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Guild Wars + World Event = INSANITY!

Running Guild Wars at the same time as a World Event is the height of stupidity – for all levels of player.

I’m going to use Maths to prove it.


Guild Wars and a World Event take roughly the same amount of time for all levels of player, so running both together is double the amount of play!


Guild Wars consists of 30 difficult battles for pretty much every player. Yes, they can be done quickly for those who don’t take GW all that seriously, but they’re still not going to be speed battles.

World Events give you 28 Sigils as a starting point. Valravens will generally increase this by about 50%, up to 42 battles. At least half those battles are going to be very easy, even for beginning players. Eventually, the battles start taking longer, and then they become hard enough to expend multiple Sigils per battle.

Early-Game Player

A Guild Wars battle is likely to take about 2-3 minutes, plus time building defence and offence teams (though most early-game players are unlikely to tweak them every GW).

It’s fair to say GW will take at least an hour of solid play for the week.

For a World Event, the going is likely to be really tough, even just to do the base Sigils. An early-game player is unlikely to buy many extra Sigils, and could well lose Valravens. Building teams based on such limited troop choices is a real headache. For example, my level 700 alt can only get to around the 10th floor of Tower of Doom – no more than 50 battles, and the second half always with 2 or 3 Sigils per battle. (Sorry that I don’t have a World Event example; it would take a long time for me to find the screenshots, if I even have them.)

Assuming you get lucky with the team (ie: having the right troops and having them levelled to 18-19), the first three tiers of battles (15 Sigils, prior to the current event) are going to take around a minute each. Perhaps the next 15 might take about 2-3 minutes each. And the next 15 might need 2 Sigils each, also taking 2-3 minutes each. That’s 60 Sigils, though, so probably includes spending some Gems.

My estimate is 15 * (1 + 2 + 3) = 1.5 hours. (Less, if not buying Sigils.)

Mid-Game Player

This is where we see the most variation in times. We can assume any needed troops except Mythics are available and can be maxed, even if they’re not, yet. That may not be the case for weapons, which could hurt in the World Event.

Guild Wars is likely to take 2-3 minutes per battle, or more if the player/guild is GW-focussed.

So let’s say, about 1.5 hours for Guild Wars.

For the World Event, we can assume players will buy Tier III (as this is the usual sweet-spot). That’s a total of 9 additional Sigils: (28 + 9) * 1.5 = 55 Battles.

The first 30 battles are likely to take under a minute, then let’s say 2-3 minutes for the remaining 25.

That’s roughly 1.5 hours for the World Event.

Late-Game Player

While not everyone bothers with Guild Wars in late-game, those who take it very seriously can take 10 minutes or more per match! My Guild has won GW a couple of times (and I would have been Paragon this week, if not for one dumb mistake while Frozen :man_facepalming:). Pretty much every GW battle takes at least 5 minutes. Anything under 3 minutes per battle is very unlikely in end-game, even if you take it casually.

An end-game player will reasonably spend between 1.5 and 2.5 hours on GW.

I did the first 24 battles of the current World Event in just under 20 minutes today. I certainly expect they’ll get harder, but with maxed access to any valid team for the event, I doubt the battles will get much longer than 2-3 minutes. I did buy Tier III, so we can assume 1m each for the first 30 battles and 2m each for the final 25.

I’m expecting to spend about 1.5h on the World Event.


You can’t buy a GW leaderboard – even with the Elite+ Pass, you still have to play the battles carefully. So if you want to be at the top, you can easily spend 5 hours or more on Guild Wars throughout the week, plus more time tweaking your teams every single time.

You can buy a World Event leaderboard position. If you look at the new Faction leaderboards, some people must be spending 50,000 Gems to get near the top. I think that may be more Gems than I’ve owned throughout 2 years in this game. Yet even in a World Event, you have to play the Sigils.

Assume you buy 20 times Tier VII. That gives you (28 + 28 + 20* 20) * 1.5 = 984 Battles! Even if you do them at 30 seconds each, that is more than 8 hours of playing the World Event!


Guild Wars World Event
Early-Game 1 hour 1.5 hours
Mid-Game 1.5 hours 1.5 hours
Late-Game 2 hours 1.5 hours
Leaderboard 5 hours 6 hours


Running Guild Wars and the World Event at the same time doubles the amount of play time required during the week. Therefore, it’s a really dumb idea!


