4.4 Update Preview Discussion

If the daily tasks give a random reward, I don’t see myself EVER doing them. Gold, keys and gems are why I do the tasks.I either change or ignore tasks that don’t give those out. If there’s a chance I will get traitstones, maps, souls, orbs of growth or wisdom, I won’t even bother. My time is more valuable than that.


Pvp revamp asked 3yr ago?? NOT FIXED


Watch out in 4.4.5 the pvp will be “fixed” they will introduce sigil if you spend more sigils you will get more pvp points, first time is free tough… :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone probably should, and take the time to dig up the original threads and dev responses. That’s a lot of work for “someone” but it’s astonishing how long some things have been “looked into”.

I’m at the point where I know I should quit on principle, whether or not I’m having fun. It’s the only language the devs understand.

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Oh you mean like this?

Yeah they stopped doing these official threads (every patch would have one). Kinda tells you how much our feedback is actually appreciated/wanted huh? :grinning:


This was a lengthy thread, and a wild ride in the morning before I had my first coffee.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot more that I can say to you, so I will leave you with this.

  • I believe we have shown that we respond to feedback, with several instances mentioned above.

  • I also acknowledge a lot of your feedback, so you are being heard. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t feel like they are being heard unless their changes are implemented. There is a difference between us hearing you and then acknowledging it, versus actively making changes to the game.

  • As such, we do not implement all feedback.

  • We are actively looking into re-introducing old weapons, and I am personally pushing for it.

  • We are aware of the feedback regarding PVP, and have acknowledged that you would like a rework several times. However, we will not have a reworked PVP system in the game for at least 3 months. You all know we don’t like announcing dates, but this is what has been passed on from the team. If you feel that this is unacceptable, I understand. We have pipelines and goals that we are aiming for, and a rework would need to fit into our schedule and work flow. If you feel strongly about this particular issue, you are free to make any decision regarding the investment of your time or money, and I wouldn’t want you to feel obliged to spend either if you do not wish too.

  • We do not believe that one player’s time is more valuable than another’s. We are looking into PVP, as said earlier. However, not everyone will like any fix that we release, it isn’t possible to please everyone, so keep this in mind.

And with that I am out! I will start threads in the future when I have further updates regarding either PVP or the availability of older weapons.


you are free to make any decision regarding the investment of your time or money, and I wouldn’t want you to feel obliged to spend either if you do not wish too.
This is cold :cold_face: colder than the office she streams from :rofl:
What are you thought people :thinking:

I am glad I haven’t spent a cent in this game and my time invested is nowhere to be compared with the players I know.
On this note I am not going to say anything as it doesn’t concern me atm as m %100 F2P baby

I actually spoke on how passionate we are about our Gems of War being free to play during my PQ stream today. Aside from some very specific examples, such as VIP keys and the Deathknight armour, you can access everything in game that a paying player can! And you can play to your heart’s content (I’ve seen some people with over 3000 hours on their steam accounts) without ever spending a cent.

@PeperandSalt I didn’t say what I said to be cold, or come across as dismissive. The reality is this, we are doing what we can, and our players are free to come and go as they choose, as well as invest their time or money at their discretion. As is the case with all games! It is clear that the users of this forum love Gems of War, or they wouldn’t leave us so much feedback. Sometimes the feedback is actionable, and other times it isn’t. Our game is also a live service game, and is constantly evolving. Heck! This year we will be five years old! :scream: :scream: :scream: The game now compared to release is very different, and while some players love the changes, others don’t. If you love the game, please continue to enjoy it!!!


So anyway. as someone who still enjoys the game, is there an ETA on when 4.4 drops?

Unofficially, the official response anytime a question about a patch being released is presented.


I would love to.
But unfortunately, my love for the game is the only reason I still partake in it.
What used to be 100% enjoyment, seems to dwindle to be less and less after every patch.
When are we getting the GoW 1.0 like Blizzard is doing with World of Warcraft? From what I’ve interpreted the past 3 days is… If enough people want something, it may be implemented in 3-5 years from now. Give or take a year depending on the angry mob and the amount of time it takes to code it.

