

    • 1 Pet Gnome Bait
    • 500 Gems
    • 60,000 Gold
    • 4 Orb of Clans
    • 15 Guild Gifts
  • Pet Gnome Bait is a new collectible that will guarantee the Player receives a Pet Gnome in their next PvP battle. It does not need to be activated – it automatically baits a Pet Gnome in the very next PvP Battle.

  • The Pet Gnome encountered by using Pet Gnome Bait cannot run away, so player’s don’t have to worry about him disappearing (he’s called the Baited Pet Gnome).

  • If a Pet Rescue is triggered while another Guild Member is fighting their Baited Pet Gnome, then the Pet Gnome bait is not consumed. The Baited Pet Gnome must trigger a Pet Rescue before it will be consumed.

  • If an existing Pet Rescue is already running before the player can play a PvP battle, the Baited Pet Gnome will not appear, and the bait will not be consumed.

  • Any Pet Gnome Bait a player owns will stack so if a player is unable to use it one week they will not miss out on the Pet Gnome Bait if they purchase the pack again.

  • We have added new Guild unlockables for Guilds to earn. These rewards include:

    • New Backgrounds
    • New Shield Patterns
    • New Shield Emblems
  • The Guild Help Menu has been updated to improve clarity for information on each page.

  • We have added 6 new Guild Guardians for players to collect. These Guardians will become available after weekly reset next week (to allow everyone time to update to the 4.7 Update).

  • These new Guardians are:

    • Treachery
    • Persistence
    • Ferocity
    • Finesse
    • Cunning
    • Defiance
  • With the release of the new Guild Guardians we have made some changes to how Guild Guardians appear in Guild Chests. Players now only need to have a Guardian at Mythic rarity with 4 copies of it, and then that Guardian will no longer appear in Guild Chests.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and have implemented 2 changes to Guild Wars to improve them.

  • We have made a change so that the Guild score every day will use the top 27 Guild Members’ scores (if there are more than 27 in the Guild). This means that big Guilds who have up to 3 members absent during Guild Wars don’t feel punished for this (we understand that real life happens sometimes).

  • We are giving rewards for Guilds who come first in their Bracket – they will earn 50 Gems (this is separate from rewards earned from the Guild War Leaderboard). This bonus will be given to Brackets 2 and below (this means Brackets 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.).

These changes will apply to the first Guild Wars after the update releases.

We have made some changes to Trophies, so they are more a measure of a player’s activity and players don’t feel like they need to play only PvP & Event matches to meet any Guild requirements.

  • PvP (both Ranked and Casual) and Arena will continue to earn the same amount of Trophies and are unchanged.
  • All of the Live Events in the game (e.g. Raid Boss, Guild Wars, Invasion, Bounty, Class Trials etc.) will give 2 Trophies.
  • Explore will give Trophies based on the difficulty played
    • Difficulty 1 – 4: 1 Trophies
    • Difficulty 5 – 8: 2 Trophies
    • Difficulty 9 – 12: 3 Trophies
  • Challenges will give Trophies based on the Tier being completed
    • Tier I – IV: 1 Trophies
    • Tier V – VIII: 2 Trophies
    • Tier IX – X: 3 Trophies
  • Other battles will give 1 Trophy (this includes Quests, Dungeons, Adventures, etc).
  • Test battles (aka battles to test Defence teams, or for fun against friends), will not give any Trophies.

Reflect vs. Stripping Armor

We’ve noticed that Reflect is currently reflecting back damage when a spell strips all Armor off any Enemy (like Grave Knight or Mang). We’ve made some changes so that these spells that strip all Armor from a troop will no longer trigger Reflect. Any damage that happens after the Armor strip (in cases like Grave Knight) will still trigger Reflect.

These changes will not apply to any spells that just decreases an amount of Armor (like the Nymph or Bone Dragon).

Tian Yi

  • We have changed his spell damage from normal splash damage to heavy splash damage, so he will do a little more damage to the adjacent Enemies.

  • He now gains Magic a levels 8, 17, 19.

  • His base spell damage has increased from 5 to 7.