What? I need 1 hour alone for just 1 day of guild war sometimes

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Unlikely. t7x10 gets you top 25 or so.

And every minute in the event is a minute your GW defense team has a useless medal equipped. Unless you don’t use the event medal…

Please make medals assigned to team, @Devs.


@Sipalman - That puts you in the Leaderboard category for GW. I was trying to account for the “average” player at each stage. They want to do GW, but they won’t spend too long on it. Just like Tacet does.

At faction launch, T7 x10 will not even get you on the leaderboard, I’m afraid. I did 8x T7 on this past weekend, and my score was less than half the lowest on the leaderboard.

OTOH, I honestly don’t know how many T7s you need to buy to get on the leaderboard for a World Event. But the fewer it takes, the more it supports my argument that GW and World Event are roughly the same time investment. In fact, World Event may be much shorter than GW at the top end.

So…real question is - why do you want to be on the leaderboard?

If the goal is a guaranteed Power Orb, you are better off buying them for $50 when those offers come out (1800 gems + Power Orb). Getting to the leaderboard means you’ve vastly overpaid for it.

For bounty events (the only thing I’ve tried to leaderboard, t7x8 got me ~40. I’ve gotten top 25 on a daily faction even with t7x10. Never tried weekend.

uhm… there’s something wrong with your calculations here. Which Leaderboard in GW are you talking about? And 5 hours for 5 battles? really?

As for the world event - if you buy 20x tier 7 - that’s your choice and should be your pain, not developers. You knew what you’re signing off for while buying these tiers.

Did I read that right? Can you carry sigils over from previous campaigns? Let’s say for example Raid Boss or Tower of Doom? Is this how people reach scores of 1million+ points?? Forgive if I read that wrong or misunderstood lol.

You cannot as far as I know. People are just spending gems.

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Gw leaderboard = the in-bracket leaderboard.

In bracket 1-3, a single hurried match 3 can be the difference between being nr1 or nr 2.

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It is double the work, even if you aren’t chasing a leaderboard. You still have to play both battles on both days. Those who don’t play in the competitive brackets in guild wars (and some of them who do) don’t seem to get that 5 battles is a lot when played with the kind of care that top players play them.

Top level players adjust their classes, troops, banners, or medals every match to counter the opponent, and then play each match like chess…as in thinking a few moves ahead, taking a match three that disrupts a match 4, because it is the best move, etc. Guild Wars matches take top-level competitors a long time to play. It is double the investment of time, and that matters more than the number of clicks made.

And then this issue with the medals… :man_facepalming:
Getting a clue


Don’t forget the weekend event. In this case…Bounty. Even more time. Although maybe they think your guild will have finished World Event by Friday and “only” have Guild Wars to do…

Simply making World Events an individual event during guild wars week would answer the issue. I doubt the devs have any real understanding of what life is like in a guild that does everything. They cannot fathom the consequences of their own game sometimes.

It probably wasn’t intentional, but this week you can 1 shot all the fights in world event with an event medal and Tesla, and 1 person can buy 10x tier 7 and finish all 12 stages single-handedly.


That’s fair. The scoring requirement is low enough that it isn’t going to take nearly as much effort. I do fear that we’ll wake up tomorrow to an adjusted scoring requirement, but considering how much work this week is going to be, I hope not.

Not even remotely, world event is a breeze. Guild Wars is serious business. You probably should just ask this topic to be closed before you are just mocked, repeatedly. Next time chose your complaints more carefully :unamused:


In the time it took you to write this you probably could have played both


@UKresistance - Salty has repeatedly suggested that most players don’t take Guild Wars very seriously. I wanted to try and factor that into my calculations, so they’re more in line with what the devs think – and might have stats for.

I agree that GW is taken very seriously by people like you and me. But I think Tacet is a good example of someone in a relatively high bracket who does it pretty quickly and without sweating it much. That’s what I’ve based my numbers on – except for the “Leaderboard” classification, which is where serious GW players are going to fal, in terms of time.

To reiterate, even people who play GW quite casually are going to spend at least 1-2 hours on it during the week, and this is roughly the same time they will spend on the World Event.

Of course, if you skip GW (as many do) – well, I guess it’s nice to have a week off. :slight_smile:

I bought T7 once. Last I looked I was 17th and I haven’t used all my sigils yet.