My math could be off, but I feel like we get 6 updates a year. Can 1 update per year always be devoted to 100% fan service? Bug fixes and any QoL that the mass crowd wants. I realize you can’t please everyone. PvP points being the same for everyone seems like a no brainer. Low levels simply have to level up to make it more fair for them. You know, like how most video games do it. And the weapons deal… People may not like the currency form of whichever way you decide to implement them. But no one will give you back lash about them actually being available. If they do, they’re truly just trying troll you.

Yes that’s taken out of context, but: there’s no way it took three months to change the previous scores (which were unfair) to the current scores (which are more unfair). Noooo reason we can’t have them changed back, at least, let alone just entirely normalized.

The only reason I’m not getting more aggressive over this (not that I want to) is that I remember something we should all keep in mind…

… the previous ‘big issue’ fix, that being the 50 gem cost to change classes, was implemented alongside something awesome. So we can anticipate whatever PVP rework they EVENTUALLY do to be amazing.

But if its not, torches and pitchforks and molotovs and so on.

And UNLIKE the previous issue mentioned above, this one is discriminatory. Which is not cool. At least the previous thing affected everyone equally.

And the fact Switch players have to deal with the 50 gems nonsense right now for no obvious reason is pretty pathetic.

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Ive been playing Gems since it was like a week old on PC. I have dropped prob close to 10,000 hours in the game between PC and Mobile (4669 at time of writing on PC alone) and barely spent anything on the game, something like $30 total. So I understand the points about keeping the game free to play, and the devs do overall keep it free to play. But for me, my account is old enough, with enough resources now, that I can play at the top level, get everything, and not have to spend money. It is undoable for newer players now as they are unable to get the resources to do it, and if they do manage to get to the same point Im at, with little to no money spent on the game, it would have taken them more years to get there with the game having changed massively again from where it is at now.

The devs DO listen to what players want, but at times its like the game where you make a wish but someone else corrupts it. Thats how it turns out at times, and I 100% understand that some of what we want is just not doable. Thats fine, we will never get everything we want, and we shouldnt get everything. But as players we need to be acknowledged that what we are asking for is either doable, needs consideration or being thought about. Yes some will complain about time frames, or wanting shit handed to them or whatever else they complain about. This will always happen, no matter what response you give. This is already understood as you cant make everyone happy.

Look at the old weapons for instance. I have been asking about it for over 12 months now. For ages we were told we will pass it onto the devs. Not that it has been talked about, not that we have been heard, nothing else. This never used to be a problem when Sirrian and Nim were the active devs on the forums, as they are the head devs, so could decide what they wanted to share, when they wanted to share it and drop hints at will, as they were running the show. Now I understand, and I think everyone else should as well tbh, why they stepped back from the forums and got someone like Salty in to run the community, and it was a great choice and Salty does an amazing job at it. But she needs the leash to be released a little, and able to give more information in regards to peoples issues. We dont need exact time frames, what we need is yes, we have talked about it, we are looking into it. We have the next 3 updates planned out, and will work on adding your issue to updates after that based on the theme of the updates.

As to the updates themselves, I think what needs to happen is that the X.X.5 updates need to go back to being pure bugs and QoL fixes that have been tested and then added. Then the X.Y updates going back to updates with new features. Lately new features get thrown into the .5 versions if its in that theme. This should not happen IMO as they should be fixing everything that has been broken. Keep a list of what is broken and update it for if it is added to the next .5 update, and keep this available on the forums so that everyone can see it. This way there arent 100 threads and 1000000s of support tickets of the same thing, with everyone thinking it hasnt been reported or fixed.

