[Investigating] Incorrect GW Scores

Actually only 135 count daily. I watch our scores constantly and once 27 people play, the last 3 barely make a dent to the score, and that includes when all the matches are played that day.

Edit: Unless I misread what you wrote where you were wishing all 150 counted each day and then only at the end of the week the bottom 3 each day were filtered out.

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Yes, we were surprised about this ninja change 2 or 3 GWs ago.

I think it had been like that since January 2020 actually.

The top 27 scores, or the 135/150 scores counting, has been around for a while.

Wasnt a ninja change, it was a planned changed, that was requested by the community for a loooong time.

@awryan this bug has been around for years. Like, actually years, and I think not long after GW started tbh. The issue always was, lack of way of verifying it 100% that it was a bug. A lot of the time, and at times rightly so, it was passed off as a delay in the game updating, which I have seen happen before, so its not out of the realm of possibilities.

A guild that has 15 losses, but all 15 of those losses are from 3 people, can score higher than a guild that has 4 losses, and all are from a different person. Throw in some off colour troops, or slower teams, and it will bring down the average per player score for the day, which can drop you below others with the same win rate.

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Of course, but where is it documentated?



In the patch notes when it went live as AMT linked.


Very good, also expected this from 27/30 Day-1 but didnt recognized it there.

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It has been active since it was released during the 4.7 patch.

If you havent noticed it, then thats on you. But I can 100% confirm, as I have been watching scores since before then, that the top 27 scores have been counting per day


I did, but not the initial start.
But a lot friends from other guilds (on PS4) also wondered why the daily points were less than before,
The design is not the best - i dont understand, why the worst 3 are nuot at least red highlighed or sth similar.

Btt also the bug here wourd then be easier to track.

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Honestly, while I would accept that and prefer it, I currently track all individual scores for each player and manually track the bottom 3, and top 3 cause why not, I think its more so others dont feel hurt they are doing bad.


Others can already see how the others are doing, and it would be easier to track the bug doing it that way as well.

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That time of the month again.

Bugs I can identify:

PG had a player missing a fights score. Have the data on this 1, as does @junette if you need it @Kafka

30s had a player missing 1,356 points. I have this data as well

Bugs I dont have the data on, but API shows is different from what was gathered from the game:

B1 -

na rass missing 1,518 points
UBs missing 1,687 points
Knights missing 1,536 points
kcvkcv missing 295 points (this would be basically the score that was missing would of just been over the 27 threshold giving only partial points missing) (They also didnt complete all fights with 5 fights not being done on Brown day but this should not impact this at all either)

None of this alter the ranking

B3 -

MG missing 1305 points.

With UBs, their missing points bug is either combined with the missing fights bug OR they got hit with 2 bugs at once. They completed all 900 fights but are showing as missing 1 fight on Brown Day.


Thank you for posting this @Smash .
Yep whatever you need from me for Power Gems just let me know @Kafka

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Hello everyone, I think it’s time to update this thread. This Guild War our guild Na rasslabone yet again didn’t receive the fair number of points in the guild rating. This time the total loss was 2765 points, and as one can see from the first bracket rating this may very well have made the difference between the third and the fourth place. It is possible that other guilds are also missing some points, hopefully others will show up and tell if they have similar problems. But in any case, it would be nice to know from the devs, how long is this problem going to persist?

Here is a screenshot of our Guild War schedule taken after all our players have finished the war:

It’s easy to see that the total sum of our points is 253714 + 251270 + 250119 + 249025 + 245523 + 243406 = 1493057.

And here is what we see in the Guild war rating:

Obviously, 2765 points are missing here.

And I know for a fact that it’s the figures from the schedule that are correct. We do treat Guild Wars very seriously and are running our own spreadsheet for calculating the rating points. The spreadsheet takes the sums of all the players’ results day by day, each day removing three worst results from the total. Each of our players not only adds their own results into the table, but also makes a screenshot of their points from the game to avoid typos or mistakes. The resulting score produced by our spreadsheet was exactly the same as the sum of points from the schedule and not as the result from the guild rating.

Thanks in advance to everyone who’d take part in solving their problem. I’m sure that everyone who ever played Guild Wars in top brackets would understand how upsetting and demoralizing it is to encounter things like this after sacrificing exorbitant amount of time and energy to the war. And, in all honesty, how hard could it be for the game to add 6 numbers together?


Hi @Kafka. Like @Nata and na rasslabone, Olimp likewise had a similar problem with scoring. This did not affect our standing as Black Dragon also was hit with a scoring problem as well, though @Smash will probably elaborate what happened to them.

I will PM you once I finish sifting through what I have to help you pinpoint things a little better. Thanks.

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I was planning on posting today actually lol.

Soooo I havent checked with other guilds, even PG yet, about exact missing data, so at this point in time, I only have the data from BD.

1 of our fights, Red day fight 3 for 1 player, was not counted. We lost the 1539 from his score, has a SS of his after fight scores showing he did score that. He got a 5/0 with a total score of 7970. This dropped his score into the bottom 3 altering the amount we should have gained during the week by 1492.

Now for the fun parts.

Bugged guilds after comparing API data to that shown in game (checking tarans for in game data after GW ends as you cant see it in game):

B1 -

Black Dragon - 1492
Olimp - 1532
Na Rass - 2765 (this dropped them from 3rd down to 4th)
Knights of the Glade - 256 (this moved them up to 3rd from 4th)
Utopias Brothers - 1617
Anon - 86
PG - 36
Na Rass Sol - 1382

Thats 8 of the 10 guilds in B1 were bugged.

B2 -

Na Rass Pluton - 1671
Il patto dei lupi - 6162
TUF: Unrepentant - 1378
Palladium - 1638

B3 -

ToO - 1658 (this cost them the 2nd place and moved them down to 3rd. which stops them from moving up to B2)
Na Rass Phénix - 1898
Intrim - 1595

I havent looked below B3, BUT there most likely others, but I dont have complete data to check 100%

As always, any info I am happy to provide if needed.

@Saltypatra I believe you are the 1 I need to tag now, as I hear you are taking over the Forum duties for a bit (was mentioned on stream apparently and passed onto me from there)


I can check a little of B5 as well just in case.

Well I checked what I could and they had no scoring problems at all. Everything matched.


@Saltypatra we have been reporting on this issue monthly since Febuary 2020 and believe its been going on since before then.

is there a plan to move forward and get this fixed?

is there any plan to compensate guilds that are still missing rewards that have been promised?

Can we get a correction for guilds that are in the wrong ranks? <-- this is especially critical for guilds like ToO that arent even in the correct bracket because of this bug


@Saltypatra or whichever dev is replying to the thread. Smash advised it was my own score on brown day’s battle that was bugged for Power Gems . I have ss of my team used with enemy team and a ss of it’s score screen if you need them. I would post here, but it shows the teams I used and those are trade secrets lol. So let me know if you want/need them and I will send via dm :innocent:


Dear devs,
I totally understand that you can’t fix this bug. If you “investigate” and haven’t been able to fix a bug for like 10 months, I don’t expect it to be fixed ever.
It’s fine, we’re used to it.

BUT! At least give people those gems. Compensate the bug you can’t fix.

PS. Some of us spend more time for GWs, than you guys spend for fixing bugs. And one day this bug will probably effect the first place, then it won’t be about just gem rewards, there will be riot :sweat_smile: