Remove Empowered Please

Again the empowered lovers don’t want to understand the point of this thread.
Many of you presented strategies against them, but we don’t care cause we are already aware of those strategies. Our problem is that we do not have other choices, and it makes the game dull for us. I am happy for those who are content with using the same few strategies and team options over and over again. We who are not we want changes to be able to use more interesting or fun teams.
Please don’t present more strategies in this topic. Also Zuul was just an example don’t let it grab your focus too much.

In the past year changes were made though. You just didn’t demand them. Guild Wars went to 27/30 scoring. Not saying that’s what made your Guild have more success. Just saying there was a fundamental change that did occur. And since then or around then…(no clue when the change was exactly made) your guild has basically dominated your platform.

So now, in all fairness, your opposed to any change. For all we know. The removal of TS could have zero effect on your Guild dominance. I don’t see why it would.
I just think it would be more in the players hands to determine success and less “RNG”.

Also sometime in the past year. A screen sharing platform was shut down. So that may be a factor as well. Again non of this is to undercut your guilds success. Just saying that change has had happened before in GW. In the past 3 years it’s anything but consistent.

This was the state of the game before empowered converters, too. So it’s not that I’m an “empowered lover” — I just realize and understand the dynamics of the most effective tactic(s) available (META) that are always a fundamental underpinning of strategy card-based-combat games :man_shrugging:


Well no one got under 52k last wars so I think in our case the top 27 was irrelevant. I think the 27 probably helps guilds that are down 1 or 2 people or have folks on vacation. The 27 thing has been around a couple years now. We are doing well because of our great leadership and awesome people we have. We have gone through lots of changes in the past couple years and we are now reaping the rewards from our hard work. By the way folks there has always been empowered troops in this game like mercy and spirit Fox. I want more not less.

If empowered troops are removed because they’re too OP, surely Doomed books should be removed as well. Those things are nasty and hard to beat. Come to think of it, so is Zuul. And Rope Dart. And TINA. TPK can be pretty deadly for mana gen. Thrall is one match or less away from half a board destroyed at all times. EoE is a massive pain in the butt.

As stated above, eliminating empowered troops would not suddenly make teams less meta. You’d see a lot of meta teams each GW, and to most effectively counter said teams, would need to use specific combinations for efficiency’s sake.

Let GW be open to all troops and weapons and traits. Let players use what they’ve worked hard for (including, and perhaps most importantly, new players). Removing empowered troops does not remove metas, common teams, or reverse-meta strategies. Don’t curate troops/traits/weapons like in Arena.


I was curious so I looked it up.

You rounded up.
I rounded down.
15 months-ish is how long the 27/30 scoring has been implemented.

No way. That says nothing about wars. We have the info in our records and can get an actual date if you like. I am seeing 16 months. :joy:

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That’s still not two years :rofl:

I once told Reyas I thought I had been GM of U1 for a year, and it had actually only been 6 months! :crazy_face:

Time flies when you’re havin’ fun, I guess.

But on topic, and likely (hopefully) one of my last posts on the matter, as I hope an update thread comes soon so we all have something fresh to talk about : it is my contention that, if the current meta, empowerment, were removed, it would just be replaced by former metas, as @NerdieBirdie suggests.

We’d go back to the day forever-loopers ruled (goblins), or never-let-you-loop-ers ruled (Mab teams), or teams that could stall (guardian crowns and the like), or teams that just hit really really hard and/or were untouchable (divines, life and death, plague and bone dragon and kraken).

I don’t want a return of Fizzbang teams, or any previous cheese. I certainly don’t want them if it makes all my daily speed teams, like Moonsinger and Malcandessa into Euryali (still silver elite, for those who care :laughing:) slower, meaning I have to spend time slogging through the adventure board and dungeons and delve sigils, etc… And frankly, I don’t want my Wars fights to take longer, either. They already take hours and hours of deliberation over every single move; at least now if I lose to a Doomed Book, it’s a quick death. A soldier’s death.


Can’t a girl Empower in peace around here? :rage: I’m pure and clean and exist only to cleanse and bathe everyone in light, and this is the thanks I get!


You’re a mod. You work for The Man. Always trying to keep us posters down with your “enforcing forums rules” and things like that.

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I only quoted the end there, but your entire reply was spot on, imho.

I have been playing for awhile now, and other than a bumpy first month, have always felt like I was playing “successfully.” Because when you win a lot (as we all kinda do in general) you can’t help but feel like you have a handle on things.

It’s only been in the past few months that I’ve really started to dig into the details on my team building. I wasn’t completely rando about it before. But I guess I would say, I was as sloppy about it as I could get away with.

There ARE times when the rng just flips you off, but it’s not the norm. There are also times when you just don’t have what is needed to counter something. As long as the counter exists in the game, I’m fine with that.