The devs do a great job usually, its simply the pipeline and the themed updates can hurt the implantation and fixing of things like the PvP issues and Old weapons. Take some time out of developing the game, work on the way the updates are decided, and it will streamline things for the future and make it all easier for everyone.


That was a different era. The Gems team was smaller and freer (I suspect Slypenslyde would call them more “agile”). The code base was much smaller, as was the number of potential interactions between systems. Infinity Plus Two only developed for the PC/mobile platform (the XBox and PS4 development was handled by an outside studio, and Kindle/Switch didn’t exist yet). I would also guess that 505 Games exerted less influence on I+2. All of this meant that one person could reasonably quickly slip into the code and make a change on the time scale of days. It’s acceptable to pine for that bygone era, but it isn’t coming back (unless you saved the GoW 1.9 APK and somehow got the server files to run your own clone with a bunch of AIs).

And it’s not fair to Salty to make it sound like she’s acting as a barrier between players and developers. It is absolutely in her best interest to pass on grievances when they seem actionable—look at what she has to deal with, and tell me why she would want to make that worse by letting situations fester instead of passing on the messages to people who can fix things.

However, it is certainly the case that the amount Salty is allowed to communicate is causing stress among the forums population. Again, I suspect she would much rather tell us more than she does now (which would let her swoop in like a hero in threads like this one), but is being prevented by others. I would like to see that problem resolved. It would be swell if I+2 policies were changed so that they could be a bit more open about what is in the pipeline for the next couple of updates. Not necessarily the new content (gotta keep some surprises!), but maybe just features that the player base has been requesting.


I didn’t mean it to sound like I was blaming salty or anything btw.

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If I go to any business and I find one of their employees saying leave it you don’t like it. Well that’s unprofessional simple. Same person that state advertising and announcing sales is bad for business. I am not here to argue, but to let you know:mask: unlike others here I have a spine

But then again business are different there is trashy business and then you have a classy business. GOW is like that trashy place that act like they are a 5* business but lack on professionalism

Calling this paragraph out for emphasis.

Salty literally cannot discuss anything that has not been cleared for public dissemination, no matter how much she would like to do so. And, no, she does not have the power to choose what new information can be revealed publicly. Even Sirrian and Nim, during the Dev Q&A streams are only presenting and discussing vetted information, even when Sirrian says he is “chewing the fat”, “thinking out loud”, or a similar precursor phrase. At best, if an answer is off script, the best we can hope to get is a vague, cryptic statement. (Side note: Sirrian is quite good at conveying messages through out-of-context quips, if one can actually recognize what he is doing.) To pronounce something publicly and then have that proclamation not come true invites lawsuits to occur, even if the intention was golden at the time. That’s why direct answers are not given unless they are 100% sure to occur.

I would say that content that becomes cleared to discuss with public beta testers are at least 90-95% locked in stone before public beta testers can be allowed to offer pre-launch feedback on that content. I’m more than sure that the PvP revamp will follow the same general guidelines as previous betas in this regard

Of course, Salty knows much more about the upcoming PvP revamp and the solution for obtaining old weapons (which may be one and the same). It’s quite obvious at this point that she is not cleared to discuss anything about that content because it’s nowhere near that 90-95% complete threshold. The “at least 3 month [away]” window would be accurate, as major patches are once a quarter and that’s the next opportunity for such a large update to land. Even if the PvP update is currently scheduled to be the next major update on their roadmap, given the scope of what would need to be done (Normal PvP is the corest combat system in the game), I personally would be incredibly apprehensive to say that the PvP update will make into 4.5/5.0 on time and I certainly wouldn’t want to publicly commit to that timeframe until I was a lot more certain that the update would land in that patch window.

TL;DR Please stop shooting the messenger. Salty doesn’t possess (or can’t reveal at the risk of her job) the magic answers that everyone is demanding in this thread.


I wish you are right about that but like i said, it’s been 3yr since people started to ask about pvp rework and nothing been done so sorry if it look rude but i really lost hope on this one…