Guild Wars + World Event = INSANITY!

Even when you take guild wars serious, and we do in our guild in bracket 5, there was never that much to do during guild war week. Running a world event concurrently is a good thing and a fun way to complete the campaign tasks. World event battles are often ridiculously quick and easy too.
Of course people are whining about campaign tasks too, as they do about every change. So you have to do an a few extra battles or wait a day to continue, so what?
Finally, sentinel gem cost can be covered by the gems you get from the hourly tribute.


I was thinking more about this today and thought that the time constraint is most egregious because medals can’t be attached to teams. If that were possible, at least some of what bothers me disappears—and some other things that have bothered me go away, too, like leaving a World Event and forgetting to put “real” medals back on (yet another pop-up reminding me to switch my medals, slowing me down, is not the ideal solution. The ideal solution is to design medals to work in a way that no such pop-up could even solve a problem, because such a problem wouldn’t even be possible at that point).

I don’t want any time spent with the event medals making my Wars defenses weaker. I spend every day trying to make my opponents face my teams at its strongest possible complement. This is also why I tend to play battles late — I want to either force my opponent to be as rushed as I am, or play without their ideal medal setup. That sort of consideration shouldn’t be a part of Wars, and I’m sad that it currently is.

But back to the main topic: my options for when I can play World Events with the event medals — the ideal scenario — are very few and rushed. I can do what I can do with the sigils given Monday, and then I can wait for all my opponents to be done with their Wars fights on Sunday and fight. That’s not a fun way to structure my time, and it’s a situation exacerbated by the bounty also being best-played on the weekend (because that’s the only time it can be played). The situation is only “solved” if I can play the World Event whenever I want without sacrifice — either my defenses being weakened or my event participation having to be done without medals — so that then my only complaint is that it still takes a lot of time total if I want to fully participate in all three events this week.


I’m very happy with the way things are. It’s nice to have more Lore and something else to do besides Guild Wars, which I personally do not care for.

Where some complain they barely have time to play, I myself get bored without more things to do in GOW.


They could have an area for event medals where you equip them and another place for pvp medals that apply to everything else. Of course Guild Wars would be considered pvp.

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More Summarising and New Points

@Zeddicus2017 and @Vorlon make interesting points: for them, the World Event alone is not enough to do in the game. Presumably that applies to every week now. In that sense, Guild Wars is the extra event that gives them something more to do over a normal week.

Personally, I would say: you can always do more PvP or Explore (though Explore is pretty boring and effortful now, as I’ve discussed elsewhere).

The “Play all Events” Assumption

I erroneously assumed that all players will try to do all events to the best of their ability. I don’t mean doing their best to maximise their score in Guild Wars, for example (though serious players will definitely do that, and spend many hours on it, as pointed out). I just mean that most players will try to “finish” every event – at least to try and use all their free Sigils/Battles.

Apparently this is not true for a substantial number of players.

Who is the Target Market?

The question then becomes, who are you catering for?

I would argue that you should primarily cater for those people most likely to spend resources in the game (not necessarily money, though one does imply the other, within the limits of individual budgets). As @awryan points out, the people who have been in the game a long time and are seriously invested in it (emotionally more than monetarily) are a critical part of the player base. In large part, that’s because they have the most influence over other players, both current and future.

It’s also important to note that people who want more to do in the game are likely to be very much in the minority. Except insofar as it makes sense to make the infinite-play aspects of the game as engaging as you can (Explore really does need improvement).

You also can’t target people who barely play at all. Yes, it’s important to give them interesting things to do so they don’t stop playing entirely, but you can’t weight their opinions equally with more serious players.

It seems logical, then, to weight players’ opinions not just by how many fall into each category, but to multiply that by the amout they play. So the opinions of people who play a lot are worth more than those who play the average amount (and incidentally, more than those of the devs – at least in terms of evaluating the play experience – who honestly don’t play much at all).

A Modified Assertion

If the developers consider a World Event to be the right balance of play time during a week (in addition to all the daily and weekend events), then they must necessarily concede that running Guild Wars and the World Event concurrently is far too much, and is a critical mistake, because I’ve shown numerically that for the vast majority of players Guild Wars takes at least as long as the World Event to complete.

This is irrespective of how seriously you play Guild Wars. If you do it at all, it takes about the same length of time as the World Event.

Keeping Players Engaged

The other thing that’s critical for player retention and emotional investment is to remove obstacles and frustrations. That includes improving the interface, rebalancing (at times), and making sure players are not over-whelmed at their personal level of commitment to completing events and advancing through the game.

Nearly all free-to-play developers are good at focussing on pulling people into their game. The next stage is to psychologically manipulate people into paying money on a regular basis (this is the unethical, but normalised, “artificial grind” that can be eased with money).

But the other side of the equation is usually ignored. Namely, it’s always a balance between what pulls you into the game and the obstacles/annoyances that push you away from the game. Ignore the latter at your peril!