I’d hate to see them remove empowered or traits in general from GW. It would literally remove the fun I get from solving those “riddles.” And since that is where I am now, I’d probably lose interest in GW.


I have a guild that’s between Bracket 110-120 on PC/Mobile. I have to imagine you’re seeing similar defenses as them. And they aren’t seeing that many empowered defenses. For the higher brackets it’s a daily occurrence. For your bracket. Your lucky to see 30 unique defenses all week.

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As someone who has been in B1 for roughly 2 years, GW is now the least imaginative part of the game. It’s the same “flavor” of defense teams, over and over and over again. And you’re forced to take the same “flavor” of attack teams over and over and over.
Dropping the empowered gem converters to Fast would not “ruin” GW OR the game itself.
Nerfing the books would be simpler and probably more effective.
Why not both?

To be fair, you’re kinda making OP’s point here. You list a variety of mechanics that were viable concurrently - for the most part.

To slightly exaggerate: The ‘book’ meta doesn’t allow for other options. Every day is best defended by its Doomed Book counterpart. Every book uses the same mechanic. Enabling a book follows the same pattern. Get two empowered converters. There’s only two (three in the case of → purple, → blue, one for → brown) converter options anyway. That’s 75% of slots for 100% of days predetermined. At least there’s two or three options for the first slot that aren’t gnolls or guild guardians, I guess.

We have been arguing back and forth. I think we can agree on that the game is more enjoyable and more versatile as balance converges to the theoretical optimum. I say theoretical cause perfect balance is can not be achieved.
So we need more balance, and currently empowered converters shift the balance too much.
Many of you mentioned the doomed books as big pain points, and they are major PITA cause empowered converters exist. Other reason why the books so OP cause the game favors skull dmg too much.
So we need balance and to achieve that empowered converters and skull damage in general shall be nerfed.

I don’t think they were concurrent, though. You just couldn’f use the same team all 6 days, which I’ll concede the books basically are — they’re repeats each day, different flavors of the same thing.

I will say, though, despite that, I just had to use three different varieties of red attack team to beat our best competition and get a 9488 (would it be a callout of the guild if I’m paying that compliment? Not sure, but Xbox players know the guild that sometimes beats us :wink:), and it’s because they do plug different troops into their defense-books, or change the order of the troops, so I sort of also disagree with the idea that there’s only the one answer for taking those defenses down. The best guilds we face open packets of bologna, throw all the slices at the wall, and see what sticks — it forces us to adapt and tweak each fight, rather than try to use just one “magic bullet” (which we can do for any guild that just runs the same thing for all 30 people).

Also, I’ll state for the record that 4 out of my 6 defenses are not Doomed Book defenses, and only 4 out of the 6 have dual empowered converters. 2 of those 4 overlap and have each. All of my teams have about the same win-rate (generally 10-30%), so doomed books and double empowered converters are not the only things that work :man_shrugging:

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I agree that GW attack doesn’t need help, there’s half of dozen or more viable options for each day. I’m just not happy with the state of GW defense meta. Anecdotal data for PC/mobile BR3, BR4 - this is the second guild wars I’ve had fewer than 6 non-book opponents - what a sad state of affairs.

E: Actually, I had 7 non-book opponents this GW. Guess someone needs to work on their book setup for blue day! :wink:

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That’s the problem, it shows how overpowered they are.

The empowered sure shut down the Life and Death over powered conversation in a hurry. :joy::joy::joy:. Look the reason people spent gems to get their book fully upgraded was to use them in Wars. Nerfing the books is not the answer. The answer is you getting your books fully upgraded as well. The Developers will sell you the gems if you are running low. It is not a good business practice to sell scrolls to upgrade a weapon then make it useless because some folks chose not to spend the gems to upgrade said weapons. As I have said before it’s a level playing field for everyone. There is no one in this game that has an advantage. If you do not know how to win against a particular Def and no one else in your guild has a clue either then maybe look for a guild that communicates and have good guild war players you can learn from. There has always been converters in the game and it seems one little weapon is causing lots of folks to cry foul. They are not that tough to beat. Just need to use your head and maybe step out of your comfort zone a little.

For sure. We are a little higher up the ladder, but still very much a wilderness of sketchy opponents. This is one of the reasons I kinda live for tough ones. I do face plenty empower defenses and even double empowered. But it’s been very rare to see more than a couple per day.

It’s not that I love empowered specifically. Not at all. I like having to think about the defender traits and my own. Those “tough ones” in Guild Wars are pretty much the only challenge I get now with my level, kingdom stats, collection, etc. Unless I count the “ACME Eventomatic” World events that don’t sync up with the medals. :eyes:. But those are more of an annoyance than a challenge.

I just feel that traits are an integral part of the game and I’d hate to see another mode that removes them. If empowered troops are really bugging a lot of people, I’d rather they address that trait specifically (game wide) than remove traits from guild wars. Or, another option would be to penalize for it somehow, in the scoring.

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