4.7 Update (Patch Notes)

Thanks Salty, and all the Devs! You’re all awesome! I can’t wait to buy my guild keys to celebrate the launch!

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Will it be harder to pull a Mythic from level 6 Guild Chests with the new Guardians in the drop pool, than without?

it sure will buddy

Will max chest level still be 40,000 Seals? Or will it be raised to 60,000 for the Guild to max Guild Chests?

No still at 40000

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Nice! Thank you so much.

Have it been confirmed?

You can’t buy Guild Keys anymore. That got replaced with “Guild Gifts” (that you don’t get enough of to send to everybody) and, for the biggest bundle, 1 Pet Gnome Bait to trigger a Pet Gnome that can give your guild a random Pet to rescue.


I’m looking forward to being able to give my Guild members better gifts too.


Reports are that they are bugged

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That depends on what you mean, but a player can’t answer for sure.

The old drop code effectively made 3 rolls: 1 to decide between troop or “other”, 1 to decide “Guardian or other troop”, THEN it rolled with the normal drop table. Guardians were meant to be 50% of troops, so you had a dramatically lower chance of getting a mythic until they weren’t part of the pool.

If the new code is like the old code, then yes, guild keys have garbage mythic pull chances until you max the new guardians. If it was a 70/30 other/troop split, now it’s a 35/30/35 Guardian/other/“maybe mythic” split.

Doh, I guess I should have read that first.

Thanks for the input! Hopefully we can get a clarification on this from the Devs. I dont remember it too well last time with the first round of Guardians, other than orbs was not around and I also managed to pull a few mythics from it while the Guardians were still in the chest.

Well, I hope the Mythic droprate could be untouched even with the guardians in the drop pool. That makes the most sense for me.

I’ve added the updated Help Center articles to the bottom of the Patch notes


Thank you Kafka!

It doesn’t look like a lot, but those add up to an actually pretty huge damage buff. If I’m reading it correctly, that means:

a) his innate magic (before kingdom boosts) goes up from 9-12;

b) his spell damage goes from (magic+5) to (magic+7), before doubling (which was never a hard condition to meet, his attack stat is pretty high);

c) heavy splash damage is a big buff; instead of 2*(spell dmg)/2 per adjacent enemy, he does 3*(spell dmg)/2 per adjacent enemy; and

d) the magic stealing triggers on the first turn, so tack on an extra +2 magic to whatever spell damage the formula spits out above.

Factoring in everything, it’s something like a +15 magic buff, taking Tian from a troop who did average damage for a legendary to a troop who actually hits like a mythic. He’s still kind of slow (and his summon stinks), but I’m curious about what kind of wildfolk builds can work with him and King Silenus now.

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Any clarity on why they stress the GW change as being daily for 27 players, rather than the total of the best 27 total scores over the entire week?

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So the epic tasks aren’t live until next week? I’m not seeing them but do have the extra stats for completing them? I’m confused.

basically it is for the week, but if someone has a crappy day and an amazing day, it keeps their amazing day and takes someone elses crappy day out for that day instead.

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correct on both

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