4.4 Update Patch Notes

We have just pushed a fix for the 0 troop error. It should go live soon! Please restart your game to see it.


Thank you - but life <> Live :rofl:

So no more pressure to craft Zuul as my last missing unit because noone would even recognize it :partying_face:

Thanks @Saltypatra for the update about this!

Still no change to the pvp point system then?Despite @Kafka stating in global chat (PS4) we would see it it the next update.

And this is why the devs are reluctant to make any sort of announcements about what is coming. Because anything they do say is treated as a promise, when the reality of development means things get moved around (and far more often pushed back than brought forward).


If that’s the case why not just say future updates or that it’s being looked into.

Scroll up. Salty already addressed that when I asked 6 hours ago…

Must have scrolled past that mate apologies. I did have a quick read through earlier.

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Magic stat used to be there in the earlier versions of the game. I don’t know why it was removed.
I really want to see all four statistical information.

It’s not mentioned in the Patch Notes for some reason, but tempering levels no longer boost damage of Doom weapons in Arena.


Does tempering applies to weapons in Arena at all? Any weapon, not Doomed especially.

It doesn’t, but for some weird reason it did apply to Doom weapons ever since they came out. It was one of those things that not a lot of people knew about, but I feel like it would’ve still been a worthy mention when talking about fixed bugs, because I’m sure it didn’t get fixed on its own :smile:


My guess is he lost it during that Broken Spire raid he mentioned during the questline where he lost like 500 troops or something.

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My alt’s adventure board task was temper a weapon to +6. I upgraded a +6 weapon to +8 and it did not count. With the old task Upgrade a troop to level 16, any upgrade above 16 counted. Now I don’t have enough ingots for another weapon.


You probably need to upgrade your weapon only to +6, not from +6 onward.
If this is true, then it’s not a bug.

This is strange. It could be a new bug.
Is the description of those weapons still the same?

Nothing changed with the wording as far as I can tell. It was very strage for the bonus damage to even be there in the first place, because weapon upgrades don’t apply in Arena.
I haven’t seen devs talk about it while it was happening and I don’t see them talk about it now that it’s not happening anymore.
Some clarification would for sure be nice

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Not a dev, but I do remember reading somewhere that this was a bug (maybe it was in the beta-tester subforum?). So now it appears to be fixed, and Arena is back to a completely upgrade-free state.

So the update is not live on Xbox?
Do other consoles (well, only PlayStation that is) have it already?

Blame Microsoft for that as it’s up to them to push the update. MS usually pushes the update on Monday or Thursday but will see

I’m not blaming anyone, I’d rather use the time I have and finish my snotstone event while I can. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: