4.4 Update Patch Notes

What was the main problem with Stonehammer? - Not getting enough life :joy:


On PS4 everyone has 0/694 Units :face_with_monocle:

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Same on PC, but …
having troops is not important, only life is important


For what it’s worth, assigning troops to roles seems like it would have been the perfect place to use in-game surveys.

Everyone (maybe just players level 400 or more) gets an offer to classify ten or twenty random troops (including “no response” in case a player doesn’t want to assign a role), for a reward of 10 gems, or 200 glory, or somesuch. By the end of the survey each troop will have received quite a few votes on its role. Most will be in broad agreement, and the ones that have an even distribution across multiple roles are the ones that need specific dev attention.

Or just let @Shimrra at the role list. He’s good at this sort of thing.


cool idea. that does however open it to trolling though :confused:

Daily login rewards displayed on this menu are:

  • 7-Day Login Rewards
  • Monthly Login Rewards
  • Honor Daily Rewards
  • New Player Rewards (if applicable)
  • Returning Player Rewards (if applicable)
  • Mage: Deals large amounts of area damage

Mage? What is this?

There’s a load of bugs that came along like with every update no I’m not complaining just stating a fact. The pet rescue it’s a visual glitch where when you go into a battle it shows 1 invasion sigle. And if you go to quickly into the troops menu it’ll show computer language for a slit mila second also if you click on someones profile in global chat it’ll say they own 0 out of 650 troops @Kafka

Some questions (possibly suggestions for 4.4.5):

a) why weapons do not have role marks at their bottoms?

b) why hero class is not taken into account for “Suggest Team” mechanism? We remember that for low-level players race or kingdom bonuses are very nice, so why not make Giant team for Titan or Human team for Warpriest?

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You can choose the class and do random from there

Of course I can. But it is not taken into account while suggesting a team.

It was for me maybe it’s another bug for some players?

Just a funny thing while trying to break this “Suggest Team”: select “Assassin” role and try to suggest a whole team (4 cards). I’m getting 2 Ubastets in almost all teams, and I have plenty of other assassins.

I bet I can break it faster than you:

Black Beast is a “support”. I won. Devs did it first.

I mean… if we’re stuck with a catch-all for the odd troops in the game, at least put them there where they belong. Black Beast should probably be a warrior.

It’s just kind of an anecdote.

I hope this role-playing system will be improved in future.

I’m seeing a 400~ life/armor Black Beast on an empty team, a support label and one of those meme-y “I’m helping” texts over it…

This was answered in the patch notes in the first post :slight_smile:
It’s also in the Suggest a Team help center article listed in the first post

Black Beast is a support troop because his primary function is to heal an ally back to full and to buff his own stats. Key word “primary”.

Sorry, cannot find anything about hero classes there.

I would have thought, given the other team/roster/etc gameplay experience in the office, that “support” would strictly be “support the team”, here meaning help a unit other than oneself and certainly not at the expense of the team - like, say, by killing them. Don’t exactly see that kind of “support” in D3/LoL/everything else.

Although I suppose “primary function” here means “only function” because Black Beast does nothing. Technicality.

I’ll remove the first “weapon” from this point then:

Suggest-a-Team does not often suggest Hero Weapons at this time. Because Hero builds are so diverse, if you would like a Hero in your team, we suggest placing him there via the weapon, and THEN using Suggest-a-Team.


I remember the times when it was actually important to read Balance Changes part of the patch notes