4.4 Update Patch Notes

I just found this update to be fairly pointless and unnecessary when compared to anything else
The last update would’ve been too if it weren’t for potions

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I didn’t mean it that way m on Xbox myself. That’s why I did ask if snotstone event is available with the new adventure. And it will be :grinning:

Since when? Xbox use to get it at around the same time as PC and PS4. Pretty sure 4.3 was around the same time as everyone else.

I think Salty or another dev mentioned upgrading it above +6 would also count. This was during the preview stream a week or two ago.

Nope Xbox got the last update before every platform and even before the devs announcement :wink:

Yeah that was 4.3.5 and I think only the first or maybe second time it ever happened.

Not sure how game licensing and patch works but all I know that most devs have the same experience with Xbox that it takes longer to process than other platforms. Patch won’t go live without being processed ,checked and validated By the platform.
I could be wrong… someone with more knowledge can correct me if m wrong

Have you tried upgrading doom weapons? From what i see “temper” is exclusive to doom weapons

I bet the Gem’s devs scheduled it for Tuesday thinking it would come out early on Monday like last time to match every other company. Nope.

I expect Xbox One to be a day late on update for the rest of the game life -_-

That would be a hard task for a sub 150 level player.

Or a day early. I think you might be right and the whole Australia day ahead confused them again. Salty is always getting confused shifting time zones.

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Please show a screen shot of the actual “task”


Take your time for xbox, im not in a hurry to loose daily tasks

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patch won’t come out on Xbox until we’re mid guild wars match :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me @Rickygervais the new adventure board rewards as a whole are much better then daily tasks.

@Notorious2401 unfortunately it looks like you have misinterpreted what Kafka said. She said that we were trying to release a small fix before 4.4, but that it might go out after the update releases.

@vorlon this seems quite odd, sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact our support here: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us so we can help you further.

@Saltypatra What category for the support?

I thought you were right at first as well. but if you go to the screen for upgrading a doom weapon vs upgrading any other rarity of weapon, the language at the bottom of the upgrade screen is the same for both. doom weapon screen says “use forge scrolls to temper”, and any other rarity of weapon says “use ingots to temper”.

Kill 100 Troops: 20 gems
Dig for Gems 1: 1, 3, 6
Harvest Souls 1: 60, 100, 200
Dig for Gems 4: 10, 15, 25

Its a step backwards for creativity, but the payout can be okay.

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I will exchange anytime with you,

Search for gold
Search for gold
Harvest soul

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