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I realy feel that you’re overestimating time needed for most players.
For World Event most players buy out tier IV to get the new weapon + do free sigils or do free sigils only(without gem spending). I know there’s also a group that will buy few tier VII and going for ladderboard - these will have A LOT more battles to fight.

As for GW, i assume most of people with finish them in 30-40 minutes each day.
Unless they run onto orbweaver team and get locked in that battle for 30 minutes or so…
Maybe players trying to optimize every move in B1 to get those extra 20 points from battle will spend a lot more…

But again, those doing minimum wont see world event + GW as a problem. I also don’t see a time being the problem. Only issue with time would be for players who want to do:

  • all daily free stuff (dungeons/ABs/delving)
  • play at higher bracket and want to optimize their team everytime they scout enemy team (then i’d assume it can take some time -> write down enemy team, set it up as pvp def, test with with few teams, pick one that performs best, do the battle, than repeat the whole proces - it can easily take ~30minutes each battle, or more)
  • buy few tiers in the running event and want to use them all at once(want to push to ladderboard)
  • do every daily event (delves/pets/class/weekend events)
  • have eveything above done in less than 1hour

Seriously, this is just a game and you DONT have to do all that stuff to enjoy it. And if you FEEL that you MUST, then you just need to realise it will take a big (HUGE) chunk of your time.


I didn’t say World Event is not enough, but that guild war week was usually a slow week, especially on Monday. The World Event is a also fun aid to complete the campaign tasks. I do put a lot of time a day in the game, so maybe I’m not your average player. I have already ruined 2 high-end oled tv screens through burn-in with this game.

Fair enough. Poor TVs. :laughing:

@Sytro - My estimates were per week, not per day. So I think they agree with yours. In fact, you’re assigning more time to GW than I was, for most players.

Here’s the thing, though. If you think World Event alone is not enough, then that suggests the devs should add another weekly event every week!

My baseline assumption was that one weekly event (Raid Boss, Invasion, Tower of Doom, World Event) is the sweet stop to aim for.

My sense is that the devs think Guild Wars takes less time than any of those, and therefore it’s okay to stack GW on top of another weekly event.

My estimates suggest GW takes just as much time as the other weekly events, for most players.

So, relatively speaking, the weekly event workload has doubled during GW week. And that is bad for almost everyone – especially bad for those who take GW seriously!

With all due respect all you are saying is nonsense, as developers introduced 2,3 events running simultaneously not just out of the blue - they were weighing out the time consumption and the willingness of players to invest time based on the stats they have.

So the resolution would be as simple as it is. If you don’t want to invest time and efforts in any of the concurrent events - just simply do not. As an example - faction delve takes place every Tuesday of the week. Some of players climb up to the top in the ranking list, some just close up all 8 Reward tiers - and that’s it.

Nobody pushes you to spend more time within the game if you are not willing to, so why blaming devs for that?

@Rosenkreuz1979 - By your logic, they should run Tower of Doom and World Event concurrently. No thank you.

I’d really like to provide some analysis on the “You don’t have to do it” or “It’s optional” argument, but don’t really have time atm :cry:.

I think it’s worth exploring what this looks like as we move up and down the scale of ‘Events per unit of time’, and then suggesting a framework (as Starlite has begun) for working out where to draw the line in the sand.

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You’re making false assumptions, man. Tower of Doom has nothing to do with anything I have explained plenty of times now.

You are correct.

Unfortunately, I at least don’t believe, they are weighing out the time invested by the players who produce the most revenue in the game. And already feel like something that they used to love, Guild Wars, is quickly becoming more and more like a job without any additional sort of compensation. It’s been years since guild wars rewards were reworked. Outside of the additional 50 gems for every bracket but 1.
It’s what 5%-10% of the players who pay for the other 90% of the game? (Not just for GoW but all free to play revenue structures.)

And if that 5% are all, were, or will be in bracket 1. Shouldn’t their time considered over those who play way more casually?

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That would be unfair, as the basis of all F2P games is not only the consideration of the paying segment opinion

The extra gems for winning your bracket is applied to B1 as well btw

Unfortunately I haven’t experienced #1 in bracket 1. So I’m only able to go off what the devs tell me. :man_shrugging:

Nor am I asking the devs to do that for all segments of the game. Only solely on time since that was the subject matter of debate.
They sure as hell do the inverse when capping facets of the economy. The game is balanced on that the hard core players can achieve with dedicated play. Hence why Epic Tasks exist.

But as I bring that up… I realize maybe that’s their intent. Slow gold Farming down even more by piling on the events. Outside of FA…none of the events are a good way to earn gold.

I still think it’ll do more harm than good though. Considering I think it’ll lead to more burn outs than profitability.

and some (like me), dont spend any gems on those Tuesday delves, so i get reward 7 or 8 -> depending from delve and number of ravens i get to kill (i value more those gems needed for shop, than chaos orbs)

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Ive had it in B1 last GW we won, as well as on Beta server when testing GW and the campaign