  • We’ve increased the Magic steal on his legendary trait, Monkey Magic, from 1 to 2.

  • With the change to Guild Seal Tasks, we’ve made a small change to Delves so that once a player passes Delve Level 60, the lowest of the 3 Delve difficulties will no longer be higher than Delve Level 50. This means you no longer need to keep one Delve under-levelled.

  • To address an exploit in Casual PVP, we have changed the Gold calculations so that Players will earn less Gold when fighting against Players whose Team score is much weaker than theirs (2000+ lower).

  • We have added a new Holiday themed Logo for the season.

  • We have fixed an issue where the Doomed Tome weapons were not giving Magic correctly when there was a Doom troop on the Enemy team.

  • We have fixed several other minor Bugs.

We have updated some Help Center articles:


Between the gold required for guilds and trophies being added to them, time to live in explore. XD

Also, just as a reminder to everyone, the new guardians are NOT in the drop table yet.


I’m curious why the epic purple task shows a picture of 1 blue pet food. The Google doc lists exclusively white pet food from that task tree.

Actually the whole graphic is wrong - looks like it’s just from a prior version. No big deal.

Thanks for the patch notes!

Love all the amazing work @Saltypatra. You and the rest of the team does amazing work. Thank you for all your hard work you do throughout the years and many more to come. Have a blessed Christmas Holiday and New Years.


The image used in OP is the original 1, as seen by treasures on red tasks

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Cool. I just pulled Tian Yi from the ToD shop last week. I didn’t bother trying him out I got the new Mythic, but now I’m intrigued.

is it enough to make Tian Yi viable? probably not? but I’m glad for a buff. Was hoping for more than 1 troop though… =/


3 attempts at skimming before I found it lol

(Devs) Please do not think this is a good update
I give it a Coin Purse out of 10

Also PS4 has the wrong version number.

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What exactly is the connection between guild seals and Delve level 60 that warranted a specific fix?

I don’t expect it to make a huge change, but enough to make me want to try him in PVP for a bit.

None, but people were complaining about being forced to farm at 500


You now get seals for completing a delve run, would have been kind of icky when all your delves are high level.


OH I just read it proper. “The highest of the leftmost Delve will now be 50”. Huh. Interesting. So you maybe don’t have to keep a farming faction around anymore. But you get the stinky 0.5x multiplier. I guess that’s better than level 490.


Could someone clarify the information about Guild Seals? It seems to state that you will just have your Seal cap raised when using an Orb of Clans. Are you no longer awarded the Seals? Are you just buying the opportunity to earn more Seals with your Orb?
The addition of the 6 new Guardian like troops, and the language concerning Seals seems like a definite nerf to this resource as well. Hopefully someone can correct me on this matter and I am wrong. Thank you in advance for your time.

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You are awarded the seals and the cap is raised.

So before, if you were at 0 and used a major clan, it would take you to 1500/1500. Now, it will put it as 1500/3000

Well technically 1500/3500 since cap is raised to 2000 but you get the idea


The cap is raised to 2000 per week and you don’t have to wait for your weekly seals to be maxed before using an orb


It’s a good change.

Used to, if you had 0 seals, you could collect up to 1500 seals naturally. If, before you hit 1500 seals, you used a 300-seal orb, you’d get 300 seals but now you can only naturally collect 1200 seals. So you technically lost 300 seals by using the orb too early. The only way to not lose seals was to reach 1500 THEN use the orb, which would change your cap to 1800.

Now, if you use the 300-seal orb at 0 seals, your cap changes to 1800. So you can still collect the 1500 without “losing” seals because you used an orb early.

Except I think the cap’s 2k now? You get it. This is good for clans that don’t routinely hit 40k seals, as their members can now use their orbs ASAP to reach 40k at the start of Mythic Week without paying a penalty.


After you reach 2000 and use say a minor orb you will have 2500
So only difference is that you will want to get to 2000 before using orbs.
That’s the way I interpret it anyway
Although given @Slypenslyde explanation I may be incorrect

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Thank you all for the quick replies. That is a relief.

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